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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Upcoming Events

Three wonderful bloggers are hosting upcoming events at their blogs and I want to keep this information corralled in one spot hence my town crier post.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room is hosting "Drive-Bys: Around the World" where we can link our posts to her site and visit other blogs' drive-by posts. Have you seen any of Melissa's drive-bys? I'm sure that you have and they're all such fun. Now get the camera ready and head out to a neighborhood near you or perhaps you already have a drive-by in the can that you'd like to link to. I know that I am heading for a neighborhood on a ridge above a lake where the trees meet in the center of the road and the homes are beautiful. Just gotta wait for some good weather.

Next, Judy @ My Front Porch is hosting "Let's Take a Trip" for the week of June 2—6. I don't have any vacation pics to share, but I'm certain that some of you do! Pat???? ;> Judy has always been so generous with her vacation pics and you can't go wrong to see the beauty of the West Coast of Canada and the USA. In fact, now that I am reading "The Shack," I recognize some of the places mentioned in the book as a direct result of reading Judy's blog.

Last, and certainly not least, is the event Miss Sandy is hosting at Quill Cottage called "I Remember Laura." It will continue for the month of June and sounds like a wonderful, amazing blogathon. I think history buffs are going to love this one! It does require some creativity and effort so check it out for the particulars.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. A "Town Crier Post"! Sounds good to me. And btw, I am not kidding, in any way. I fully appreciate you {and anyone} doing such. Because not all of us go to every blog. And this way, none of us need miss something.

    Oh yes Melissa! Not only is she a sweetheart, she has a grrrreat blog too!!! And her Drive-Bys are soo great.

    Now as to Judy taking a trip... Vacation pics? What is a 'vacation'? I guess I should recognize that word, since you post it so casually. Seems everyone should know its meaning... But. Not me. If I ever did know the meaning of the word 'vacation,' it has long ago been forgotten, with disuse. And I am not kidding, about this either!

    I don't remember when our last vacation was!!! Did anyone say "rooted to the spot"? lol

    But those who are always going somewhere, should have lots to contribute to her Trip Week.

    Don't know who the 'Laura' is, at Quill Cottage. But I'll look. But oh oh, you said it requires some creativity and effort. Mmmm... -sigh- Maybe I should not look. Maybe it will just make me feel more inadequate, in the creativity and effort dept. >,-)))

    Ahh well, in my "New Incarnation" as a "Totally Relaxed Blogger," I can probably handle the feelings of inadequacy, engendered. >,-)))

    Saturday hugs,

  2. WOW!!!

    Mine is the first comment!!!



    Saturday hugs,

  3. Thanks for all the updates...we can't wait to see all of these creative bloggers posts!

    Have a blessed weekend!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  4. Vee, Hello, these all sound like so much fun. I think I will try and join in on Judy's taking a trip, since I am, in 3 three days to Montana. Actually I have plenty of vacations spots to share with loads of photo's. That's one thing Pat and I love to do is travel!

    Moving to Montana will take most of my time, do ya think? HA...and I'll be offline for at least a week, rats, I'll miss so much in blogdom, it will take me days to catch up with everyone.

    Thanks for the heads up on these fun events.

  5. Now that I have come up for air, I am so appreciative of the "heads up" news on your current post. All of it sounds like fun and a welcome respite from wedding preparations. Thanks for sharing! ~Kathy

  6. hmmm I better check out those drive bys. I love that you help keep me up in blog land...I get lost sometimes, but you are such a good gatherer of info around this place. There is a job idea for you??? Maybe you could work for a newspaper. You do write quite well. You charm and wit come across and I love to read you blog dear friend! And keeping me informed somebody has to do it!

    Glad to know you decided to read The Shack...remember it is just a story. The theology isn't perfect, but as my pastor says..."eat the meat, through out the bones"

  7. Town crier! you make me smile vee! :) I visit Miss Sandy often and look forward to her blogathon...I'd better get busy, I will be dropping by to visit Melissa and Judy before I head to bed! :)

  8. Thanks for all this information, Vee! I'm so behind visiting blogs since returning from my vacation but I'll try to visit the ones you mentioned and join in if I can.

    Hope you had a good weekend!

    Hugs, Pat

  9. Responding to you. . .

    . . .every wrinkle is beautiful in it's own way. . .

    ;) Enjoy a merrily-wrinkled day!



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