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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Flowers, Bananas, and Where Did I Put that Print?

Gracious! My titles are so mundane these days. Please forgive me, perhaps the title fairy will visit me in time for tomorrow.

The azalea is in full bloom and buzz, covered as it is with large blossoms and honey bees. I have been trying to take some artsy-fartsy shots; I need lessons. Perhaps my neighbors would like the picture of their home above.

Then I tried to capture the bay window as I peeked at it through the branches. Even less successful.

Next a photo of the phlox with the rhubarb doing well behind. Chicken poo, who knew? Lovella, that's who! (ETA: I'm sorry about mentioning brownies in this context, but Lovella has a brownie recipe up...yay!)

I'm just gonna toss in everything save the sink. Have you ever heard that a banana grows in three long segments...something about the way it develops from a banana blossom? Don't ask me, I am no botanist. But here are some photos to show you what I mean. Now you can amaze your children or, heck, this even amazed the adults in my crowd.

Finally, I am certain that you've all been in knots wondering where I might put the print that I showed you Monday. It was a gift from my daughter. She likes where it is. I was sitting with it for a while and now I'm almost convinced that I really like where it is, too. (If you don't, it's okay, just don't tell me. I'm that fragile about my decorating choices.)

Here's the before (don't get too scared now)...

And the after...

And from the side...

The light is changing so rapidly with the tree canopy growing larger every day. We're going from open skies to a verdant cocoon all in such a short time. It is messing with my photography. Right! That's as good an excuse as any!


  1. I vote for the picture just where it is, even if I don't really get a vote. It makes a lovely focal point at the windows.

    I can't believe I never knew that about bananas. I'm making a list in my head now of all the people I can impress with this new knowledge. :)

  2. I did know that about bananas. I think it is so cool. Did I just date myself with that expression right out of the 70"s??

    I do love the picture right where it is....again very cool.....Hugs....Mary

  3. Gardens everywhere coming into bloom. So refreshing after the snow.
    The print looks good there and unusual.

  4. Flowers, bananas and prints...OH MY!!
    Ok, sweetie we really need to find something to fill your days if you're spending them examining the splitting abilities of bananas. OL! I did not know that little tidbit about bananas which goes to show you that I'm always learning things from you!! : )
    I always love your pictures, whether they're artistic or not. Your flowers are gorgeous. Beats the heck out of my crummy cactus! LOL
    Oh, and now you have me very conscious about the exclamation marks. LOL Oh..what the heck!!!!!
    Have a wonderful day.


  5. For *artsy-fartsy,* just keep croppin'! -giggles-

    Rejoice that you have an azalea bush which is covered with BEES! This bee die-off is really getting serious, or so they say. -sigh-

    What needs chicken poo? Phlox or rhubarb? Please. Which? Or both?

    Where did you learn to do that amazing dissection of bananas?!? You are just tooooo, toooo smarty-pants. -giggles-

    YOU are fragile about your decorating choices?!? Hahhhh! Not as fragile as I am! You show them. I do not! I am a total whimp. Total. Total. Total. -sigh-

    Now ~~ Go out there and take more possible *artsy-fartsy* photos. Tip your head from side to side and look at stuff, in a different way. {It may not help, but we look amazing artistic, when doing it!!!}

    Snap, snap, snap away. Come in and download and crop, crop, crop away. But look close, before you crop... 'Cause I often go toooo far. LOL. Then I just am left with blurrrrr... Which, if my name was famous, would probably sell for millions. But. For me. It would just look like I was foisting blurry pics on you poor dear readers.

    There! How is that for a magical and interesting tutorial on *artsy-fartsy* photography? On 2nd thought, don't answer that question!!!!!!!! ,-)


  6. Vee ~ I'm the same way about titles to my posts!! Mine keep getting shorter and shorter....sometimes they just don't come easily. What a gorgeous room, Vee! I LOVE where you put the print. It really is beautiful and I think it looks so cool there between the bookshelves. Hope you're having a great day!! xxoo, Dawn

  7. "Artsy Fartsy" made me laugh! :-D Love it! I need a photography 101 class myself, and I have never mastered the "click to enlarge" the photo feature on blogger. Oh well --one thing at a time -- I just figured out how to add Josh Grobin singing my favorite song to my blog so I'm happy..tee hee!

    The print looks lovely where it is, Vee.

    I didn't know that about bananas and I am amazed! Thanks!

    Hugs, Pat

  8. I think your photos are fine. The azalea is beautiful.
    That is really cool about the bananas - didn't know that.
    Since everyone else voted yes to keep the print where it is you shouldn't be hurt if my vote is no. Sorry! But that is only me - and what do I know!! :-) If you like the print there then that is the best place for it.
    Enjoy your day.

  9. Always something new and interesting to learn...a lesson from the banana today!

    Lovely room...and if that's where the pic works for you...it's in the right spot.

    I also have no idea how to make my photos 'clickable' to enlarge on blogger. I have the odd one that does...but how that happened I have no idea!

  10. Such fun titles. I kind of like the ones that make me want to scroll down quickly and see what is coming.
    Isn't photography just so much fun? I love the digital age that we are in so that we can lurk behind bushes, lay on the ground just to see something anew through a lens.
    I did click on the phlox/chicken poo picture. . . stand back, run to the house and race back with the basket to put the rhubarb in. . . its won't be long now.

    Fun, fun fun. . .

  11. I love the room.. so cozy and warming... and the bushes are beautiful.. have a wonderful week.

  12. Vee, I loved your pictures of flowers! I never knew that about bananas. That is cool!

    I would leave the print exactly where it is! I love it there...

  13. I think you have found the perfect spot for that picture. And how did you learn that about bananas? Hmm, makes sense! Now go make a banana split, that should round out your day nicely while you admire the view of your living room!

  14. I think the print looks perfect there Vee! I love the azalea bush...I wish I had one in my yard...they are so lovely!

  15. Super cool! so nice flowers!!!!I love its!!!!Would do you like participe in my virtual party! I hope so!!!!

  16. I hope you have a good day. I enjoyed your post.

  17. At least you TAKE photos. I have got to get a new camera and then we will see if my posts can take off like some of you here in blogland. But they were lovely. I particularily loved your photo of the room in your house. What a wonderful home you have. And I add my vote to the rest...the picture looks great right where it is.

  18. great ..chicken poo and brownies now..... lol ...ot wasn't enough you put it on your rhubarb...

    lovely flowers...I finally have one little daffydilly.....

  19. That azalea...oyyy...I want one and am kicking myself now that I was too lazy to plant one last year!! Oh well, I guess I'll just pop back in and out to admire your gardening!!

    By the way, I like your title!!

  20. Vee...you can almost fall asleep when you visit my blog today..then I come over here and you have all this amazing energy and bright sunshiny photos...The picture looks very nice there...good grief..never knew that about bananas :)

  21. I just found your blog through "A Feathered Nest"! I have enjoyed what I have read so far and look forward to going though some of your older posts! LOVE the banana tidbit!

  22. Oh Vee you just cracked me up this evening, that banana trivia, HAaaa! I never knew that or ever thought about it before, the photo's were a crack up...and those azalea's are just gorgeous!

    My in-laws have amazing azalea bushes outside their place in Portland Oregon. Your photo reminds me of them, so pretty...

    Your humor is so refreshing Vee, I love it!

  23. Vee,
    Either you are hilariously funny or I am just super tired! Art shots, bananas, and hanging pictures have sent me into a fit of giggles. I need to go to bed!

  24. The banana thing is way cool. Great one to impress the grandkids with...who knew?

    See I saw your green thumb lurking around that azala!

  25. It looks great to me Vee! That's the latest thing now, to hang framed art on the outside edges of bookcases so you are IN!
    Hugs, Sherry

  26. Artsy photos and bananas......I love blogging! I have the same problem with photography as you do, Vee. I guess it just takes practice. Your post made me smile as they often do. And, I love the picture where it is. I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to revealing my decorating ideas. Good for you to take the risk! ~Kathy

  27. artsy-fartsy....LOL Artsy-fartsy hanging banana's...goodness, I need sleep!

  28. Your home is so lovely Vee, thanks for sharing. Who cares about artsy angles anyways. I just want to SEE people's houses!

    Happy nearly Friday,

  29. I love where you put the print. It's unexpected yet very, very chic!


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