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Friday, March 18, 2011

A Gathering of Spring Wreath Ideas

Okay, so how long was that before I caved in and had to return? I'll tell you — long enough for me to clean the house, get a few fires under control, and to settle down and realize, yet again, that blogging is what it is and I should not fret the small stuff. As they say, "it's all small stuff."

My mission over the past few weeks has been to find some sweet spring wreaths around Blogdom. This from the gal who still has a snowflake on her front door.

I offer my own spring wreath from Christmastime. I've dressed it up for spring (probably more like summer) with a few cabbage roses and a ratty old homemade ribbon ripped from painter's cloth.

Here is a wonderful list of spring wreaths. The good news is that there are many more. A simple search will yield one that's just right for your home.

New Grass and Daisies Spring Wreath This one is so cool and easy. I've got mine well begun. It's going on the front door.

Whimsical Spring Wreath It may be described as whimsical, but I find it elegant. I want one of those moss flowers!

Coffee Filters and Dye Wreath Very Easter! Your dye choices are going to make or break this one.

Curtsy to Spring Sweet little bird and leaf pattern on a grapevine wreath make this one of my favorites. Love it!

Eclectic Flower Bouquet Wreath Now this one! Ahhhh, this is the one that I want for my china cupboard. So darling ... I am oohing and ahhing all over the place. Do check it out!

Square Wreath This is way cool. I love a square wreath. I think it's beyond my abilities, but I do love the look.

Spring Wreath Using Paper Flowers Sooo cute, I had to add it.

The Eclectic Flower Bouquet Wreath truly sparked my imagination. I looked at it, analyzed it, and walked away from it to do my own thing.

I knew that I didn't want to purchase anything for this wreath so I had to go on a treasure hunt in my own home. 

This was what I found in the garage. A Christmasy wreath that had seen better days. The ribbon was faded to rust so I just took it all apart saving what I could. The cornhusk (?) wreath itself was what I wanted. It seemed in pretty good shape. I did spray it with Lysol. You know me... ☺

Although my tutor suggested cutting linen on a bias for wrapping, I didn't bother. I simply ripped strips of painter's cloth, wrapped the wreath foundation, and pinned with simple sewing pins. It worked like a charm.

The next idea came from Lorrie at Fabric, Paper, Thread. She has a picture of her tutorials on her sidebar. I'm sure you can tell the one that influenced me.

Again, the doilies were simply pinned on with straight pins. I called it good enough and it was easy, easy, easy.

Then a few silk flowers were added to the side using pins...

And a ratty painter's cloth strip as a tie on top.

That's it!
The End.

No, it's never "the end" with me. I just keep on going and going. The most difficult part of this was adding a cup hook to the inside top of my cupboard to hang the wreath from. Last night, my daughter was visiting and I showed her my project. She was typically quiet. I should have left well enough alone; instead, I asked her what she thought. Her response was, "I don't know what to think about that."

So, please, if you don't know what to think about that, just check the links for the other wonderful wreaths. There is always so much to choose from in Blogdom.

Have a very pleasant day...


  1. I think it's lovely Vee and I'm still going to check out the others as well. Have a Wonderful Day!

  2. Don't do spring wreaths over here, just Christmas ones for some.

  3. A "S-P-R-I-N-G" wreath!!! -chuckle- What will they think of next?

    Glad you are doing these projects. I'd like to, but I never do. So, guess it's best to leave well enough alone. Not visit your links. Not make myself feel any more *unproductive.* -grin-

    Plus, I'm back to fighting off another rotten cold. That's ALL I have time for doing, actually.

    Gentle hugs...

  4. Yes you are right, my [posted] today's View, is new for me.

    But I hope it will prove wise. Especially now...

    When one already feels rottttttttttten, it does no good to be wallowing around in this and that form of grumpiness and nasty thoughts. :-) "Little Mary Sunshine" I'm not, now do I hope to be. Just...... Lesssssssss "Maxine"! !!!!!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness! How I LOVE those! And your new header?? Sooo you!!

  6. I think it is beautiful! Good job!

  7. I like both wreaths. And I think hanging it on your cupboard is a brilliant idea.
    Thanks for the link!

    I have no wreath on my door and very little seasonal decor anywhere. It might be time to change that. Today.

  8. Well I think it is cute. I love all the links you shared, but I have to say the "Whimsical" wreath is my fav. Absolutely fits the season.

    I hope you enjoyed you short little bloggie break. Isn't it funny how our intentions never go quite the way we planned? Hope you are enjoying some springlike weather!

  9. I think it is lovely, Vee!

    And Barbara, we DO do Spring wreaths here! And Summer and Autumn too. Well, everyone I know does, anyway!

    Have a lovely wekend, ladies!

  10. oh I like the doily idea very much Vee. I smiled at the doily at the right. ..exactly like a few I have.
    Kids say the darndest things. .even when they are all grown up.

  11. Vee,
    Being a relatively new blogger, and simple minded when it comes to technology, I never "raise the bar", and thus have little to no chance to encounter the difficulties you describe. A case where ignorance is bliss, if you will!
    Your wreath looks lovely. Your daughters reaction is priceless. I can relate! Here's another scenario:
    I put on a lovely new necklace, bracelet, whatever. I say to Chickie, "Look at this. Isn't it pretty?" Her reply, "It looks like something YOU would wear."
    And, finally, sun tea. You described the process perfectly. Just slap some tea bags in the water and set in the sun.

  12. Funny you should have a post about spring wreaths. As I was walking around the neighborhood this morning I noticed a few on some doors and thought I should put one on my door.
    Your wreath turned out so pretty. Great Job!!
    I will probably just buy one for my door. When I do, you can be sure that I will take a picture of it. :-)

  13. I love that you included your daughter's reaction. Funny. Well, I think it is quite cute and creative. I am not quite able to invest time in wreath making yet, but soon, I hope.

  14. I am so glad you're back. Blogdom isn't the same when you're not posting. I love the wreath and will have to check out the others. I think our daughters aren't old enough to see beauty in simplicity and, to me, your wreath evokes a time when we used the things we already had in our lives to create beauty around us. It is quite beautiful.

  15. Lots of great ideas! Thanks for sharing them, Vee. I can't wait to hang a spring wreath on my door.

  16. Your blog looks great and I was needing inspiration for a spring wreath...thanks, this is beautiful!
    Happy Spring!

  17. I enjoyed looking at all the wreath links you listed, Vee. The "bare feet welcome" wreath was adorable and the coffee filter wreath was amazing. I loved to make a new wreath for my door when there were craft stores near my house where I could buy supplies but since those stores all closed I have been recycling the ones I already made. You've inspired me to look for some doilies and refresh a few.

    Your daughter's comment was very much like one my daughter would make ;)

    Enjoy the perigee moon this weekend!

  18. I think your wreath is very pretty, after viewing all of the other sites and wreaths , I am now totally confused, you see I have been looking for some inspiration here in blogland, as my wreath sits waiting to be dressed for spring.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I think the break was very refreshing even if it was short lived . Glad to have you back, and I hope you enjoyed it.

  19. great post, so many fun wreath ideas to celebrate the arrival of spring, thanks for sharing the creative ideas with us

  20. Hi Vee!

    I LOVE your "spring" wreath!! What a hoot... I love things I've seen made of old bed springs but this is the first wreath. Too clever Vee. The lace covered one is beautiful. I would have never thought of that. What great ideas you have, thanks!

    Big hugs, sherry

  21. I'm glad you were able to do something fun and creative during your blog break. I think the doily wreath turned out very pretty and I like where you have hung it. I see you also made a new header. Very nice.
    Thanks for all the spring wreath links. Yesterday I was thinking it is time to put one on my door.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  22. Your wreath looks wonderful, Vee! Thanks for the links ... I really liked the grass wreath (the first one).

  23. I am so wanting to make a wreath for my french door.
    I love this one you made. I will also check out the others you list for us.

  24. I think spring says...It's time for a new wreath! I love the doilies. It will give me something to look for at garage sales this year. I can't wait to make one!

  25. Lot's of great ideas here. I love the coffee filter wreath idea! I'm wreathless for spring...so maybe I should do something about it.

    I'm smiling at your daughter's 'honest' response. She was at a loss for words!

  26. Your wreath is beautiful. Perhaps your daughter is jealous? I know I am. I wish I was crafty. If I get the courage to try my hand, you've certainly provided the resources, thanks!

  27. So very pretty! I just might like to make one too. :)