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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Could it Be Aslan?

Prince Caspian has made it to the theaters and I can't wait to see it. C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia series thrills old folks like me, too.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment yesterday. I laughed and chuckled my way through each thoughtful response. I particularly enjoyed the thought of a little hedgehog. I didn't see it, but that didn't matter. I did see the screaming woman. I could almost see a sphinx. Dogs and sheep...perhaps, but I think you know where I'm going with this...

Aslan Source allowed to stand

Sometimes the Lord uses the most simple things to remind us that He's ever watchful, ever present, ever taking care of us. I've been concerned for my daughter's work environment and her state of mind and spent much of the day discussing it with her. That evening, when I saw the photo of her on the beach and this stone lion gazing placidly on her, well, I'm getting choked up thinking about it even now. It was a God thing.

The rest of you all have earned your jobs as children's illustrators! :D


  1. I guess we never stop worrying about our kids, do we?

    I agree, it was a God moment......the lion looking over the lamb.

    It's funny. I got on iTunes this morning and they were featuring the soundtrack to Prince Caspian. Very grand and dramatic music. I might just have to download some.

    Thanks Vee.

    - Suzanne

  2. Wow, that's pretty amazing... and yes I certainly see it. I don't know why it didn't occur to me when I looked at it yesterday, as that movie is all my 11 y-o daughter has talked about these past few weeks. She's been reading the books, and when she finishes Prince Caspian we'll go and see the movie. Lovely!

    Blessed day to you,

  3. That is awe-inspiring, Vee. I love special reminders like that! God is great.


  4. Vee...I love that you saw it as a lion and associated it as God watching over your daughter...I think it was a God thing..He always knows our hurts and our needs...

    I agree about Prince Caspian...older folks really do enjoy these great old stories by
    CS Lewis..can't wait to see it on the screen...Blessings...Dee Dee

  5. Now I see it...so clearly!

    Like Suzanne said...we never stop worrying about our children. How good to know that God also has her best interests at heart.

  6. I am so glad you had your God moment! Does it not make you feel so cared for and loved that even though we cannot see Him, we see His protective hand extended and at work?

    I have a particular fondness for the Chronicles of Narnia as we used a unit study when home schooling by Margie Gray entitled, Further Up and Further In. All the books in the series were our readers and there were some wonderful faith based lessons tucked between the pages of fantasy. I too am looking forward to seeing the movie.

    If you really want to see the hedgehog then I will snag your photo, outline him and email him back to you, trust me, he is there!

    Smiles and Blessings this day!

  7. Wow! What a picture. As a mom, I'd get choked up, too. That's just a stunning visual.


  8. Have you seen a picture of a hedgehog lately? I must say that I see the resemblance between Aslan and your rock too.
    I too am looking forward to the new movie. . .and you are right we never have to fear that our children are in an environment alone. . it was a God thing.

  9. Amanda is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to see the latest in the Narnia series! Unfortunately, the closest theater is 35 minutes away and she hasn't had the chance to get down there yet! I haven't seen the first one yet, but we do have it on dvd so perhaps this weekend will be my chance! : )
    I love how your mind works in that you saw the rock as a lion looking over your precious daughter.
    You have a wonderful day!


  10. hey Vee.... Darly has some bark cloth yardage for sale on her blog at what looks to be a very reasonable price if you or anybody you know may be interested... I don't really sew....

    Daisy's Little Cottage

    that rock looks like a bear head from the side...but then I see all sorts of neat bear shapes...

  11. Oh Vee, when I first looked at the picture I saw a lion but then I clicked on it and saw several different things, isn't that amazing? What a mind can do...

    We will always worry about our children and grandchildren, even when God tells us not to :), it's our job isn't it?

    Have a good evening Vee!

  12. God is so awesome in how He can find ways to speak to us, especially when our hearts are tuned in to His.

    I am blessed by the "seeing eyes" of your spirit.

  13. My kids are not technically kids any longer...but of course I still think of them as my babies...I read this series of books to them when they were children and they couldn't wait to see the movie! Good post...

  14. Oh yes I can see lion as plain as ever now that you point it out. It makes a heart happy to know that God watches over us. Great God moment!

  15. Hi, Vee - I'm looking forward to this movie, too! I love that you saw something DIVINE in your photo of your daughter. That tells me where your heart is :)

    As for propane vs. electric - don't know that electric is cheaper, but we put in new appliances & AC/heat and decided to go all electric - just cleaner. Also, a couple of years ago, there was an elderly lady just outside of our town that lived in an older home (like ours) with propane and her house blew up with her in it! Evidently, there was some problem with her tank or lines or something. We thought while we were changing everything on the farmhouse, why not change that, too?

    You are too sweet, Vee - such nice compliments - I always look forward to hearing from you and reading your blog - I usually go to yours first! Blessings on you and yours today! Vickie

  16. That's a powerful bit of protection for your daughter. I hope everything turns out all right for her.

  17. So so true...and you are a wonderful Mother....

    I have to go see the second movie too before I forget what happened in the first...

    I do see it.WOW!

  18. How fortunate you were to recognize this God moment. I think they happen more than we actually realize and it is very cool that you caught one.

  19. We are Mothers for all eternity and I am so glad to know that our God is there holding our hand and our children's hand every step of the way.....Hugs to you my friend...

  20. Amazing when you showed the two photo's together, how much the rock looks like the lion's head. Goosebumps all over me, a God thing for sure.

    I'm looking forward to seeing this movie next week with my girlfriend, Dustye!

    Oh, the beach photo's were gorgeous!

  21. First time popping by.
    What an awesome gift you received from your "Heavenly Father".... He cares so much that He wanted you to know that He was watching out for her.... don't worry.


    p.s. we saw Narnia Tuesday night

  22. Wow. That is so neat. Loved the chronicals...my son and I read them all, from the Magicians Nephew all the way thru the series. Great books. Love C.S.Lewis. Have you ever seen the movie "Shadowlands"?


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