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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where's Your Camera Manual?

Do you know where your camera manual is? If you do, go get it. I'll wait.

You know the book I said I was going to be reading yesterday? Well, at some point, once again, I would've read the telephone book rather than to read that book. As it turned out, I read my camera manual; I learned something interesting; Yes, I'll share.

Did you know that you must reformat the memory card every so often? Let me repeat that. If you notice that the quality of your photos is going downhill (and you've not been drinking extra coffee or anything), it may be time to reformat your memory card. Formatting mine is done via the menu and then the tools option. I don't know where you'll find yours, but try looking under "troubleshooting." That's where I found my reference.

Wish that this photo proved that it works. Nope. I've now determined that, after two years, I need to replace the memory card. It's worked its little self to a frazzle. Or maybe I need a new camera... One last helpful tip: if you ever get the camera so messed up that you can't imagine what gremlins have taken it over, remember that most cameras have a "system restore" option. You can see that I put mine on speed dial.

Oh, about that book. I am going to finish it and, yes, I am going to critique it. Even though the reading of it is proving difficult, I can honestly recommend that you read it, too.

Have a great weekend...


  1. Thanks for your tips again, your research and learning are really helping me out. I told my son I needed to read my manual on my point and shot camera. There are more bells and whistles than I know how to use. Thanks I will check this out.

  2. i am all for you reading your manual and
    passing the lessons onto us! hee hee.

    seriously, i have NO idea where my
    manual is!

  3. Mine came in German. So it is a bit of a trial to read and know I am doing the right thing. Yes, I can read the German, but to trust my knowledge enough to alter settings?? Hmmmm. Not sure about that!

  4. I am definitely going to look into reformatting my memory card - I think my photos have deteriorated and I can't figure out why. And I never thought a card would wear out.

    I don't know where my manual is, but I looked it up online and found one. So I read it there.

    I'm interested to hear your critique of the book - not having read it yet myself.

  5. Geesh, you want me to find my camera manual? But I don't know where it is! Read it? Pshaw! It's on my to-do list, LOL! I'll just keep taking pictures in the meantime.

    Yes, one should reformat their cards on a regular basis. Move the pics over to your computer, then pop the little card back in the camera and reformat it. (AFTER checking that you copies over the pics OK first!) Once you make it a habit, it's no big deal.

    And yes, digital cards can go bad. They are no different that hard drives, which crash and burn every couple of years. So far, I've never had one go bad or fail (though one one retrieved from hubby's jeans in a hotel washer). It pays to have more than one card. Me? I have about a dozen cards, most of them 16GB or 8GB each. I can fill up those puppies in a hurry on a trip!

    Did you know that there are different class ratings of cards? Yes, ma'am. The most durable (and costly) are class 10. These usually have a lifetime warranty. The cheap digital cards that you get for little $s at mass-market places are usually class 2. What do I have? My inventory includes class 4 and class 6. I'd love for them to be class 10, but I'm not going to invest $1000+ in my digital card inventory!

    And while I am writing a dissertation on digital cards, I might as well tell you where I buy my cards: B&H Photo on the web (out of NY). May of their cards have free shipping. B&H prices are superb every day of the week. Service is impeccible. Lexar & SanDisk are the brands we buy.

  6. Phew. I just bought a SanDisk. I was getting worried there for a minute.

  7. Thanks for the advice..... I've never thought of the memory card getting old or needing 'fixing'...

    I can guarantee that I will not be reading my camera book..... it messes up my little brain and makes me feel dumb.

  8. My manual has been sitting on the desk for months. I brought it out to look up something, but found the instructions rather confusing and there it sits.
    I learn a lot more from helpful bloggers like you. I had no idea about re-formatting memory cards. I may have to see if I can find that in the manual. Wish me luck.

  9. Funny that you should mention cameras on a day like today! I dropped my camera into a pot of "picante de pollo" I was cooking yesterday and wanted to blog about today. Sigh. No manuals will bring this one back I'm afraid. I'm too clumsy to handle a camera and stir a pot!

  10. I now see that I need to get my manual out read and study it, as I have never read it. Thanks for the tips, I am so lazy when it comes to reading any manual, for one reason they are written where I find it hard so to understand. lol
    I am looking forward to the review.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Being an engineer, I always read the manual! But I am paralyzed in the new car as I haven't read it yet, and things are all so complicated.

    I figured out the lamp-harp problem. I had a clear glass bulb in it. When I put a regular opaque bulb in, it softened the light and the line went away! Ta da!

    Thanks for checking though - you got me thinking...

    xo Terri

  12. I'm skipping over the camera manual conversation to comment on the book. I have a confession. I'm not finished. It is so intense and some of the writing difficult to absorb at first. I can't wait to hear your critique. I'm going to make it a priority to plow through so I'm ready with a comment when the time comes.


  13. You just made me smile....This book must be a doozy. You can't stand to read it but you will finish it. Hmmmm.....Can't wait to read the critique.

  14. I try talking to my camera... ha fat chance that works. The manual scares me... I think it is a foreign language for sure. But I keep trying. Thanks for the tips and Chester Jr. says he will consider letting me sleep an extra 15 minutes... Sharon

  15. thanks you for the lowfat orange julius
    recipe. yum!

  16. I am an evacuation phobic person; having lived through that scary scene three time I know what can go with you might be limited to what one can carry. For that reason I fill up chips and store them rather than download and clear them. No way the computer could go with me, the chips definitely could. And even with backed up computers, well, I know my chips still hold my pictures if back up fail. I buy quality sandisk, still cheaper than film and processing costs.
    My camera manual stays in the camera case because my brain can not remember new tricks until I've tried them a few times. DSLR cameras are mind boggling.

  17. What a Subject Line you put on this entry! Yikes... Are you trying to drive your Dear Readers away?!? -giggles-

    But I'm soooooooo *proud* of myself! 'Cause I clicked on it. And I even read it! Even though words like *manual* of anything, are NO-NO-words to me.

    Actually, I read your post, but did not go to read my cam manual. ,-) Come on! How maaaaaaaaahvelous do you expect me to be, all in one day?!? ,-)

    As to that book........... The least said by me, the better, I know. >,-))))))))))) [I know, I didn't read it, but I used all the reviews-stuff on Amazon, and got a pretty good picture of it.]

    Gentle hugs...

  18. The camera manual? Knowing how gung-ho I am to just jump in because "I already know it all" it's probably still in the box that my camera came in. Now you have me all curious and I am going to have to pull it out and read it. There is obviously a lot that I do not know! HA!

    Have a great weekend!

  19. Vee,

    Took a minute to go over to Donna's blog and became a follower. I will reformat SanDisk today. Now I need to check out the book.

    I read on a Kindle for several reasons but the main one is arthritis in my handsm - makes it hard to hold hardcovers. I use Amazon all the time - saves money and time.


  20. Haha! You're nuts Vee and I love that about you! You're my kinda people.
    I'm off to look for my camera manual.


  21. I'm going to dig my manual out and actually read it. Thanks!!

  22. I never knew that about memory cards! Thanks for the info. I hate reading manuals :)

  23. My husband reads EVERY manual! I speed read but I'm not sure that is the way to retain info! lol Hugs to you, sweet Vee! You always say the sweetest things when you visit me. You are a delightful friend! ♥

  24. I couldn't find where to leave a comment on your most recent...of course, remember, I am olden and often..OFTEN...can't find things.
    ANYway, just want to say you always know the right things to say to make us feel good.:)
    Thanks for coming by today.
    Hope u'r week is a really good one.

  25. I didn't know this Vee! Good tip! I know I should read my camers manual more carefully but I always find something more alluring that I want to read instead. :)


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