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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Gorgeous Day Above

Mt. Washington far far away...60 miles away...and zoomed up close

You do know why I refer to the weather in terms of above and below, right? I've referred to it so often. It comes from E.B.White who differentiated between the two. It can be a perfectly rotten day below...snow and mud, but a delightful one above.

It was a gorgeous day above yesterday when my daughter and I headed for Portland to shop at Michael's, The Christmas Tree Shop, and the new Goodwill. We found bargains at the first two and zip, nada, no bargains at the third. I can't imagine why...

(Darling Daughter is feeling ever so much better after that rough patch and will be finding out this week if there's anything she can do to avoid troubles in the future...a special diet or medication or closer monitoring. Something I hope! Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes.)

OOps! Published too soon and I'm not going to fix it. Darn. Someday I'll learn the difference between am and pm.


  1. Tee, hee, heeeeeee... Caught-cha'


  2. Haven't even posted yet today... Just playing with my blog look... Popped into my Google Reader, to see who has new posts... 2 came up here! I HAD to peek. :-)

    Glad you both had a day out and especially glad that Daughter is feeling like having a day out!!!!!!!!

    Lovely weather "up" over there, as well as here.

    Mosaic of tulips is a masterpiece! I mean it! It is almost pale and just soooooo lovely!!!!!! Yummy!

    There, I've done-my-duty here. ,-) And can go have breakfast now. Mmmmmmmm, too late I know, for breakfast.

    But playing with my blog look, had me in its clutches this AM.


  3. Pretty "above" photos! We had had 3 solid days of rain so it is not pretty above or below right now!

  4. So good to hear that your daughter is better.
    It's hard to get much better than shopping with a daughter. I love to shop at Michael's......

  5. I was excited for a minute ..since we have a Mt Washington on the Island here. We also have a Portalnd just aross the line. . .but I imagine your Portland has another state named after it.
    Glad your daughter is feeling better and I hope her rough patch does not return.

  6. Im so glad your daughter is feeling better, Vee!

    I'll never forget driving up Mt.
    Washington ..or should I say the drive down, where we had to stop every few miles to let our brakes cool off! It was worth it for the view!

    I like Christmas Tree Shops..and always find something of interest in them ..especially my weakness..books!

  7. I actually think Goodwill charges too much for somebody else's stuff but I suppose they've got their bills to meet, too. I found a bunch of old Readers Digests once in there and they wanted five dollars for each of them. I offered five dollars for the ten of them but they wouldn't play ball. Contrary to opinion, Goodwill is not an antique store. :)

  8. Glad to hear your daughter is on the mend. I'm sure good weather 'above' and and shopping trip with mom were just what she needed!

    We don't have any Goodwill stores in our area...just many independent thrift stores.

  9. I like this above below terms! what beautiful above photos.
    I am really jealous of your new Goodwill building. When I look at ours from the outside, I am almost afraid to go inside, and truth be known the inside is just as bad.

    So glad that daughter is doing better.
    Enjoy your day.

  10. Such a pretty blue sky.
    Glad to hear your daughter is feeling so much better. How nice that you got to spend some time together.

  11. i was just reading someone's blog yesterday where she was lamenting about the high prices lately at Goodwill.
    I hope that's not a trend!
    Yes is was glorious above yesterday, yes indeed.

  12. I was totally discombobulated and had to look up Mt Washington because what with the reference to Portland, I thought you had dashed across the country.
    I am sorted. I know where you are now and all is good.

    I have been a dreadful friend, and forgot to ask re your dear daughter, but I have been praying for her, and am delighted to hear she is doing well. Now that the concerts are over and the auctioneers..... enough. I will be a better friend. I promise!

  13. A beautiful BLUE day! Spring is near!!!

    I'm glad your darling daughter is feeling a little bit better. I hope she is 100% soon.

    Enjoy your day!

  14. So glad to hear that your daughter is feeling better and that you could spend time together doing something fun. I do hope this will be the last of her kidney stone problems.
    I often think of above and below when I'm in an airplane above the clouds. The rain may be falling down below, but up there the sun is shining.
    Happy Monday.

  15. I love the differentiation between a good day above or below. :) We hare having a good day in both zones today!

  16. Gorgeous photos of "above". It's my turn to be jealous of your weather as we are soggy and wet with no end in sight!

    Praying that your daughter finds a solution to her problems. It always makes things worse when you aren't sure of the problem.

    Have a wonderful week!

  17. Vee:

    I love the pictures! My sister lives in Portland, so that part of the US is home to me too.

    As to Goodwill, I've only stopped in once in Dallas and there was NOTHING, I thought maybe an antique would sneak in there... Nope!

    Trust your daughter is doing much better.

  18. What a gorgeous view you have "above" especially 60 miles away! Happy to hear your daughter is on the mend. I hope they can recommnend something to end her cycle of stones, they are painful. Did John ever lacquer (polyurethane) the white table, how did it turn out?

  19. Mount Washington is just an hour's drive from here and I wondered, for a brief moment, if you were on vacation in our neck of the woods. However, I soon realized that there is more than one Mt. Washington, and indeed, more than one Portland.
    Glad to hear you had a fun day with your daughter and that she is feeling so much better.

  20. I have just recently found your blog, so I thought I would say hello.

    We don't have Goodwill stores here in England, just Charity Shops but I have noticed that since the economic downturn here, their prices are going up too.

  21. I like the above/below..sort of like the the JoDee Mesina song:
    "I'm above the below and below the upper.."
    Love the photos..keeping you all in our thoughts!

  22. Beautiful pictures above! And look at that Goodwill! Nothing like our little dumpy hole in the wall of one here. I'd sure shop in yours.

  23. Well, we have several new Goodwill stores popping up in our area and surrounding towns--very nice like the one in your photo. I was dismayed to find the prices somewhat inflated; I am guessing they are raising prices to pay increased rent. It appears that the poor economy has caused more people to shop at thrift stores and these shops have responded by expanding and then inflating their prices to compensate. Hmmm---I walked out without buying a thing.

    Glad to hear your daughter is better and pray they get to the reason for her problems. My eldest daughter continues to battle chronic health issues. May the Lord bless them both and strengthen and heal them.


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