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Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday. Monday.. Monday...

Howdy! Hope that everyone had a fantastic weekend! I'm beginning this post with my weekend project and ending it with a photo montage of my weekend.

This is my favorite apron because it's comfortable and roomy fitting my ample figure and it is lined. The lined part works well because I am a messy cook. I do wish that it had a pocket and am thinking of adding one. So, this was a gift from a student whose mom made it over twenty years ago. It's held up very well. It isn't my prettiest apron, my oohh-la-la is the prettiest, but it sure gets worn a lot.

I've never made an apron before, but it seemed like time.

And the finished apron joins the chorus line...

The table posies (yellow mums) are a gift from my son and daughter-in-law. They also gave me a gift certificate to the bookstore.

These yellow tulips are a gift from my niece...

And this beautiful picture is a gift from my daughter. She's a sneaky one taking me out for supper on Friday evening and listening very carefully as I oohed and ahhed over various things. She nailed it!

You'll have to keep checking back to see where I put it. I do plan to place it even though it may be coming down again very soon. You'll be surprised!

So my daughter has been raving about this sandwich called a UFO. We shared one Friday evening and a friend brought me another last night, which we shared. Not an imposition when you see how large it is! I'm going to look like a UFO myself, if I keep this up.

But these are my very best gifts...

It's always fun to have the house hopping. My little grandson marched in for the first time on his own steam and said, "Hmmmmmmmm, cake!" He's no slouch is that one. A cake in the oven, M&Ms in the candy dish, flowers, laughter, fun, a great weekend.

I spent Saturday afternoon with my mother and grandmother and we are planning a supper out some evening this week. So the honoring of mothers continues.

Hope your week is off to a great start.


  1. Vee,
    Your chorus line of aprons warms my heart this morning as it beings to mind a very special red apron worn by a very special lady.

    Cool boots sitting by your tulips and the picture you received is so welcoming and inviting. It says to come and sit awhile.

    Those grands are just gorgeous! I am glad you had a wonderful day. Happy Monday!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Your grandson is SO CUTE!!!

  3. What a special weekend you had. How wonderful to have so many generations with whom to celebrate Mother's Day.

    I've been thinking of sewing an apron myself. I made many aprons years ago but I'm afraid my sewing skills have deteriorated since then. I still might be able to pull it off though.

  4. Woo Hoo!!! What a wonderful weekend you've had. I love your new apron. Now that you've made one you need to get going. Pretty soon that chorus line is going to get very long.

    I love your grandchildred....can I borrow them just for a little bit? Please?? You'll be doing a big service to my family. HA!

    That UFO looks crazy-good.

    Vee - I'm very excited by something you've alluded to in this post. I am anxiously awaiting an "announcement"! YOU GO GIRL!

  5. Looks like you had a lovely weekend. I am very jealous of all of those beautiful aprons.

  6. Hi Vee! I love the photos of your family...so very nice! I love your flowers and how thoughtful was your daughter to get you that print? I am a sucker for rocking chairs on a porch...I have 2 out there right now and if I could fit more I would. Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day!

  7. I have just found your blog today and wanted to say hi. Your apron collection looks lovely hanging on the door. Mothers Day looks like it was fun for you - lovely flowers and the beautiful picture. I love the boots that you have on your windowsill. thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh, you had such a wonderful Mother's Day! So happy for you!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your family!
    Love you aprons! I got a sewing machine so watch out! LOL!!


  9. What wonderful photos, Vee!! I love the aprons hanging all it a row too ~ I'm so glad you were able to enjoy your family this weekend, what a sweetie grandbaby!! I LOVE the picture that your daughter gave you...looks like a wonderful old house. I'm so very glad you had a nice mother's day weekend!! Wishing you a wonderful week, xxoo, Dawn

  10. What? You just started cutting with scissors and all of a sudden it was an apron? ... I better go back and look again...

    and, no...I won't be surprised...I have been expecting something for weeks if not months........

    uhm and Vee....were you referring to the North Atlantic as being the one behind Mom in the pic? or the one you love.... .... because the one at my end of the country is the Pacific...I am about 3000 miles from the Atlantic.....

  11. Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day weekend to me...spent with the ones who mean the most! Aren't grandkids just the best?

    Beautiful picture...I love it! Hope you find the perfect spot for it...where it can hang for a long time.

    Great collection of aprons...and I gather you actually wear them. Way to go!

  12. WHAT?! What kind of reading between the lines are you gals doing?! That would be you, Suzanne and Vee. Oh my goodness! I only mean that you'll be surprised where I put that print. Gheesh! What are you guys drinking because I want some! LOL!

  13. I love aprons, and love seeing yours....I actually wear mine, and guests to our home get a kick out of that....

  14. Hmm....my comment didn't take, so here goes again...love the aprons...I enlarged the picture so I could get a good look...very well done! So glad you had your gifts of Grands there, lucky girl. Me too, but we did it on Saturday, boys had to work on Sunday, but it worked out well with the weather...glad your day was so good, hugs

  15. Your gandsons are adorable, Vee! I bet they made the day so special.

    Very nice gifts for Mothers Day! I've admired that print of the rocking chairs on the porch many times myself when I've seen it in catalogs. I can't wait to see where you place it.

    That "UFO" reminds me of a New Orleans "Mufaletta" sandwich. Yum!

    Your aprons hanging in a row is such a pretty photo! It would make a nice subject for a card or for a painting.

    Glad you had a nice weekend!

    Hugs, Pat

  16. OOh I love the apron, I have a beautiful pattern that I forgot I had. . .I actually purchased it a few years ago to make for my mil but it never got done. . .maybe .. just maybe I'll pull it out and have a look at it.
    Your collection of family pics are just so sweet. I'm glad you had a great day with the little ones.

  17. Good for you for making an apron! It looks lovely hanging there with the others. You had a perfect Mother's Day, I think!

  18. Lovely visit here this morning Vee.

    I love your aprons, I should make some...you are always such a productive lady, and you inspire me.

    Your grandchildren, house full of life...oh my how I love all that! Glad you had a great weekend.

  19. Your weekend sounds just wonderful, Vee. Lots of happy memories made too! I am most impressed with the apron!

  20. Hi Vee, Just stopping by the say I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, and from the looks of your posts, I believe you did! :o)


  21. I agree the grandchildren are the children are the best gifts. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It felt like such a loving and found time was had by all. I liked the way you discribed it.

    I am glad the card arrived and you liked it. ....Hugs...Mary

  22. I love"chorus line of aprons" what a cute phrase.... love the one you made..
    How cute your grandson wants cake.... he knows grandma...will have cake.... sweet

  23. Wow! Everything is so wonderful but I have to agree about the greatest gift of all :). I may have to make some aprons as yours are very pretty, they are very expensive to buy if I say so myself :). Have a great Munday!

  24. Hi, Vee! I'm visiting your blog for the first time and it is precious! I love aprons, too! They remind me of my sweet grandmother who frequently wore one...and was a wonderful cook (the pies and cakes were my favorites). Anyway, I wear them alot!I paint in them, cook in them, run errands in them, shop in them (shhh! please don't tell Ruthann @ warmpiehappyhome).. It's so akward and confusing when I'm in a store because inevitably someone asks me 'what aisle is the glue on?' Well, as usual I've gotten carried away, but I do want to tell you one more thing...I've been making my aprons reversible w/ a pocket and out of great fabrics you wouldn't expect to find on an apron(love Amy Butler fabrics). Therefore, I can get 'wild & crazy', make a big mess ( with my lipstick on, of course) then flip it over when I need to look fresh and presentable!
    Oh. my! I hope I haven't said too much about aprons...but it really was nice to meet you in a 'bloggish' sort of way.

  25. What nice Mother's Day, Vee! You have a lovely family. I'm envious of you getting to spend time with your grandmother, too. I miss mine so badly. What a blessing extended family is! Hugs - Vickie

  26. Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day weekend.
    I love the picture your daughter gave you!!
    An apron is something I never use.
    My grandma wore one everytime she was in the kitchen and aprons always remind me of her.


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