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Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Arts and Crafts Day...Isn't It?

First up this morning is the vintage tablecloth remnant, which is getting smaller and smaller. I've made three or four pincushions from it and a jelly cupboard runner.

By adding some of the rescued bias tape that I was bemoaning a few days ago, this table runner for the bay window now exists.

And, no more "stich in the ditch" for me! I can't make it come out as neat and tidy as Suzanne's or Alicia's. Now it's a switch from the stitch in the ditch to Martha's bias tape basics.

Then I made a tea towel for a friend's birthday, which I liked a lot. I used the old "draw it from the fabric technique" so it's very complementary. Sorry about the photo quality.

Finally, I have so many remnants now that I searched for ways to use them being a frugal gal and all.

It's a needlebook! Because it was an experiment, I used what I had on hand...no wool felt, but the next one that I make will be a proper one. This is the cover.

The crazy quilting was so much fun! It was! I would not lie! If you've never done it before and decide to give it a whirl, I found Purplepaint's Muse tutorial very helpful.

Another Monday post in the can and now I can put my little Genie away for a few days!


  1. What exactly IS a jelly cupboard runner? : )
    I like that little needle thingee! Pretty cool! Where DO you get your ideas?
    My birthday is in August...do I put my order in now? LOL!!
    Have a beautiful day darlin'!


  2. A needle book! What a marvelous idea! I have all of my needles (most still threaded, of course) stuck into an old checkbook register. I know what my next project will be...

    (I followed the link at Lovella's to get here...)

  3. I absolutely adore that little crazy-quilted needle book! My husband was looking for an upholstery needle just the other day. Took a major search but we finally found one...in the sewing machine drawer just where it should have been.

  4. Wow...you really get things done...I mostly just plan to! You are getting very proficient at the bias binding technique. Great projects!

    Where did you put the little Genie...and why?

  5. Happy Monday Vee!

    I think your runner and tea towel are both wonderful! I wish I could sew, but a hem or a button is as far as I've gotten.

    Hugs, Pat

  6. You are a crafty one Vee...thanks for the kind words on my post today too...I edited that sucker a million times...I'm half expecting a holy war to break out if the right person reads it...the last family squabble lasted the better part of 4 years....yes...some people are very insensitive. I try to avoid writing anything too personal....this one has me stumped though.

  7. Great ideas! I love vintage table cloths, aprons, lace, linens you name it. Sometimes they are not in the best of shape but I still buy them, especially at local sales. Thanks for giving me some ideas Vee :). Happy Munday to you!

    Kathi :)

  8. Great ideas! I love vintage table cloths, aprons, lace, linens you name it. Sometimes they are not in the best of shape but I still buy them, especially at local sales. Thanks for giving me some ideas Vee :). Happy Munday to you!

    Kathi :)

  9. Sorry Vee...crazy blogger posted me twice, once as anonymous and once as myself...I guess it's time to head to work! LOL

  10. You're absolutely right. It's ALWAYS arts and crafts day@! or fun day ...or play day...or...well, you get it.

    You have been making some great little things... if you ever decide to swing by my neck of the woods..we can practice some sewing things...well, actually you could teach me some sewing things. I seem to recall hearing the term stitch in the ditch at my sewing lessons... but can't for the life of me remember what the heck it means...now I have to go look at my notes. That is all I really got out of my lessons...notes. One time trying something doesn't quite make a person a seamstress does it? I didn't practice anything after doing it once...guess I'm happy if I can sew a seam for the bears and dolls....good enough for me right now....I'll try some of the other stuff later. Yours looks wonderful.

    I love the needle case! Maybe I do want to do one of those....

  11. You're a genius! Have a great week. I am a bad blogger but will try to post this week...

    xo Terri

  12. It's Arts and Craft Day? Oh sigh... I should have stayed 'under the weather' longer, then. >,-)

    No of course not. I'm happy that all you crafty gals are there. :-)


  13. I love all of your projects Vee!! The cupcake towel is just precious ~ I love using old fabrics to make something new! xxoo, Dawn

  14. Phew....I was getting a little nervous this morning when there wasn't a post waiting in my feeds. Gotta get my daily dose of Vee!!

    I love that needlebook. Gotta get busy and make one. I have needles all over the place. The worst place I ever found one was in the arm of the couch....uh huh, I found it when I put my hand down to stand up. Yep, it was embedded several inches into the heel of my palm. OUCH!!!

    Hey, who said my stitch in the ditch was neat? Just takes practice that's all. Make a couple hundred of something and you'll be an expert.


  15. I like the needle book. Pretty cool!

  16. Cool needle book! I need to make one of those...you should see my needle storage. It's organized, but that's only because I have to MAKE myself put each little needle back in it's original "container" whenever I use them. Which means it takes A LOT for me to feel the need to actually get a needle out and use it 'cause it's just too much trouble. But a needle book! That would be perfect for me. Thanks for posting about it. Now could you send a little ambition my way so I'll actually break down and attempt to make one for myself? lol


  17. Oh my goodness. I have that very tablecloth (in your first picture) in my linen closet...it is tattered and stained but was my mom's and she gave it to me before moving into the 'Lodge'. She would be tickled pink if I told her someone else had it. Lovely post today. You are some talented lady!

  18. Oh My gosh... I love the needle book... and although I'm really not gifted in the arts of fabric, or sewing... I do tend to collect fabric for that time in my life where I will automatically learn how to thread my sewing machine and like sew. But... I think I will go check out that tutorial.

    Have a super week!

  19. Jan, a jelly cupboard is a big cumbersome piece of furniture used to house home canned products...pickles and jellies. I just made a runner specifically for its dimensions. Mine is along a kitchen wall and in it are all my cooking pans.

  20. Very pretty (and practical) needle book! Love the runner too and thanks for the link to the MS bias tape.


  21. Okay, I'm sold Bias tape is better than duck tape -- and so much prettier.


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