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Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's On Its Way, Barbara!

At last! The sun, the moon, the stars have aligned in this one moment of time making it possible to accomplish my task. (Yes, I did take my drama pill this morning and thank-you-very-much for asking). Anyway, the package to Barbara is, at last, waiting by the door. Yes, I am mailing it t-o-d-a-y!

So this will be our little trans-Atlantic experiment: How long will it take this package to wend its way from the Wee House on the Eastern seaboard (US of A) to Barbara in England? I could have a contest. :D NO, no, I'm resisting the urge.

BTW, if any of you wondered about what was in Judy's package (she won the giveaway for my 200th post), she was so nice to post all about it right here. Do you suppose it holds any suggestions for what Barbara's package contains? Ha!

Hope that you have a wonderful Saturday and a wonderful weekend. Tune back tomorrow for my comments on WWJD. Later!


  1. Good morning Vee! So nice of you to tease us like this! Can't wait to see what lies within!
    Have a beautiful weekend!


  2. Hi Vee!! Lucky Barbara. Transatlantic trades are so much fun. I don't think I'd consider one to Italy because those people rarely get their mail.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  3. Here's my suggestion to Barbara...stay home and wait for that package to arrive. It will be marvelous...I know from past experience!

  4. Hey sweetie!! You are so funny! I hope your package travels quickly ~ thank you so much for your weekend wishes! Wishing you a wonderful relaxing weekend as well ~ do something you love, dear friend!!! xxoo, Dawn

  5. What fun...we will follow the post! (haha pun-intended!!!) What a sweetie!

    kari & kijsa

  6. Glad you are back today! I missed you terribly yesterday and I sure it added to my crankiness. OK, maybe I need a drama pill too! I hope your day was filled with sunshine and sweetness!

  7. I'm sure Barbara is eagerly awaiting her package. :-) What fun for her to get one of your packages!!

  8. Howdy Vee!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comment! :)

    I have enjoyed the pictures on your blog. What kind of things do you normally sew? I sew some myself although I mainly quilt.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  9. A goodie for Barbara, I can't wait to see!

  10. Just stopping by to wish you a beautiful Sunday!


  11. Ha! Lucky Barbara :). I hope it will arrive to her safe and sound in a timely manner. I can't wait to see what was packed inside :).

  12. Barbara just informed me that her package arrived this morning! Six days! Incredible!!


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