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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Vintage Bathrobe~A Sweet Gift

Yes. It snowed. Four inches. Probably will be gone soon even though temps are not expected out of the 30s this week. Thank you, sun and your new angle!

This is the view from the breakfast table...love this view, just not so much on March 22.


If you read here much, you may know that I sometimes follow Mosaic Monday with a mosaic that didn't make it. I debated, but decided that a mosaic about my grandmother's bathrobe probably didn't have too much appeal. ☺

The robe was my find in the attic on Sunday morning — Nan's vintage (circa 1940) chenille bathrobe. (My mother must have put it there for I had no idea where it was and wasn't looking for it.) Yes, it's heavy, which is probably the reason for the excellent shape it's in; Nan seldom wore it. The robe was a Christmas gift from my grandfather to my grandmother way back then. I am so blessed to know the stories behind so much of what I am sorting through. What I'm discovering is that my grandfather had a way with gift-giving.

When my grandmother left her home to live with my parents, this robe came with her and hung on the back of her bedroom door where she could see it often. Even though she didn't wear it, she admired it and appreciated it. 

The only problem was that over the years the buttons were lost. They are the kind of buttons held on with what looks like a miniature hairpin. I remember the day that my mother found the buttons in an old tin being stored in a box in her attic. We all oohed and ahhed when the robe was put back together again.

I had the opportunity to remove the buttons so the robe could be laundered. I had to get out my pliers for the task. Though I was worried about laundering, I used the delicate cycle and a mild detergent. Because it is so heavy, I did dry it in the dryer with a lavender sachet from Trader Joe's. Hmmm...the robe came out so soft and smelling so heavenly. I hugged that robe for a good long while there in the basement beside the dryer.

Hope that you've enjoyed seeing this vintage bathrobe. The images should enlarge if you'd like a better look.

Thanks for stopping by and create a beautiful day...


  1. Vee,

    Wonderful story. Great mosaics. Hope the snow stops before we come back in June!!!!

  2. What a nice find! Where will you be hanging it or will you use it? I like how the buttons are all a different shape. Beautiful memory! I am afraid we are to get some of that snow you have. They are putting up winter warnings across our TV this morning! Not something I want to see!

  3. What a lovely robe. Are you going to hang it on the back of your bedroom door?

  4. I can just picture you there hugging the warm cozy robe. Such memories.
    Precious. The time and care you took would make both your Mom and Grandmother happy, I am sure.....

    Snow! Really?? I know they are calling for the possibility of some on Thursday here. I hope it changes.
    But I do have to say that your photos are still beautiful. So pretty.

    Have a great day!

  5. Oh Vee it's beautiful and the memories make it such a treasure. There's just something about chenille isn't there? The twin beds in my bedroom had soft yellow chenille bedspreads and I often have wished I had one to make a bathrobe out of.
    I'm so happy you found such a sweet piece!!

    Big chenille hugs, Sherry

  6. I love those 'chenille' robes. I wish I'd bought a lot of them when they weren't a jillion dollars for one of them now.

  7. What a wonderful keepsake. When my mother died a few years ago my sister and I each chose something from her clothes that we wanted to keep. I chose my mother's robe and my sister kept one of her favorite blouses. I still cuddle up in the robe and think of my mother each time I do.

  8. I've never seen such a nice robe, and chenille too! It has a sweet feminine cut to the shoulders and the collar that isn't seen often. But Vee, is that a snake on the front? What an unusual decoration. It looks Japanese. Did he purchase that overseas while in the service or something?

  9. Looks like today would be a fantastic day to wear that robe! It must feel like having your grandma and grandpa's arms wrapped around you while you're wearing it! Snuggle into it and enjoy your day!

  10. Debbie, no it is American made. Such motifs abound in that era. My grandmother also has a number of salamander, lizard style pins encrusted with rhinestones. Interestingly enough, we don't think of it as a "snake" though it certainly does look like one. We think of it as a dragon as she did. ☺

  11. Oh yes, a chinelle bathrobe is a heavy bathrobe. Warm and snuggly though. Plus, it's full length. I can see why she loved and appreciated it, but didn't "wear it out." :-)

    "...my grandfather had a way with gift-giving."

    Ohhh, now there is a potent blog entry topic! :-) I'm sure we all would love to hear more about this subject. And it sounds very sweet too... No controversy, attached to this one. :-)

    Yes, we too got snow. Followed by rain. Rain! I can not understand how we can still have snow cover!. Less than before yes. But-not-gone. -pout-

    ♥ Gentle hugs ♥

  12. Your grandmother's robe! What a treasure. And the pictures in my mind of your finding it and then standing by the dryer and snuggling your face into that sweet fabric which once was owned and cherished by your grandmother! That's quite a story. Your bits of nostalgia from the past create a warmth Vee that is hard to find in today's world. Your life is more rare and beautiful than you perhaps know! Love ya girl!

  13. Chenille is so cozy and warm in itself, and with the added warmth of memories such as you've shared, it's truly a piece to wrap around yourself.
    Those buttons are gorgeous!

    I grew up in northern BC where we always hoped summer would occur on a weekend, so I can sympathize with the dichotomy between the beauty of snow and just wishing it were gone!

  14. omg...i would have worn holes in that robe by now...i love fluffy bath robes. of course i would roast if i wore it today...85 degrees here in n.c. (sorry, i know that must of hurt =o)

  15. Forgive me Vee, but I just had to have a good cry through this post, not for sadness but for the wonderful gift God has given us for being able to remember and cherish our wonderful memories.

    I was thinking perhaps your Nan, kept it hanging there to remember the one who gave it to her. And now you have it to admire, and remember precious memories,of your dear Nan, and Your mother as well. I think of you so often, and of this past year.

    The robe is beautiful , just like you are, I always leave here so uplifted. You are such a blessing!!
    Beautiful view, too, hang on, I am sending warm weather your way.

  16. What a great robe and story behind it! We have gotten snow as late as April 15 but it doesn't stay long!

    Carolina Mts

  17. What a wonderful found treasure! The robe is beautiful and looks so soft and warm. You can wrap yourself in the robe and think of your dear grandmother's love enveloping you. Neat!

  18. What a sweet post today, Vee. You took the chill out of that snowy day when you so lovingly laundered your Nan's robe and then hugged it while it was warm. I am reminded once again of what a loving daughter/granddaughter you are. I feel sure that your Mom & Nan are smiling right about now.

  19. I loved this story Vee! It's simply wonderful! I wonder if you are going to wear the bathrobe? I remember after my grandmother had a stroke and was in the hospital she asked me to take her "Eddy's" card and go buy her a new bathrobe. I don't remember what color or style it was but do remember the flowers on the black background of the wrapper she thought was too old to be seen in. I'd love to have that wrapper!

  20. If I had been gifted with a robe like that you would rarely see me garbed in anything else!

    We've been having snow off and on since Saturday, but in between the falls it warms up and and the snow is gone in a trice. Rather fun actually.

  21. I started saying to myself, "How beautiful" before I even got the story, then it became even more beautiful...what a treasure!

  22. Oh, I just can't imagine having snow now.
    The robe is so nice and warm and cozy looking. Good for those snowy days you are still having.
    It is so nice that you have great memories to go with the robe.

  23. What a lovely posting!! I remember robes such as this one. Imagine - not a bit of "plastic" in it... real.

  24. It is beautiful Vee - I really hope you wear it and snuggle into the softness as you remember times gone by and your Grandmother.

    You must be sick of the snow by now. It was positively springlike here today. I started planting seeds in the garden. I now look like the hunchback of Notre Dame.

  25. What a treasure..really..beautiful robe, beautiful story and beautiful "rememberies"..Love it!

  26. I love this sweet and tender story....and how wonderful that you've kept this beautiful robe in such good shape all these years.

    I can't imagine snow.... it's 81 degrees here right now.

    I love the picture of your kitty on the side bar....

  27. Vee,
    The lines and cut of this robe are lovely. The details of the buttons and dragon are beautiful.
    I would be snuggling in this robe about now.
    What a precious treasure!

  28. Stunning, Vee absolutely stunning!

    And a lovely story!

    Btw, we are getting 8-10 cm tonight!

    Lisa xo

  29. I don't miss the snow one bit. You do have such a beautiful view from your breakfast table. I agree, not with four inches of snow two days after Spring. I remember the thick Chennile robes. I haven't seen one in ages. You are truly blessed to have family artifact stories, pieces of a family puzzle that fit together. I shall look for the lavender sachets next time I'm in Trader Joes, I love that smell too.

  30. It was a very exciting day at my house today!

    I was going to comment many times on this wonderful post and kept getting interrupted. Your grandmother's bathrobe is so luxurious..a true heirloom!

    Come over and read my good news!

  31. A lovely post with a sweet story and memories linked to a dear grandmother! Those are very special and unique buttons.

  32. Vee,
    What a gorgeous robe, I love the way chenille feels, and this rob looks dreamy. The buttons are perfect with that dragon. Dragons are very good luck. What a treasure.


  33. How fantastic to have such a beautiful family item...love the button story!

  34. What a beautiful chenille robe! Perfect for taking the chill out of your 'spring weather'. Great story behind it too.

  35. Beautiful Mosaic! the robe is soo majestic n elegant!

  36. I have returned to look at this bathrobe again. I love the detail and it would be hard to find buttons like those now. Where are you going to place it? What a wonderful treasure to find at this time ~ a reminder that they're with you. It can't be a coincidence ~ at least I don't think so!


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