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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Gathering of Spring Garland Ideas

For days now, I've been adding to my little pile of five petal posies. I found the yarn in my mother's stash and decided to make a spring garland. I was great company every evening as I sat with John ... double crochet, double crochet, double crochet, one, two, three... It's been years since I picked up the crochet hook. I found help on this video from Little Birdie Secrets. I went with five petals and also linked to a seven petal flower because it's so cute. For the chain, I used the information at Sarahndipities.

When it was done, I had no idea where to put it. Crazy! So I just piled it on top of my banner at the window. When and if the light improves, I'll pop in a better photo.

Now for some fun! I have gathered another list; this time spring garlands. They are so adorable. I want to make them all.

* From Our Lovely Nest comes a garland using old fabric scraps. It's very cute and no money involved. Gotta love that!

* Harujion Design provides this crocheted garland...very pretty flower done in all different colors and using a unique pattern based on Japanese pattern directions. I love it. Maybe I'll work up to it.

* This garland is made from yo-yos. Very colorful and B.Y.O.V. (Bring Your Own Vegetables) features her creation on a tree branch. Hmmm...I have tree branches.

* Oh this is adorable...have a little girl in your life? This is the garland for her: A Paper Dress Garland from Debbie Hodge.com. Oh darling, darling, darling is all I have to say about this one. It looks like so much fun that I have to find a little girl somewhere.

* Most suitable for Easter is this Paper Flower and Egg garland made from scrapping paper. Delightful and it doesn't look at all difficult. Okay, I may have to make this one, too.

* I'm always happy to feature anything going on at The Purl Bee where I found this Party Garland made from scraps of material. I can see it floating happily above a summer kitchen. It's cheerful, light, and bright.

* A Glimpse Inside offers a flower garland made from cardboard tubes. (I've been saving some ever since Suzanne showed me a bird project made from cardboard tubes, which I can not find at this moment.) So, yes, I could do this!

* Speaking of which, though it's not a garland, Suzanne gave excellent directions for an Easter Banner project that you or an older child might enjoy doing for the holiday. There's still time!

If you decide to do a spring garland...ohhh, I think a spring garland could wrap right around a spring wreath...let me know. I'd love to see what you create.

(In other news, the last coat of poly is on the table and we just have to give it a day to dry well. I'll be updating for you tomorrow.)

A wonderful Tuesday to you...


  1. All of the garlands are wonderful! Speaking of wreaths, I need to get one on my door and plant some flowers in the urns soon....

  2. Darling garland! I love the tiny flowers, maybe someday I will learn to crochet. Thank you for all the wonderful links to explore. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Your petal posies and garland are so cute. Thanks for these sites, maybe I can get motivated to pick my crochet needles back up. It has been years.
    Enjoy your day.

  4. Hi Vee!

    What a cute idea! I love your garland, it reminds me that Spring will get here eventually! Thank you for linking to these fun sites - I love finding fun blogs that keep my creative juices running!


  5. It is so chilly today I feel I should be making snowflakes and not flowers ...brrr

    Your crochet flowers look pretty and make a cute banner, Vee!

    My favorite banner was the one made with yo-yo's. When I was a child I remember making hundreds of yo yo's one summer and then sewing them together to make a doll quilt. I think it was the most sewing I ever did by hand.
    I'd love to try that again someday and make a bed throw out of them, I just have to find a good supply of material scraps.

  6. Ohhhh you are a *busy beeeeeeeeeee*! :-) Crocheting, haven't done that in years and years. I'd not even know where to begin. :-) I know. With one of the tutorials, you link to. :-)

    Awwwwwwww, that Paper Doll Dresses Garland. I hope you find a little girl to make one for. In the meantime, why can't you make one, for yourself? :-) Or for your Daughter?

    As to my lack of creativity.... Well, I did change my "blog look" again this morning! Gotta' claim something. ,-)))))))

  7. Ohhh..those are lovely. My dd is teaching herself crochet, I'll have to show her your post today. I love garlands and your list is very inspiring, makes me want to drop everything I'm doing and make some!

  8. Cute garland. I made a white and yellow baby afghan from individual flowers like that...a very long time ago (for my first-born). These days...I am crocheting a pink baby afghan while I keep hubby company in the evenings.

    (And the paper doll dress garland is adorable!)

  9. So many pretty garlands. I'm really drawn to the paper dress one - I think sweet grandbaby might NEED one soon.

  10. Beautiful garland Vee and thank you for all the links...we might have to make ourselves a garland for our home!


    PS- Yes, I took a bit of a break, but I am back now! :)

  11. what a sweet garland and lovely layering.

    "they will be a garland to grace your head . . ."
    proverbs 1:9

  12. I love your garland! It is sweet and substantial at the same time --- in a very delicate way, of course. You are inspiring me!

    I will be back to view the links to the other garland ideas you have posted as well.

    Enjoy a delightful day!

  13. That is so gorgeous. I LOVE it!!! xo Terri

  14. Oh your crocheted garland is so cute. I love it.
    You would have been a big hit this morning at my knitting/crocheting group. : )

  15. I love your little crocheted flowers all merrily in a row. So dainty and sweet.

  16. I **love** you spring flowers but I must admit..I skimmed through the rest of the post for later when I'm not {ahem} working! Love that you found then used the yarn..you are a sweetie!

  17. Visiting your blog is like sitting with a dear friend.

    It's truly a comforting place to visit.


  18. Love the garlands! The little flowers are so sweet.

    Thanks for sharing the links..... I'm getting started at crocheting again..... I can use some help.

  19. Your crochet garland looks cute! Never could figure out how to crochet! I've made several yo-yo garlands and given them all away. Sometime, I need to make one for me, LOL!

  20. I haven't crochet those in years...well decades. My grandmother taught me how and I remember having them in every color, oh my memories. Now I will have to check out all your ideas and get creative.

  21. Another creative post Vee. I always enjoy your posts and thought I was a follower but just checked and have officially now become a follower. Hope that spring will be surrounding your home very soon!

  22. I to am onboard with the garlands, just lovely. I'm not sure if I dare try my hand at actually making any. Lets just say I have the Midas touch and it isn't gold. Although when I visit Craft Fairs, they see me coming with a big smile. Sending you warm wishes for spring.

  23. Your crocheted garland is adorable. I could never do that. Once, a long time back,my sister in law taught me to do the granny squares and I made a few afghans but nothing to write home about. :))
    I went over to look at the banner at the Farmers Wife...that is the cutest thing. I THINK Deeds (9 yr old grandgirl) and I might be able to do it. Will try.

  24. Very fun. I will have to pull out my crochet hook and give these a whirl. I think I could. Sweet little craft Vee.

  25. Beautiful spring garland Vee, and spring is so welcome now. Thank you for always dropping by Margie's Crafts blog and leaving your lovely comments, I love to read them. Big hugs, Margie.

  26. Hi Vee,
    So pretty! I really love your crochet. Its a fun take a long project and I'm always looking for something that's small enough to fit into my travel bag.
    Your table is beautiful and the perfect size.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  27. Omigosh, I love the garland ideas, especially the crocheted one. You know me and crochet are best friends.


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