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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Seven Random or Weird Things About Me

Margo tagged me with the Seven Random or Weird Things Meme. I have to tell 7 random/weird things about myself and then tag 7 bloggers to do the same. If you're on my blogroll, please consider yourself tagged, but only if you would enjoy it. These things actually come in handy for days when the brain isn't firing on all cylinders or life is too busy, etc. If you do this, please let me know because I love learning more about you, too! So those are the amended rules. However, if you'd like the "real rules" you can find them here.

Seven Random Things About Me

1. I like to practice my handwriting. I make loops until the page is filled up with them. I know; I really DO need a life.

2. I like to sketch people's faces. They never look like the person that I'm sketching, but they do look like people and that's the important thing, right?

3. I have officially donned my red flip-flops through September. No more shoes for me for a few months.

4. Supper was an open-faced egg sandwich on toast with cheese. For dessert I ate a dish of fudge twirl ice cream with peanut butter sauce. (I sound like Happyone. ;>)

5. The last playlist I listened to was at Scooterblu's Whimsy. Very Lively! :D

6. Sometimes I play the piano for hours; sometimes I don't touch the piano for days.

7. In the morning, while I am still lying in bed, I like to pretend that I am in a treehouse.

Okay, what's the diagnosis, Doctors? LOL!

Have a great Wednesday, All!


  1. I've never pretended to be in a treehouse while lying in bed but I have imagined my bed to be a flying carpet taking me over the land.

  2. Hi Vee...just stopped over to see how your doing...I changed my music last night and though of you :) Stop by and see how you like it..my favorite thus far...the composer is Giovanni Marradi..hope you enjoy...have a happy day...Dee Dee

  3. Hi, Vee - well, I didn't know you were an artist, too! Let's see some more of those drawings - it's kinda fuzzy. A portrait doesn't have to be a spot-on exact duplicate - just a likeness, just capture their expression or their eyes! Keep up the good work!

    Hmmmmm, now about the treehouse thing.....loved it! :^) Vickie

  4. I catch myself practicing my handwriting sometimes, too. Don't know why I do that. It never seems to improve....
    And I love that you lie in bed pretending that you're in a treehouse. That actually sounds quite lovely. I lie in bed and pretend that my big ol' honkin' body isn't twisted like a pretzel in an effort to keep from crushing the 4 1/2 pound chihuahua that insists on sleeping with us. Your way sounds much, much better than mine....lol

  5. With all that practising...is your handwriting almost perfect by now? I have a sample here somewhere that I'm hanging onto...maybe I'll use it one of these days! I find handwriting most interesting...it's usually a reflection of the person.

    An artist, a pianist, a writer, a flip-flopper, a pretender...you are full of surprises.

  6. I got a chuckle when you mentioned me. :-)

    I like your pretending to be in a tree house!! Wouldn't it be great to live in one. I remember the one from the old Tarzan movies when I was a kid. I always wanted to live in it.

    btw - Not everyone, but there are a LOT of lilac bushes around.

  7. I like the treehouse idea. Definitely. And peanut butter sauce? I am moving. Expect me soon!

  8. What that says about you is that you're perfectly well-adjusted. I think you need to build yourself a treehouse....seriously!!

    I do the handwriting thing all the time.

    - Suzanne

  9. well. . .I'd like to be able to tell you that I identify with all of these things.. . .but I don't.
    oh, I do play the piano sometimes a lot and then not at all....
    so there you go, we have that in common.
    Oh, I'm going to post my treehouse soon, so that when you dream of it. . you know what it looks like. snicker.

  10. Vee, what wonderful things! I love that I learned you play the piano! I tried as an adult to take lessons, but it was way to hard for me!

  11. Vee...It's me again :)thank you for dropping by..you know I really don't mind you adding me to your list...I would actually be honored ...I just don't do the tags and things like that..just barely able to handle this blogging :)....and I don't want to hurt feelings when I tell these nice ladies.."I'd rather not"..Thank you for your understanding my friend..Dee Dee

  12. It's always fun to learn new things about you...weird or otherwise! I've always wanted to learn to play piano...and always wanted a treehouse. Maybe someday....!

  13. Wow, I thought #7 said you liked to pretend you WERE a treehouse. That was really weird/ random and bizarre. Just my overactive imagination at work, I guess.

  14. Vee...loved reading your weird random things about you, I laughed about the tree house fantasy...HA! Wonder what that means??? Wink,:0

    Thanks for just visiting, and of course you can put me on your blogroll, I would be honored...

    By the way my sister just adores you (cindy @ in a garden). And I copy her and follow her lead in everything, since she's my older sister and I'm he baby in the family, heehee, hope she doesn't read this comment. So I adore you too! :)

  15. She is the baby what can I say...

    At least she didn't tattle on me this time.

    I do the writing thing too, sometimes it is just good old fashion penmanship, at other times it is just the loops.

    I love you VEE!

  16. Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...
    DeeDee, thanks for the invite...as you know, I found Marradi to be wonderful. In fact, I am listening right now! Thanks, too, for allowing me to add you to my list as I like to keep tabs on you, don'tcha know. ;> And, I promise not to ask you to do anything that you'd prefer not to do.

    Vickie, moi? An artist? That's the sweetest thing coming from you. I'm just a doodler.

    Kari, sleeping with pets is fraught with danger. I'm convinced that it's going to mean a chiropracter or major surgery for me one day. It does not surprise me, li'l sis, that you practice your penmanship. I've seen your beautiful hand!

    Judy, a "flip-flopper"? Well, I HAVE been called all sorts of things, but that's a new one. LOL!

    Happyone, I do remember Tarzan's amazing treehouse and I also remember the Swiss Family Robinson abode. Happy memories!

    Terri, you, too, love, you too!

    Linds, yes, we're long overdue for a gabfest.

    Suzanne, I've seen your beautiful hand, too. Thanks so much for thinking that I am normal or even close. :D

    Lovella, you make me laugh. I'm counting on that pic now. You'd better not be pretending like Judy does. Do you know how she responded to my asking if she had a new header? She asked me if I had also noticed that she'd lost 20 pounds. No, I had not, but then she had not. Gee!

    Penny, my niece is taking piano lessons as an adult and she was told that she's a real mess. Her playing skill is way up there, but her knowledge of piano theory is in the tank. Quite a connundrum for her poor instructor. But, I say, if you really want to, you can give it another go. There's nothing much more relaxing than a time at the keys.

    Jan, another treehouse lover! This just makes me grin. What fun we could all have. Goodness, what fun we all DO have.

    Janet, that made me laugh out loud.

    KM, you and your sister inspire me. Now I have two sets of sisters... Kari and Kijsa and KM (do you have a personna?) and Cindy on my blogroll. Yay!

    Thanks, Cindy, right back atcha!

    Oh my! DeeDee's playlist IS wonderful. I'm listening to "For You Mom" and loving it.

  17. Diagnosis? Pretty much about normal I guess. Now I would just love to sit and listen to you place thepiano.

  18. I loved learning all these adorable little facts about you Vee!

    I do hope you take a trip to NYC someday and go off the beaten path...there are so many different neighborhoods to enjoy!

    Hugs, Pat

  19. I think you sound like a free spirit....love the tree house thing..


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