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Thursday, May 1, 2008

We Welcome Thee

(May), we salute thee with our early song, and welcome thee, and wish thee long! ~John Milton

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May is my third favorite month right after October and September. It is also a month where I honor my beloved's passing so it can be a mine field of emotions. My fond hope is that this year I will discover that, after many, many years, I am moving past the sadness.

Months ago, I explained that I was "stuck." I'm just beginning to feel as if whatever is holding me down is being released.

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers yesterday even in the middle of my histrionics. You are all so appreciated and everything went very well indeed.

A beautiful May to you all!


  1. Happy May Day Vee! I will keep you close to my heart, praying that sadness will not descend but happy memories will prevail. I am glad your mothers procedure went well and that day is better than yesterday. I am truly glad to hear that you are finding freedom. I will also pray for a bit more wind beneath your wings as you soar to greater heights in the area of personal freedom from whatever is holding you down. I hope today is a super special day for you!


  2. Happy May Day sweet friend!!! May is a wonderful month ~ I'm so sorry that it brings you sadness, I too will pray that you will have a peace about you this month, relishing in the precious memories and looking foward to the future...wishing you a beautiful day and beautiful month! xxoo, Dawn

  3. Happy May Day indeed Vee...Thank you for your sweet visit..and the answer to the sweet tea question is.... The way I make tea is not some ole southern tradition...I do it quite simply...I place my tea bags in a nice microwave bowl with water, and "nuke" them for 5 mins. Let set for a short time. Place sugar and water into pitcher and then pour tea into pitcher...Stir and serve over ice...add nice slice of lemon if desired... Have a beautiful day ...Dee Dee

  4. Vee, may the sweet warmth of this month envelop you. I hope that your memories will sustain you and the sadness will grow yet a little dimmer. ((((hugs)))

  5. Hi Vee! I just read your grumble....I was doing the same thing this morning...we have a huge common area in my neighborhood that just happens to be behind my back yard.....the mowers showed up at 7 a.m to mow it and it usually takes the better part of an hour to mow!! After having a migraine yesterday I was less than thrilled to wake up to that...ok rant over...

    I'm sorry May is a difficult month for you....although I don't believe feelings like that will ever go away...maybe you'll develop a more quiet acceptance with how you feel and it will be easier to cope and reach out to others. Jesus said "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted".May you find comfort in your friends.

  6. May...it is a beautiful month, and always remember that you have the goldurndest ripsnortinest highkickingest group of blogging friends in the world and we are all here just for you...yep, just for you...for I'm not only my cats valet, my husbands pal and children's tormenter, I'm your bud, your friend...your rock!

  7. Happy May Day! I have a little treat for you too. You will have to stop by to pick it up. This is also one of my favorite months. All of my favorite flowers start to bloom, lilac, violets, and lily of the valley. My favorite scents too.

    Blessings to you!

  8. Glad to hear all things went well yesterday with your mom!
    I think May is one of my favorite months too - nice and warm but not too hot yet.
    I like all of the months - something good about each one.
    Happy May Day!!

  9. Good morning! If I were in your neighborhood I would stop by with a bouquet of May flowers and hang them on your front door. My prayer for you today is that any sadness you may feel now fades with each passing day. Warmest thoughts and hugs are being sent your way!


  10. Happy May Day to you, Vee! I'm wishing you a wonderful month...despite any sadness and uncertainty around you. Enjoy the beauty...rest in His care!

  11. I'm so glad things went well with your mother yesterday. I hope you are able to recall only happy memories and the best of times this month. Consider all the beautiful flowers and blossoming trees to be nature's own special gift to you, a way of lightening the days.

  12. Oh, Vee, you've had a difficult couple of days. Hugs to you and fervent wishes that your sadness lifts and the days to come are full of flowers, tea, and friendship.

  13. What a wonderful surprise! A hanging May basket and a beautiful new header! Is this your home? I love the green door :). I hope you find this May full of wonderful days filled with beautiful surprises.

    Hugs and blessings!

  14. Hay first Day of May, Vee,
    I hope that as time goes by, your sadness lessons and your happy memories become greater....

    Hugs to you my friends...

  15. Happy May Day to you my sweet Vee.

    May is a warm, beautiful, sweet smelling month. My all this beauty surround you and fill you with peace.

    Please know that I am and will cotinue to pray for you.

    Please send me your address I have somthing I want to send to you.....

  16. Dearest Vee!

    I was quite relieved to read that your Mother's procedure went okay yesterday!

    I hope May will be a rejuvenating, peaceful month for you. You'll always miss and grieve your beloved, but I'm praying you'll experience pleasant, nostalgic, happy memories amid the sadness.

    I'm thankful my city has an ordinance that bans excessive noise before 8 AM!! Your town's street sweeper had its nerve! Well, I guess it was actually tptb's decision-making that had the nerve, but you know what I mean! Lol!

    Happy May Day! I have fond memories of winding the Maypole with crepe paper and making darling May baskets back in grade school!! Those were the days!



  17. Hello Vee. I'm coming by with a little imaginary May Day bouquet for you! So sorry about all of the emotions of the month. I was unaware of this part of your life so I am going to give you a BIG HUG and pray that this will be the year you will indeed find the greatest joy.


  18. Dear Vee,
    I have been feeling a little out of sorts myself these last few days. Nothing REALLY wrong....I'm just crabby.
    When these moods hit I think the best thing to do is humour one's self for a day or two and then, if things don't change, throw one's self into a project. Busy is better then broody, You know?
    Hope your mom's procedure went well with positive results.
    God bless.

  19. Wishing you gentle hugs as the May flowers bloom around you.

  20. Happy May and happy day to you! Prayers for a contented and peaceful walk through this month!

    kari & kijsa

  21. Happy May Day Vee. I'll be wishing for you, a May filled with the beauty of spring, and a warmth that will heal your sadness and bring you joy filled with sweet memories. Thinking of you, and your mom.

  22. Vee, I didn't know how you came to be a single gal. Now I know. I'm sorry that this month is so sad for you, but I pray that your good memories will surround you and the love of God will give you peace.

    I hope your mom's procedure went well. Thinking of you... Vickie

  23. I hope you have a wonderful May. I'm sorry you have been so sad. I will keep you in my prayers.

  24. Happy May Day a day late, Vee!

    I'm so sorry to read that it is a sad month for you. I hope as spring brings life to the flowers and trees around you they will comfort you with their beauty. Also find comfort in the knowledge that God loves you, and that you will someday be reunited with your beloved in God's beautiful garden.

    Warm hugs, Pat

  25. Awwww...thank you, dear figs! Love hearing from you all and love the support. Today is "the day" and I plan to spend a little time at the cemetery. I usually take a yellow rose and lay it on the grave; although, you may be surprised to know that I have left a bag of potato chips and a bottle of pepsi once. :>

    God bless you every single one!

  26. Thanks for launching us into May with such beautiful flowers.

    You know, it's scary, this moving forward stuff. First you feel the rumblings inside like a force of nature is pushing you forward. We resist because that territory is unknown and potentially holds more hurt. But it will not be denied and the moment before the release is the scariest of all.

    Here's a story I told a friend of mine one time - - Think about that Indiana Jones movie, where Indie has to save his father who is on the other side of a bottomless precipice. Stepping over the edge will mean certain death, but not stepping over will mean certain death for his father.

    Indie stands at the edge, takes a deep breath and steps forward with faith!! What he can't see from his perspective is that there's a narrow bridge to the other side.

    I can tell you from experience that what's on the other side is so beautiful and wonderful that I'd walk through broken glass to get there.

    You're in my prayers Vee. I would have sent this to you in an e-mail but you never know who might need to read this.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife


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