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Friday, May 23, 2008

As Promised...

Well here I am!

Not buying it? Okay...I have been trying to figure out if I could be willing to lie to everyone. But I'll just do as promised...

This new "do" has made me laugh and cry. I don't know what I'm going to do about it, but if anyone has a suggestion other than cutting my hair, please let me know. Thanks!


  1. Awww come on... You can do "Pink"! >,-)

    But to reality... your new 'do' has made you laugh and cry. Why? It looks softly curly and what's the matter with that????

    Are you lucky enough to have natural curls? Or it easily curls, anyway? And you are complaining?

    Yishhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Stop complaining and count your blessings, Woman. Really. Really. Please do. I love softly curled!!! I love it on me, too. But it takes some work. Betcha' yours is easy as pie. Harummmph.



  2. Oh! I was really thinking at first you did the PINK! I love your new dooooo... It is adorable. The soft curls really frame your face. REALLY!! I know it is hard to face a change, but your new style is really great!

  3. I like the curls. It's probably just that you're not used to it. It's probably much easier to take care of.

    - Suzanne, who's been wearing her hair basically the same since 1963. YIKES. Can anyone say "Bob"?

  4. Vee! You look wonderful!! I love your hair sweetie!! It's always so hard to get used to a change ~ just give it a day or two, let it relax and you will style it the way YOU love it!!! I've cut hair since I was fifteen (no license, yikes!) given perms as my mom learned how because she worked at a beauty supply store and had to know.....You will love it in a few days....just give yourself that before you get it chopped off...love from Savannah Ga, xxoo, Dawn

  5. What in the world is wrong with that do? I happen to think it's very flattering to your lovely face...I love the soft little curls and if you're disappointed you're as hard to please as I am!
    You look great...so live it up!

  6. You are beautiful! Any change takes some getting used to, and you will love the curls in a few days time, I promise!
    I have had some disasters in my time, or so I thought, but I really grew to love every change. You will too!

  7. Hi Vee, as someone who has a love/hate relationship with their own hair, I relate to your dilemma! It's always risky to make a change and to SHOW it too. I agree with Dawn. Give it a couple of days and then decide. If you really hate the curls, there's always the flat iron. The pinked haired celebrity uses one....Be sure to give us an update! ~Kathy

  8. Vee,
    Exactly what are you laughing and crying over? I like your hair both ways. I am not shocked that you look pretty both ways!

  9. I really like your new "do"! You will like it maybe a little better once the curls relax a little. It really does look great on you!!!

  10. Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway. Special thanks for your kind words.

    Give your hair a few days. It will relax and you will also get used to it. Have a nice weekend, Martha, Vintage Trifles

  11. That's the thing with new hair styles...they take some getting used to. And if we don't like them...they aren't forever. But it's always fun to experiment! Enjoy your curls...they'll be perfect for the summer.

  12. I think you look soft...and that's a good thing. I would love o frame my face with soft curls..I think you'll enjoy the flexibility of this new "do"!

    The book you have recommended looks good - I'll need to find it. In the meantime, you have a great week-end and enjoy your NEW look!

  13. Hi Vee!
    Oh, I think it looks wonderful! Much softer than your last look. Both are lovely, and if it's a perm, remember it'll relax and so should you!
    It does frame your face nicely! Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Is that your natural curl? I'm curious to know is that blow dried or diffused? That could make a huge difference in changing the curl amount.
    If it is your natural curl .. you are so lucky. . it looks so nice and thick. . .
    I love changing my hair but unfortuantely it grows far to slow for my liking. No longer do I cut it than I want it longer again.

    I think you look lovely. . .put on a smile and out you go. . .have fun.

  15. I think you look very nice with your new hairdo. It looks nice and soft around your face. I like it!!
    Maybe next time you'll do the pink!? :-)

  16. You don't have to do a thing to it Vee...you look beautiful! As I was scrolling down..I knew you were up to something when I saw that pink hair :)

    Have a beautiful weekend..

  17. I saw on your sidebar that you like Enchanted April!! I like that movie too!! I wish there was a place to go like that for the Summer!!

  18. Oh thank goodness! For a second I thought ewwww she has pink hair. Not that anything is wrong with pink hair... if you like pink... I like your picture much better! Your hair looks great! Nice to meet you, Susie H

  19. I don't know if those are natural curls or not but coming from someone who CURLS their hair in order to straighten it and has always felt cursed with curly hair....I have to say,....you look mighty fine in that 'do'. Sigh, it just takes getting used to sometimes. I always get home from the hairdresser's and REDO everything...and then I look just the same as before...only 80 dollars poorer!

    Leave it ...it will either grow on you or grow out!

  20. As one who "fights her curls!" I can identify....but it really is beautiful and it plays up your eyes. I hope you will grow to love it.


  21. Pink would look good on you Vee! :)

    I was reading your pre-hair post right before my hair appointment yesterday LOL...women and our hair, I have to admit the older I have gotten the harder it is to get and keep it the way I like it. I miss having a perm because I could do some much more with my hair and it would stay put when I fixed it. Hair grows amazingly fast thankfully.

    I love your hair! If you think you have too much curl just do what I do...get in the shower and wash that hair, they tell you not to because it will relax it some, it's not going to ruin your hair.

    You're a very beautiful woman Vee!

  22. Give it a week or so before you declare a problem with the new 'do! It's almost always hard to get used to a new look in the mirror (unless, of course, you're from Hollywood and everytime you see a new look in the mirror it's because a surgeon has sculpted it for you! lol). I think it's very soft and feminine and perfectly lovely. What more do you want from a hairdo, woman?

    Having said all that...I'll now say that I wish I could wear pink hair as well as Pink herself does. It looks COOL. lol


  23. I think the soft curls framing your pretty face look great! I wouldn't change a thing.

  24. I don't know what to say! You look so different. I am sure you/we will get used to it but if you don't then it will grow our eventually. You willprobably be so used to it by then yu won't want to go back to the 'before'.

  25. A few have wondered how the new "do" is coming along. This whole thing began as a ruse to get my grandmother motivated to return to the beautician's chair for her perm. She was balking; I was insisting. (She looks so nice with her hair done and it makes it so much easier for all of us.) Anyway, it came down to my suggesting that we go have a girl's day out. Oh my! She came out looking like a Q-tip and I came out looking like a Brillo pad. My life as a Brillo pad head has been quite an adventure so far! Thanks for all your sweet comments. I'm so glad that you can't see me now!


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