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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Of Spring and Sap Flowing

Spring inside if not out

*new cups with pretty blue insides

seeds and a letter

spring vase

swan candy dish holding pastel M&Ms

I can't help it, I am thinking about spring, which will arrive Sunday. This is strictly a calendar event right now though it will most certainly come in a way that we recognize, first with melting snow creating lots of mud and ending in flowers and birdsong.

Still, the good news is that the sap is running and the trees on my neighbors' lawn were tapped Monday afternoon. This means that I get to watch and I do find it interesting. Wonder if I'll get my cup of sap water to drink this year while it's running good and cold. It's like maple flavored water, mild and delicious.

Best of all, they're the old-fashioned sap buckets! So quaint, so charming, just the way I like them! There's a great maple scone recipe right *here* and just as soon as I get some maple syrup, I'll be whipping up a batch...love those things.

(I am trying something new with posting today...writing this up in the evening and postdating it for sometime in the wee hours of the morning hoping to find it updated by the time I wake. This writing a post and not having it show up for hours and hours is for the birds. Perhaps it's just my blog's turn, but I don't like it one little bit. Anyone else having trouble with your blog updating as it should?)

{Posted at 12:10 am and it is now 7:13 am, but not updated. Yikes! This is getting worse every day. 8:13 am: not updated./ 9:17 am; shows up and says it was posted 9 hours ago. Finally!)

*Edited to add: Having just learned the name and brand of my cups, I'm dropping in the information: Taylor, Smith, and Taylor "Forever Young" or perhaps it's really "Boutonniere Ever Yours," which seems more likely. Either way, it's definitely Taylor, Smith &Taylor.


  1. is this the same neighbor that plowed his snow into your yard?

  2. No, that was the neighbor directly across the street. ☺ Bless his heart. Once he heard from John, he quit.

  3. Vee,

    Love your post today. I agree that it seems to take a long time for the post to appear. I wish there was a way to link to the various parties. And I still think that they are holding back my comments - it just seems like there should be so many more LOL.

    That dough for the Irish soda bread was very, very wet. I had to get my husband to help. The bread, however, is wonderful and we are having it toasted.


  4. I've noticed sap buckets around here too. Only they are plastic and different bright colors. I like going out into the country where Amish live and seing all the silver sap bags hanging! Very interesting!

  5. Google Reader showed me, that you had this NEW post up. I guess that's what you mean, by "being updated."

    Oh I feel for you Hon! When some part of blogging "get under our skin," it is a p-a-i-n. -sigh-

    Are you just looking for your List On Blogger, to show that you have posted a NEW entry/post? On your page where you list all the blogs you like to follow? ---- Since we follow our blogs, in different ways, I'm really not sure exactly how you do it. ---- I use Google Reader, so that's all I really know.

    -sigh- Good luck with this issue!!! Keep us posted!!!

    Spring??????????? Hehhhhhh... You HAVE to be kidding, right? -giggles- Still snow cover, out my windows. Sun yes, but loads of snow cover. -pout- :-)

    Gentle hugs...

  6. Oh Oh Oh!!! I just realized! You have a new Icon pic!!! No glasses, to hide behind!!! Coooool!

    Now I wonder when you changed it? Have you snuck this one in on me, for days, and I didn't notice?

    Nahhhhhhhhh, don't think so. :-)

    But I am going to have to keep my eyes peeled around you, now. For sure! :-))))))))))))

  7. Beautiful photos,Vee, Blue and yellow together are two colors I am loving this year.

    What a treat to see this right outside your window.
    Once I see spring written on the calendar I begin to hold our weather man hostage. lol
    Hope you enjoyed your breakfast out with John, yesterday. I am on my way out for my breakfast date this morning, enjoy your day.

  8. Dear Vee, I hear you're looking for me :D (via Sand Flat Farm Blog)I hope that you can click on my name and get to my blog. I signed up to follow yours today, but I'm not sure how to help you get there. Hope to see you soon...

  9. You can tell I'm from south Texas....spring has sprung, and everything is green and beautiful.
    I've never ever seen sap buckets in person and never tasted sap water... sounds good though.
    Have a good week!!!

  10. Beautiful collage. Love the colors. Your header is lovely. Sorry about Blogger woes. The sap buckets are great!

  11. 'Morning, Vee! I LOVE your pics today, and most especially your lovely beautiful face! Altho I don't have to see your face to know your heart!

    Spring is definitely on my mind, too, like Dolores. We won't see any sap buckets around here. I envy you that great maple syrup. We have to import it and it's EXPENSIVE when it makes it to Texas!

    YOu're not alone - I was getting sent back to my own page, too. I hope you find Debbie - she's on my side bar if you don't get her from her comment up there. You'll love her and she'll love you, too!

    Hoping that snow will melt soon and you can get outside and enjoy the spring! We'll send you some "warmth" from Texas!

  12. Now that is something I have never seen...sap buckets hanging on trees! Most interesting. And I might just try your maple scones this year...last year I did maple oatmeal & we quite enjoyed them. That's the beauty of the world we live in...though we may not have maple syrup in our own back yard, I can find some from your backyard on my grocery shelf!

    I (almost)always do up my post in the evening and schedule it for the wee hours of the morning...when I am still sound asleep. It works out best for me...and people in your part of the world are up hours before I even think about waking. Our MGCC posts are all scheduled for 4am...PST.

  13. Wonderful post...when I lived in upstate NY our city was nicknamed the Maple City, due to all of the Maple trees. Love me some fresh maple syrup!

    The last item in my 7 item giveaway is a sap bucket!

  14. Vee dear,

    You've tickled my imagination...I would love to taste maple sap water and I've always wanted to hear that steady ping, ping, ping as the sap drips into the tin buckets. Maybe someday.

    Yippee, yes, Maine will be seeing spring soon. Think of it and smile.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  15. I love all of your Spring things, I have been looking and looking and I did see crocus in the grounds of Tower Hill. I would love to have that view of those sap buckets. When my girls were little we would visit a farm in Ontario that had them too.

    I love to post at night and then I can start to do things bright and early and not get lost in my virtual world. I have had the hardest time adding gadgets and my music has been an issue. It's funny how these things happen.

    Enjoy your day, your view and wait a minute there's a little robin outside my window...but he has a coat and hat on.


  16. I'm with the other southerners. We don't see sap buckets around here. I had real Vermont maple syrup one time when we were skiing at Mt Snow and it was the best ever! Enjoy your syrup! We'll be talking about collard greens and how they're the best after the first frost gets 'em next fall. :-)

  17. well, since it isn't the same neighbor, i won't suggest that you poke holes in the bottom of all the buckets... =o)

  18. Now that IS charming! Real maple syrup is as good as gold. I just wandered over to your blog and the description of your home was so inviting! I'd love to live in a slow paced town.

  19. I love the new pic of you too! Spring indoors is a good option. It is getting milder round here, and there is no snow, but oh, the cold! I have one of those swans....what a good idea to pop some sweets (candy) in it. Now where did I hide it......

  20. Nary a sap bucket to be found around here, so I am enjoying the sight of yours. I doubt I will ever taste maple water, but it sounds very good. I did buy fresh maple syrup in Vermont once and still have fond memories of the heavenly taste.
    Your spring mosaic is just beautiful. The spring vase is adorable.
    I am clueless as to whether my blog updates properly. I seem to do posts when the spirit moves me. I admire you gals who are so organized with your posting.

  21. I might have mentioned this before but it always comes to mind when anyone mentions sap. Long, long ago when my Dad pastored a church and I was in elementary school there was a man in our church who collected sap.

    One night he announced how frustrated he was that the neighbor dogs were making deposits into his buckets.

    Another church member, who had not been there that evening but heard about it from a family member made a statement to yet another member who had not been there either.

    This was the statement: "If you are tired of yellow sap, raise your tap." Well, you can imagine the confusion on the part of the third party. This has become a regular saying around our house....one that is good for a smile any time!! And it is a good reminder that sometimes we bring on our own troubles!

    Thanks for the memories...and I, too, am happy to see your face!


  22. I remember the maple buckets from last year.
    Hope the outside spring gets to you soon too. Nice seeing your inside spring pictures! :-)
    I haven't noticed a problem with my postings.
    I noticed your knew picture a few days ago.

  23. I love the picture of the buckets. I know it will be so good when they get it processed...m....

  24. Mmmmm, maple syrup AND pastel colored M&Ms in the same post! You're making me hungry! I don't have any trouble with my posts. But I haven't been using the blogger editor for quite some time now. I use Live Writer because it never misbehaves like blogger editor does.

  25. I remember the Maple Buckets from my sister's house in Vermont, the taste of the pure syrup is mouth watering, I can only imagine what the water taste like. I haven't had any problems with my blog posting, but being new to blogging, I don't have much in the archive area. Love your cups, beautiful, really springy. The blue inside them almost match the woman's sweater in the plate portrait next to them.

  26. Beautiful pictures, Vee!
    How wonderful to have the neighbors tapping their maples! Maple syrup is lovely.

  27. Oh my gosh...love the old fashion sap buckets too. Sure reminds me of home...New England.

    Your March looks a lot like ours, snow, snow, snow!


  28. I love your new profile photo, Vee!
    I also love to hear the maple sap is running ..it tells me nature is keeping its pace! I took all my flower and herb pots out of the garage today ..hopefully nature wakes them up!

  29. An interesting story about the maple trees in your neighborhood being tapped. I would be glued to my windows watching. How long does it take to fill a bucket, I wonder? Great photos, too. As for blogger, the only problem I've had lately is sometimes when I look at my blog, which hasn't been too often lately, the Followers Thingy has vanished. It comes back as mysteriously as it disappeared. Hope your blog problems get resolved soon. Enjoy your break!

  30. Hello My Sweet Friend

    It seems that I've been absent here for quite a while. I missed 11 posts. That's some catching up to do.

    Love that spring is blooming inside your home! The vase is so sweet, but I'm drawn to the M&M's - I could really go for some chocolate and it's only 8:35 am!

    Enjoy your break!


  31. No sap buckets around here. That's a sight I've always wanted to see - ever since reading Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy. And drinking maple water - ooh, I can just imagine the faint sweet earthiness of it. Lucky you!

    But I'm thinking the maple scones might be on the menu this weekend...

  32. Just called by and I found comments closed. Hope you are not away toooo long, have a good break.

  33. Vee, such a preeeetttty collage of loveliness!

    I was going to leave you a comment on the Mickey D's post, but couldn't sooooo I will leave it here. The green shake sounds really tempting! I may have to drive over to ours.

    Blogland is slow right now. Your thoughts are probably pretty spot on with what is going on in the world today. I have been glued to the news myself. AND busy with getting things ready for the shop and spring.

    Thinking of you today!


  34. I love your spring pictures they just make me smile. The buckets for sap, that is something I have only seen in books and would so enjoy seeing in person one day...how wonderful!

  35. This is something I have never seen before; collecting the sap, that is, other than your previous posts.

    But the shredding of papers and filing, sorting and organizing in the office, well, I've seen and done a lot of that too lately. Trust you are finding some "fun" in it all. If nothing else, there is the satisfaction that you've accomplished a necessary task!

    Blessings and "hasta la vista" - until we see you next!

  36. That must be wonderful to see the process almost in your own backyard! The syrup is running here too. I've already decided that it's Spring and have been poking around my garden looking for something green! Having the snow gone has sure helped.