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Sunday, May 4, 2008


"Truth sets us free; error binds us." Bob George

It's just that simple. And, if I am not free, I am living in error.

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

That completes my standard Sunday morning offering, but I have a titch more to add for those who won't be bored or offended by it.

When I was ten years old, a good long while ago, an altar call was given in the church that I attended and I found myself going forward. The pastor led me in a simple prayer of salvation and noted the date — February 10 — and the time — 12:23 — on the flyleaf of my Bible saying that I would always be able to remember the time and place whenever the thief whispered in my ear.

The thief has done a whole lot of whispering and I have done a whole lot of listening. It has only recently dawned on me that I have lived in error for much of my Christian walk. Why? The usual reasons, I suppose: the false teachings of the churches I attended that offered a bizarre mix of Law and Grace, the advice I received from trusted Christians who were also living in error, and even some of the hymns and worship songs that I sang further enforced error.

Some of this is beguiling. Some of this is subtle. Let's talk about the WWJD (what would Jesus do) teaching. It's been around for over a hundred years! Who knew?! But it was revisited again in earnest in the 90s with many young people wearing wristbands or necklaces with WWJD on them.

What in the world could be wrong with WWJD I hear you asking. Just this...it removes Jesus from being alive and present in our lives to one who is a historical figure: Historical Jesus versus Alive and Present Jesus is error. Would you sit around wondering what your husband/wife thinks about anything when he or she is present in the room with you? Of course not! You'd ask!

I was guilty of teaching this subtle one to my own children, but I won't be guilty of teaching it to my grandchildren. Instead, I'll say, "Ask Jesus what He would do and what He wants you to do in this situation." I don't want anyone to stand around, scratching his head wondering what Jesus would do. And that's my two cents for the day!

Thank you, my Friend...such a delightful surprise!

Have a wonderful Sunday, dear friends.


  1. Valid points you brought up today. I never thought of WWJD in that light. Sadly there is much confusion inside as well as outside the church. I think you have to discern truth by studying Scripture and knowing for yourself what it says rather than blindly take at face value what is begin taught.

    Thanks for the prayer support. We will be heading out early in the morning to make the three hour trek to the hospital where we will meet with the administrator to discuss the options we have now that they ignored the DNR. It has opened up a whole can of worms and now my mom and her sisters have to make a decision they never should have had to make. I am more sad than angry right now but I have no intention of letting two incidents of incompetence pass without voicing it to the hospital administration and possibly the board. Anyway, I'll be in touch when we return. I hope you have a super restful Sunday.

  2. AMEN, Vee! I too, have taught the WWJD "theology" to my children. I see your point and will re-think my response from now on when the thief begins whispering in MY ear! ~Kathy

  3. Well, I enjoyed your two cents very much. You are so right and I know that I grew up with lots of doctrine that actually stood in the way of being as free as the Lord would have it. Whenever I have turned to the Lord and asked what would He do, I have often been very surprised to the new perspective I have gained on a circumstance. Have a wonderful Sunday. Blessings, Karen

  4. Oh my Vee, what a wonderful thing your pastor did for you, a nice keepsake :).

    WWJD...I believe Jesus would do the same things He did the first time around...die for my sins. Over and over again I am reminded to keep my eyes on Him, not the world or what the world has to offer me. He and He alone is our salvation.

    Great post Vee, I'm going outside now, I have wonderful things to pray about, you are top of my list.

    Have a wonderful Sonday!

  5. That's more than two-cents worth, Vee. I had never thought of the WWJD in that way...but you have a point (a good one).

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. What a wonderful post and wonderful point, Vee! He will guide us if we only ask....thank you for reminding us ~ have a wonderful week, Vee...xxoo, Dawn

  7. Good stuff Miss Vee....thank you for sharing your heart!!

  8. I like those two cents. I guess the question would need to be reworded, not "What would Jesus do?", it would be "Jesus, what would you have me do?"

    Is that right?

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  9. Hey Vee,

    I love what your Pastor did when you got saved. That was so precious.

    What you have shared this morning AMEN. I think it is a universal trap that we must all fall into “a bizarre mixture of Law and Grace.” Nicely put. I never really applied that to the WWJD thing either. Great point!

  10. What a wonderful thing by your pastor!! Perfect! Have a blessed day!!

    kari & kijsa

  11. Thank you, dear hearts, for leaving comments on this one. I worried a bit and prayed that I wouldn't offend too much. I'm not about rocking the boat...much. ;>

    Thanks, too, for your prayers.

  12. I too never thought of WWJD in that light either, and what you say makes sense.

    I think people make religion way to complicated and because of that I don't even go to church any more, though I read my Bible and pray daily.
    Our salvation is a gift from God and there is nothing we can do to earn it - just believe. I believe if we put Jesus first and love one another everything else just falls into place.
    Jesus make my heart happy and that's why I'm Happyone! :-)

  13. Brilliant. I like this. Only been away 3 nights and so much to catch up on here.
    Glad to read that you are back on track. Cleaners at 6.30 am. As a fellow sometimes to bed at 1.30 I feel your sentiments.
    Well I will be excited about seeing what makes its way across the pond.

  14. I taught at a tough school. The kids wore WWSD? wrist bands.

    Oh brother. Evil, just plain evil.


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