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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Heeding a Suggestion

Today my sister is taking my mother off for a fun day. It's 9:35 and they're probably already on the road. This leaves my grandmother home with my father, her son-in-law. Say no more, eh?

So when I was visiting yesterday I suggested to Nan that we have a little day ourselves. Her eyes lit up. "Oh???? What shall we do?" Right off the top of my head, without any thought whatsoever, I came up with an itinerary: a trip to the town dump, lunch out, a look at the public garden, and a visit to the range deer. I'll take my camera.

In the meantime, I have followed Mari-Nanci's suggestions concerning cropping, which she left in comments yesterday. See what you think. You can go back and forth between yesterday's and today's posts to see the striking changes. Striking! Oh yes!

She's on to something, which you can check out right *here.* Thanks, M-N!


  1. OK Vee,
    You have my curiosity peaked! A visit to the to the town dump for? Be sure and wash your hands before lunch! The garden sounds like a wonderful place to take a stroll but be careful at the deer range, Grandma got run over by one on Christmas Eve ya know! Have a lovely day filled with memories and laughter. Give your grandma and extra hug for me and tell her how special she is!

  2. Vee, my son asked me last weekend when he was watching me "fix" some pitcures of him I had taken, why I cropped everything. I simply showed him how it removed the unecessary and focused on the important and went back and forth with a photo and he was like ohhhhh ok....I get it. I have to admit I probably crop at least 75% of my pictures to some degree.
    take care,

  3. Ok, I'm gonna have to figure out this cropping stuff because your pictures looked wonderful! I enjoyed the first ones, but they were really sharp after cropping! Good stuff!
    The town dump? Ok, I really need to know what's up with that and why it's on your list of things to do today! : ) Have fun!


  4. Soso, that's how it's going to be, is it, torturing us by withholding the secret of the town dump! I hope you both have a lovely time there, doing what, I can't even imagine.

  5. The town dump? Take us on a tour...this should be good! Have a wonderful day with your Nan...sounds like fun.

    I crop most/many of my pic's also. And sometimes I make many pic's out of one. Digital photography is just the best!

  6. Hi Vee....your energy is without ceasing when it comes to your family and friends...how sweet to plan a day with your grandmother..

    I love your photos..before and after.. I might add...much better than the "snow pile".. :) Your azalea is just gorgeous!

  7. Vee, I am catching up and your posts have been delightful! Your tone is so upbeat I have had to smile. Now I must go check out this cropping business... I loved the photos both ways, though. Beautiful azaleas either way you look at them! Have fun with grandma...


  8. Oh, and 'scuse my ignorance, but what on earth is a range deer?

  9. I'm a big fan of cropping. I do however spend quite a bit of time cropping through my viewfinder first so that I don't need to do much later. I don't think I cropped any of my pictures today .. yesterday though. . was a huge cropfest.
    Enjoy your day .. .

  10. I love them all Vee...and you're right, that Mari-Nanci is no slacker when she comes up with suggestions on how to improve a thing. Your day planned with your Gran sounds just the thing...wait, let me grab my hat!

  11. What a fun day you have planned. Can't wait to see pictures and hear about it!!

    I crop some of my pictures too. It's amazing what you can do. I also size them sometimes and lighten or darken them. I play around a lot just to see what I can do, but the problem is I do something and then can't remember how I did it. :-)

  12. Wow! big difference, I'll have to head off and visit Mari Nancy :). I hope you had a wonderful outing with Nan!

  13. Vee, How fun to spend the day with your grandmother! Do you find great things at the dump?

    Your cropping is looking good, my friend!

  14. Hi Vee!
    I see the difference in the photos and it's amazing! What a great lesson in photo shooting.
    The town dump? Sounds interesting!
    Hugs, Sherry

  15. Good grief Charlie Brown....I was here yesterday and typed a note but must have been so excited to visit Mari-Nanci's I forgot to post it or it was a word verification thingie gone wrong....LOL! Your crops look great Vee...thanks for sharing!


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