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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Perigee Moon

Here's my perigee moon shot. I never have quite got the knack of taking the moon's picture and it doesn't matter how coyly she smiles or how close she is or how luminous. Just going to mention here that most of the light in this shot is from the streetlight at the end of my driveway, which was where I was standing. The shot above is not zoomed; the one below is. ***I know that there are going to be some amazing offerings from the photographers among us. Let's hope so anyway!

Have you taken your best shot yet?

*** Edited to Add: Sure enough! Have you seen the amazing photographs taken by Lavender Dreamer's Beloved? No? Go look, you won't be disappointed.

And another: Lynda Naranjo's Amazing Photo of the Super Moon. 


  1. Vee, this is just awesome! I love sun & moon pictures.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. You did it! Those are just gorgeous!

    And with that I say Good Night Moon.
    I am plum tuckered out!

  3. Great photos.....both!
    I just came in from looking at the moon. It looks super bright to me. No pics since I am not all that good taking photos in the daylight!

  4. thanks for the pics...cloudy here. isn't that always the way it is when we have a lunar event? =o(

  5. I didn't try, Hon. But glad you did, 'cause you did wonderfully.

    I really like cropped pics of most everything, especially of the moon. I know, "they say" pics lose clarity, when cropped. But I don't care. I just ♥ CROPPING! :-)

    And anyway, if the halo around your moon is due to cropping, I think it is lovely. Just lovely. More *yumminess* than a photo with craters showing. :-)


    ♥ Happy Vernal Equinox ♥

  6. And yes, of course, I noticed the new blog look!!!!

    I'm reading/commenting on Sun., so not sure if you had changed your 'look,' on Sat. or on Sun. But have to comment here, anyway.

    I do, do, do notice new blog looks, and watch them load!!! I'd like to ask how many bloggers do. But, -pout- I'd probably not be happy with the answers. -gigggles- Better not ask. What with my giving up my "Maxine Persona" and all. ,-)

    ♥ Happy Vernal Equinox ♥

  7. You got it! The moon was still behind the mountains when I went to bed...and when I awoke the moon was long gone...and the sun was peeking over Mt.Cheam. So...no pic's over here.

  8. Nice photos Vee! I tried to take some photos but it is hard to find a spot here that is not illuminated with streetlights, so my camera shutter wasn't picking up much detail of the moon surface. It was very pretty when it first came up on the horizon. No new baby as yet..the moon had no influence ...lol ..he wants to be 9 days late like his older brother was!

  9. The moon was amazing last night. As I was looking at it, I thought of all my blogger friends who must also be looking at it. :-)

  10. I like your shot better than mine, I would loved to have captured in a photo of what we saw as we watched!

  11. OH Vee, your moon scape is wonderful. Mine is a bright ball without anything else. .no tree no nothing.


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