Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where's Your Camera Manual?

Do you know where your camera manual is? If you do, go get it. I'll wait.

You know the book I said I was going to be reading yesterday? Well, at some point, once again, I would've read the telephone book rather than to read that book. As it turned out, I read my camera manual; I learned something interesting; Yes, I'll share.

Did you know that you must reformat the memory card every so often? Let me repeat that. If you notice that the quality of your photos is going downhill (and you've not been drinking extra coffee or anything), it may be time to reformat your memory card. Formatting mine is done via the menu and then the tools option. I don't know where you'll find yours, but try looking under "troubleshooting." That's where I found my reference.

Wish that this photo proved that it works. Nope. I've now determined that, after two years, I need to replace the memory card. It's worked its little self to a frazzle. Or maybe I need a new camera... One last helpful tip: if you ever get the camera so messed up that you can't imagine what gremlins have taken it over, remember that most cameras have a "system restore" option. You can see that I put mine on speed dial.

Oh, about that book. I am going to finish it and, yes, I am going to critique it. Even though the reading of it is proving difficult, I can honestly recommend that you read it, too.

Have a great weekend...

Friday, March 11, 2011

♪ It's a Rainy Day; It's a Rainy Day ♪

This post was hatched prematurely when I went to place the musical notes beside the title. Sometimes Blogger just gets ticklish, I guess.

So 'tis raining and I have quiet plans to read Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts. It was the book that I hoped to purchase at Borders if they had stocked it. I sometimes fret what will become of bookstores. There are so many times when I want a book and it isn't available. So I did what we do these days and ordered it from Amazon. It arrived in three days' time and cost four dollars less than I would have paid at the bookstore and that included shipping. Sigh.

Of course I wanted to dive into the book because Brenda, Linds, and Kathy have been talking about it. I even tried diving in, but it wasn't long before I had set it down and was making wary arcs around it. It's an intense book. Today, though, this will be the scene.

I've just been alerted to the "intense" news of this day with the earthquake in Japan and tsunami warnings for parts of the West Coast and Hawaii. Life can shift so quickly...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Tale of a Simple Day and an Ironing Board Cover

Though I fought with myself from the time I announced in yesterday's post that I had errands to run right up until the moment I was backing out the drive, I managed to overcome. The older I get, the more challenging it is for me to leave the house. Sometimes I have even wondered...

Stopped at the storage facility and paid for two months so I wouldn't have to return any time soon and promptly managed to leave my gloves behind. Once I had parked at the grocery store and was looking for a cart, I realized immediately on two counts. 1. It's still crazy chilly here and, 2. I am one of those germaphobes. I don't like wheeling carts around without wearing my gloves. (Yes, I wipe the handles down as well.) So I got back into the car and returned to find my gloves sitting on the desk where I'd left them. The office gal hadn't had time to notice them as they simply disappeared into the general clutter of the office.

Spent $100 more than I wanted to on groceries. That's what you get for shopping while you're hungry. Had a little chat with the manager for not accepting my Fancy Feast coupon for 24 cans of cat food when I had two boxes of 12 each. That makes 24 in my book. In his, it meant that I had to purchase a box of 24. I must read the fine print on that coupon. After all, a dollar's savings is not to be frowned upon.

Came home and, after sorting out groceries and putting them away, I tackled the ironing board cover. My tutorial suggested flipping the ironing board over and tracing it on the fabric. This couldn't be accomplished in my sewing room so I switched to the bedroom. Then it couldn't be accomplished because I no longer crawl around on floors. Rarely that is. I save that for the times when, during a rousing game of Hide n' Seek with grandsons, a good hiding place means one must crawl. Otherwise, no, not so much.

working in the bedroom

Flipped the ironing board rightside up and used it as a model for its new cover. It worked fine. I used bits and pieces from several tutorials for this project, but *this one* was used most. This tutorial didn't mention a bodkin, but I loved using that little gadget. My mother always taught me to use a safety pin. Trust me, get a bodkin and never use a safety pin again for drawing strings. I also vastly prefer the drawstring method over using elastic.

in the sewing room where it belongs

Molly the Poodle Wonder Dog heard John when he arrived on the outskirts of town at just before five. I am certain of this because she set up such a rumpus from 4:55 on. Sure enough, he pulled in a few moments later. One would think that the five minutes' warning would have been enough for me to leave the ironing board cover, zip down the stairs, and pretend to be doing something in the kitchen about supper preparation. Good tip: even boiling water allows a hungry man to think that something is happening in the kitchen.

When at 5:30 I had finally made it down the stairs, I asked John if he minded a breakfast for supper...some thick sliced bacon I had left over, some eggs, hash browns, and toast. Oh no, he didn't mind; he's very accomodating. Foiled again—the bacon wasn't good. Not a problem. I moved on to some sausage—not good either. Good grief. Time really does escape me. It had been over two weeks since I had opened either package. Ultimately, we went with fried ham bought yesterday, eggs, hash browns, and toast. Some exciting supper.

Tonight I'll do better. I will!

Now I'm off to clean out the fridge.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ironing Board Stash, etc.

Molly returned much changed from the groomer's yesterday. Not only did she lose a lot of hair; apparently, she's lost quite a little weight. My sister had warned me about overfeeding her as I had been giving Molly even more than they give their big dog. So I followed package directions carefully and backed way off the treats. Now she's one svelte dog. I need a personal assistant like that.

Today dawned bright and lovely. I'm a bit concerned about the very red sunrise; you know what that bodes. I'm off to do my errands, pay for my mother's storage, and grocery shop. Unfortunately, we do need to eat. After being ill most of last week, I haven't been giving meal preparation much attention. Yes, I am quite convinced that John would like something good for supper.

Ironic thing about yesterday's exercise in template changing... Trying to avoid the limited choices in stretch minima backgrounds, I find that stretch minima backgrounds work best on my computer, which has a wide screen. Combining the stretch minima background with the new template allows me to have color on the edges and the all important white or light space in the center.

Lastly, I have my fabric, my string, my filler, and my bodkin, which means just one thing—a new ironing board cover! Oh how I hope it's as easy as it looks. If it turns out at all, I will certainly share. If not, you'll never hear this discussed again. :D

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Forgive Me While I Play

I made the fantastic leap yesterday afternoon to the new templates design letting go of my beloved mimima stretch background. I could rarely find satisfactory backgrounds for the minima stretch, which led to my decision. So watch me bounce all over the place today as I experiment hoping to land on something to my liking. The day is bright and sunny and that will make for better photography. Let's see where this takes us in another few hours.

Too Dark; Too Somber
7:31 am

 In the meantime, my apologies...

Also, don't mind my ongoing commentary as I work this through. One of my big complaints is that the screen flickers black, black, black as the page loads. Ugh. If I can't fix that problem, I'll be heading back to minima stretch.

Now doesn't one thing lead to another? I had to make a new header, which meant that I had to redo the top of the china cupboard, which meant that I had to dust and clean and vacuum, which ultimately led to having to do the dishes.

I'm having trouble centering my header despite using the code for the Advanced CSS. You can find that information *here* if it might help you. Doesn't seem to be doing much for me.

Gah! I quit. And it's not quite what I want, but as close as I can get today. What I've learned one could put in a thimble. This (at the can find it *here*) background is a wide-width one from Hot Bliggity Blog. When I use the standard size, I get a bit of decoration at the sides, but my sidebar material hangs over. I'm not a fan of that look. When I use the mid-size, I don't pick up much of the background at all, hence some of the truly ugly colors you may have seen. Oh well! Another day...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday's Story

Well that was fun! I enjoyed reading all the stories about our verbal tangles from my last post. Thank you for sharing them.

This is the story of our rainy Monday so far...

The sleeping cat and dog's little snores are making me so sleepy myself that I may join them for a nap any second now.

My weekend thrifting netted me this treasure, as if I don't have enough of my own ancestors about the place. ;> (Although it appears that she is on a plate, this is actually a photograph created for those oval frames one sees in old homes or flea markets. They were popular in the early 1900s. Emily is missing her frame. Perhaps I'll be able to find one someday. No, I do not know anything about Emily nor even that her name is Emily. She just looks like an Emily to me.)
Speaking of ancestors, I updated the post on *Alice* for those who would like to know where I'm leaving that. I am so not going to be anyone's favorite person. : {
Have a great Monday! (I'm off to take a nap or box up some memories.)