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Friday, May 16, 2008

A Day with Nan

There is not one thing unusual about a trip to the town dump. This is where we, the townspeople, in an effort to save on taxes, handle all our own refuse and recycle everything from tires...

to kitty litter... Yes, it's enough to give anyone pause.

Then it was off to see some flowers...

Then to lunch where I remembered to wash my hands before enjoying my lunch of fish and chips.

More flowers and barns...

This was my favorite flower...verbena...such delicate shades of coral. I think it would look good with the little wee green house.

Range deer, for those who asked, are raised for meat and usually sold in the Adirondacks at hunting lodges. Believe it or not. ;>

Nan likes to watch them eat pellets... That's right, Nan, get out your own danged quarters because I am not spending mine for this.

By the way, has anyone else been receiving secret messages in the word verification codes?


  1. Hey, Vee. Looks like Nan had a fun time! (I called my Nan NAN, too...)

    I hope that's deer feed pellets on the anonymous hand. Otherwise, someone fell down in the deer pen...

    Have a good weekend! Glad to see green and blooming things in your part of the world! Vickie

  2. Hehehe, I haven't gotten THAT message from word verification, even though I put on weight over the winter.

  3. I cracked up when I read your secret message from the word verification. :-)

    We have one one those landfills here by us too, and we always go there.
    I liked the days when they let you look around. You could pick up some really cool things that people threw away.

  4. Vee...that is so funny! I'm sure they never had you in mind, when that came across your billboard (screen).

    We re-cycle truckloads of used tires at our farm...as in, we pick them up by the truckload. They are used as weights in the bunker silo (where we pickle our grass)...if there's a shortage here, we know where to come looking!

    Looks like a fun day with Nan!

  5. Your so sweet to take Nan out on a field trip!!! Love the flowers!! Not so sure about the deer....but if it made Nan happy, that's what matters ~ You crack me up Vee. But you know I have been reading some funny things in those verification codes!! This one takes the cake ~ hope you have a great weekend! xxoo, Dawn

  6. I'm glad you had a good time with Nan although the flowers must have smelled a lot better than the dump.

    Your secret message cracked me up!

  7. see? now you always make me smile. . I love it. . still chuckling. . back to planting... .

  8. It's even funnier for me.... it was my blog ....... honestly Vee...I have absolutely no control over the letters or what they say. If I did..I would arrange them so they made up cute or funny words... ...lol..... wouldn't it be funnier yet if it were my food and recipe blog?? wowfat indeed..... ..hahahha....jey, I recognized the pic of little Rufus on the sidebar...thus knowing it was my own blog.

  9. HI Vee! What a great post! You must have had such a good time with your Nan. I call my precious grandmother Nana....she's 86 and coming for a visit in a couple of weeks. I thought it so funny that farm deer are sold at the hunting lodge! And, the hidden message in the code--what a hoot! ~Kathy

  10. LOLOLOLOL...I am laughing at the last part of your post!!! My DH asked me from the next room what am I laughing at??

    I'm glad you had a great day Vee!

  11. Vee...you are such a fun person...I can see by Nan's face she is quite enjoying her time with you regardless of where you take her...

    I'm not sure if I've received a secret message...I'll have to pay closer attention :)

    Have a wonderful weekend...

  12. It sounds like you had a great day. Your Nan is so cute!! Those range deer look very wooly in their winter sweaters.

    I'm going to have to pay closer attention to those verification messages!

    - Suzanne

  13. Hi Vee! Loved the outing! Great recycling too. I'll be on the lookout for secret messages, I think you got the one intended for me though!! LOL
    Hugs, Sherry

  14. Oh too funny .... that message was meant for me I am sure! Loved your post for Friday and looks like a lovely outing.

    I am a fairly 'green' lady and recycle a lot. I pick up all the 'empties' at work which converts to cash. This is my weekend chore. Since my son was 5 he chose the SPCA as his charity and all empties has since converted to cash for a donation to them. I've also been known to recycle 'flopped chem day items' (if you know my blog) to the staff at the office....that works well too! Have a good day.

  15. What a wonderful day! I enjoyed going on it with you and Nan. I wish I could have had some of those fish and chips.

    I haven't received any secret messges yet - lol

  16. It looks like you have a very lovely day! Your Nan look so precious and sweet.

    Wow, I hope I never get that kind of sass from word verification! I hope you have a wonderful Saturday.

  17. Good chuckle this morning...yes I have gotten some of those secret messages too...lol

    What a great day to spend with your Nan!

  18. You will never know how hard I am laughing! I once had "bigold" as a word verification and it made me paranoid to blog from there on out. How sweet your Nan looks and so happy. What a blessing to still have wise family members still here. I will have to check out my town dump. After seeing yours, well, I had no idea they were such a great source of entertainment.
    miles of smiles,

  19. I really have to stop reading your blog when Amanda is sound asleep in the next room! My laughter is beginning to annoy her! LOL! Vee...you just crack me up! I've had some questionable word verifications, but none as blatantly rude as that one! LMAO!!!
    I'm so happy you and your Nan had a grand time! I wish mine was still around so I could take her out for fun!


  20. LOL about the verification code.
    Have a great weekend! Thanks for the field trip.

  21. ROFLOL! Get your own quarters Nan! Just like the cheese cracker commercial that says get your own box.... :) What a fun day, I think all landfills should recycle, the flowers are beautiful and fish n chips! Perfect day! :) I only get the boring word verifications, qwuehyrahwerhlehre, long but boring :)

  22. Oh, are we so glad that we don't get coded word verifications like you!!! Isn't that a riot!!

    Thanks for the story about your day out with Nan - we had a sweet neighbor that was a Nan that isn't with us anymore, but she was quite a gal too - made me think of her and smile!!

    Karla & Karrie too

  23. We had deer tracks in our back yarfd last winter and we live near town....LOL.

  24. It's getting pretty bad when the computer says nasty things to you! LOL Oh my!

    Other then that, it sounded like a nice day.
    God bless.

  25. Awww, your Nan is so cute!

    I had neighbors who moved to (way) upstate NY, where the big Saturday night out was to go to the town dump and watch the bears in your headlights.

    Love that word verification!

  26. I just stopped by via someone else's blog. I enjoyed reading about your day with Nan, and I thought your secret message was hilarious.

  27. "WOWFAT" Yikes... That is really, really rude!

    I've noticed some funny parts of Word Verification. But never a real *message.* Grrrrrrrrrrrrr... Makes me glad I got rid of it {Word Verification}.

    Though I have to keep Comment Verification. {Those weird SPAM comments keep trying to get in.} But no one gets nasty messages, because of Comment Verification. ,-)


  28. That "secret" message in word verification was just too funny! I probably would have sent a blistering e-mail to blogger, having convinced myself they set me up with "Wowfat". lol

    The pictures were great!


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