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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Test

The maple sap was collected this afternoon...

Picture will enlarge

In addition to the old-fashioned maple syrup buckets, there's a new collection system with a big tank on the back of the pick-up. Trees are tapped all over town as this producer has asked permission to tap the trees of many homeowners. It's labor intensive on his part because most large operations have systems that don't even require collecting. The sap comes to the sugar house via tubing. Nevertheless, I'm glad to see someone doing it the old-fashioned way.


In other news, John and I went to Mickey D's tonight for a shamrock shake. We went to our usual haunt and found it closed. C L O S E D for good for renovations. We then went to a second one and it was also closed. I find this shocking. These establishments have been there since I began dating right after the Civil War.  Finally, we found one new Mc*Donalds and John had his shake and is good to go for another year. (He really is a strawberry shake kinda guy.) I decided against one at the last minute sticking with diet coke.


My cactus isn't confused anymore now that I've decided that it's an Easter cactus; it's blooming sort of on schedule if Easter weren't going to be so late this year.


Blogdom seems to have slowed significantly since a few weeks ago. I think our minds are all on Japan or Libya or Egypt or Israel or our own pocketbooks or all of the above. I'm going to take a wee break...a few days or more perhaps. The annoyance of this blog not updating has taken its toll and when one is stewing about a blog, there's simply not enough to stew about. You can find me in the sewing room shredding paperwork. Piles and piles and piles of paperwork. Ugh.

Until next time...

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Edited to Add: And just to make a liar out of me, it updates instantly for the first time in a week. Terrific! No, really, that's terrific.