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Friday, May 30, 2008

Tagged or Sandi Strikes Again

Tags courtesy of Robin @ Bittersweet Punkin...thank you, Robin, they are beautiful!

Sandi @ Holding Patterns tagged me again. Thank you, Sandi! I've been desperate for a subject lately.

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Six Random Things About Me

1. The job coach was very helpful on a number of levels:
a) She thinks that I'm depressed. *gasp*
b) She doesn't think that I'm the "kind of person" who'll enjoy working for anyone else. *double gasp*
c) She has made three possible suggestions to include starting a day care in my home. *triple gasp*

2. Last night, a friend and I went out to supper at Outback Steakhouse where we shared a blooming onion appetizer and fried mushrooms. I didn't eat the mushrooms, but I ate too much of the blooming onion. Those things are too good. I also had a small steak, a baked potato, and a salad. No room for dessert!

3. Then we went shopping at Borders where I purchased two books with my Mother's Day gift certificate from my son and daughter-in-law.

4. I also purchased three chocolate mint Lindt balls to make up for no dessert. ;>

5. It was a leisurely 40 mile drive home with the setting sun full in our faces much of the time.

6. We had a half cup serving of Edy's cherry chip ice cream while watching the LOST finale. I love LOST and I enjoyed this season's ending very much. The ice cream wasn't bad either.

I am tagging no one, but please participate if you have time for such a MEME. It's always fun to learn more about you beautiful bloggers.


  1. You play the game well! I just remembered that I am also holding on to a tag.

    Those blooming onions...love 'em! I can see myself sitting in an Outback Steakhouse in Cheyenne, Wyoming and enjoying 'blooming onion' on July 31, 2004. Now that is a random fact...that I'm sure you wanted to know!

    I'm still planning to read the Shack...have heard amazing reviews (and one less than favourable). I read and enjoyed your other book purchase.

  2. Oh, I've been hearing about folks reading The Shack. Guess I better find out what that is.

    A job coach? Ooo, I'd be afraid. Very afraid, to hear what one would say. You are a brave woman...and a DAYCARE? Holy moley, I'd be super afraid.

    Happy weekend, dearest Vee!

  3. Depressed, huh? What is that? The standard "diagnosis" for women of a certain age who are looking for something "more" in life? Yeah, so maybe depression is in the mix somewhere, but I think it's more a symptom of the problem rather than the problem itself. 'Course, maybe I'm just crazy. AND depressed. lol

    I love Outback's pork chops. And those cinnamon apples that come with them. Yum-O. And the blooming onion ain't bad either. :)


  4. Oh those blooming onions will be the end of me. . .so tasty.
    I concur with stopping to purchase a few chocolates to end your day with.

    Ah. . the Shack. . I've read it and .. well I suppose it's just one of those books that you either love or . .well not so much.

    Quite entertaining to hear what the coach had to say about you.

  5. I wish I had enough patience to do daycare...sounds fun!! Don't you love those Lindt chocolates? I'm glad you like the tags!!
    Have a great day!

  6. Hi Vee

    Lindt truffles are my absolute favorite chocolate!

    I wonder how that job coach could tell you so much about your self in such a short time! Is she a psychologist?

    Hugs, Pat

  7. Child care?! Oh no! That does not sound like fun to me.
    I have The Shack on reserve at the library. I'm number 3 on the list now.
    Dinner at Outback sounds great. I love to go there. I usually get the steak and sweat potato. I also love the baby back ribs.
    Hope your weekend is a happy one.

  8. Oh Vee...fun fun fun...and I'd call the Lindt's a super dessert! Day care in your home??? Has this Job Coach from Hell lost her FREAKIN' MIND??? Hey, I have an idea, why don't you apply for her job, I'm sure you'd be much better at it!

  9. Sounds like a lovely day...Outback, Borders, Ice Cream...Yummy!


  10. I might just have to tag myself, I am running out of post subjects.

    It sounds like you had a lovely evening out. Don't tell me what happens! I taped the finale but have been Birthday partying all day, still am and it is after 9:00 PM!, (when will all these people go home?), and I can't get to the TV as there seems to be a video game challenge going on in my living room!

    Well, the meeting with the job coach sounds interesting. I will pray for direction and guidance.

    Sweet sleep dear friend.

  11. I forgot about the books, let me know what you think, I've been wanting to read both of your purchases. Maybe later this summer I can get in some reading time, lots to do out side but when it gets hot I'll want to laze around reading.

  12. Vee, I had to sleep on this one! A career coach? Hmmm, I'm not sure of your circumstances but I do hope you didn't pay good money for the advice you received. Day care...huge responsibility! WOW! My Mom was a day care provider back in the day but things have changed so much since those days.

    Good thing you had plans to head to Borders, Outback and my all time favorite Lindt chocolate balls, red color of course :) and Lost, I've seen every episode but after this year I am starting to be concerned about myself! LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend Vee...you are in my prayers!

    Kathi :)

  13. An interesting read and good to know somemore about you.
    I won't take it up as I have done several in the past.

    Ihave that same lemon pepper in my cupboard brought from the US by a visitor.

  14. Such a fun post to follow you through your day. Books are my favorite indulgence. So nice of your son to give you a gift certificate so you could pick exactly what you wanted to read.

  15. These comments have been a tonic! Thanks so much!!

    Pat, she is a licensed therapist specializing in employment issues.

    Sandi, I've come to believe that she is out of her freakin' mind! LOL!

  16. Tell the woman you will coach her on flying lessons...then punt the silly b**tch out the nearest window. How do people get these jobs? and how do they actually get paid for "sort of" doing them? Wish I had been able to wrangle one like that. I am sure any one of us could hang out our shingle and charge the usual $120 per hour for psychology sessions..or job coach or whatever....what a joke!

  17. OK you made me giggle when I got to the part about purchasing the Lindt balls because you hadn't done dessert... only because that is *so* something that I would do! Sounds like a wonderful evening, though. But now that I read Lindt balls, it strikes me funny on the pun front, too... as in lint balls... dust bunnies... I know, I know... it's late and I should probably go to bed. Hope you have a blessed Sunday!



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