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Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Can Do That...

do you ever feel that way when watching a decorating or cooking show? While I sometimes enjoy T*he N*ate B*erkus S*how, I don't often get the sense that I could do or would want to do the things featured. That all changed when I saw M*andi G*ubler on the "H*ouse P*roud" segment of N*ate's show this past week.

(Tip: If you don't enjoy all things old and crumbling, this would be a good time to skedaddle. ☺)

Specifically, I like what Mandi does with old mirrors. You can take a look *here.*

I have an *old mirror purchased dirt cheap years ago that was already significantly etched. The frame was painted using some technique that I had seen on a L*ynnette J*ennings' show (this is really dating me) where a piece is painted with whatever color and allowed to dry. Step two is adding another coat in a complementary color painted in small sections. A lot of the paint in that second color is lifted back off while still wet by using an old, scrunched-up plastic shopping bag. I'd like to do this again with a flat paint instead of the semi-gloss I used.

This paper was recently purchased at the dollar store and several of you told me that you had purchased some as well when I featured it back along. (I was planning to paper the inside of my china cupboard; it turned out to be way too busy.) I think it's really nice using it as the backing of this old etched mirror. In fact, this project exceeded my expectations.

Have you ever tried to photograph a mirror? Good heavens! I finally had to ask for advice by Googling and discovered that laying the mirror on the floor below a white ceiling is best. I'd have to agree. Still the first photo with the reflections of the windows and my old Sessions clock suits me fine if I weren't trying to show the details.

on the shelf above my desk

So tell me about something you decided to try as the result of watching a program. Did it turn out well? 

*Old mirrors are not the best for this project because they contain mercury and you don't want to disturb their backings. Lucky for me, my mirror was already mighty disturbed.


  1. Oh my goodness...back in the day when we had all of the home makeover channels Warren would cringe when I watched them. He always knew it would launch us (me first, him dragged in) into a project! I just had to chuckle at that memory. Now it is blogland that has taken up that inspirational role for me and he is none the wiser.....

  2. Oh my gosh! I try to catch Nate often but I missed that one. I LOVED it. And I'd love to see her house. Hmmmmmmm......next time I'm in St. George.........:)

    And I have the perfect mirror to do that to hanging just inside my front door. I'd need help. I'm not good at all with stuff like that.

  3. How interesting...I had to giggle on Lynnette Jennings, she was the first decorator I watched when my first four were little, it was my special time each day to go into my room and watch her show! That memory is so strong in my head.

    I have been inspired and tried a lot of things, usually I have my own twist on them, but I have so enjoyed being inspired then cooking, painting, sewing etc that comes from the inspiration. Blogging is now doing a lot of inspiring.

    Enjoyed and you enjoy your the fruit of your creativity.

  4. Vee, it looks attractive and I have just the place for it! I hate to do anything that makes me feel stupid, but a few years ago my daughter inspired me to start 'making' things. Sometimes they turn out, sometimes not; but I have a lot of fun and it keeps me out of trouble. After seeing your project I think I'll start showing you some of mine. THanks for the tip on photographing mirrors; wonder if it would work for pictures with glass on them!

  5. I love the way your mirror turned out! I get inspired by decorating shows, magazines, books and blogs. I even get inspired by catalogs. Sometimes my project works out, sometimes not...

  6. I love your old mirror! I have a couple like that plus two on the back of some doors in our old house that are etched.

  7. Love your mirror project. Back in the day before HGTV, I got a lot of ideas for projects out of magazines. I needed storage and end tables both when hubby and I moved from a furnished trailer to an apartment. I saw these burlap covered chests with lids and we got the materials, hubby cut the plywood and put the pieces together. I covered them with burlap and put the gold metal corner thingies and a latch on and...voila! They were placed at each end of the sofa and turned out very attractive and functional as extra storage space for blankets, etc. We used them many years. I remember Lynette Jennings show well, one of my favorites. Miss the old shows HGTV used to have.

  8. I now get inspiration from blogs like yours, :)

  9. I've been wondering what to put on one of my bathroom walls and after watching the segment on the NB Show I now know what to do with it. Mirrors!! Thanks for the idea.

  10. Just now getting caught up with your last few posts and was sorry to hear about your daughter's trip to the ER and kidney stones. I have heard that they are very painful. Glad to hear that she is now getting some relief.
    Your dining room table is looking great. Isn't it interesting how fellow bloggers inspire us and sometimes give us a nudge when needed.
    I love what you have done with your mirror. NB comes on at a strange time here and I never think to turn it on. I did, however, always watch Lynette Jennings. Loved her shows and still can't believe how long ago that was.

  11. There are so many projects on my to do list because I said "I can do that!" :) Love your mirror!

  12. The mirror looks like a wonderul antique now..nice job! I think I'm more inspired by magazines and blogs than TV design shows.

  13. Great job on the mirror...and on figuring out how to photograph a mirror.

    I can't think of anything I have been inspired to re-create after seeing it done on TV (don't watch much). But I have undertaken umpteen projects where the inspiration came from someone's blog. I've made hot pads, aprons, totes, and (most recently) maternity jeans for someone near & dear. I've knit afghans, bought water painting supplies (still un-used), and split scarves as a result of seeing what my blogging friends were up to. Not to mention all the recipes we have enjoyed that originated in some other blogland kitchen. My favorite decor and food shows are right here in blogdom!

  14. What a clever idea! It turned out beautifully!

  15. I love to watch Nate (he's sooooo cute!) and... lots of clever ideas.
    I also love HGTV.....

    I haven't been very creative lately, but I sure love looking and reading blogs and getting ideas.

    Your mirror turned out great!

  16. Vee,
    Glad to hear your daughter is feeling better...I am catching up.
    I appreciated your letter to Ann about "that book". Wise words you wrote.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. I remember Lynette Jennings too, and learned a lot from her, but that was so long ago, I think I have forgot everything she taught me.lol
    Thanks for the tip on photographing the mirror. You have been a busy bee the week. I on the other hand have done almost Zero. Oh! Well,there is next week! Ho hum.
    Hope daughter is doing well!

  18. Cool Beans Vee! I caught that segment too, love how yours turned out. Yikes are we dated because we watched LJ? Loved her show.


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