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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Made in Japan

Lovella at What Matters Most was the first in "my circle" to raise the question of noticing all the items in our homes that were Made in Japan. She does this in her post titled Remembering Japan where she shares her mother's jewelry box with us. It so happens that I also have a jewelry box that is similar. It has another family story, though I'm not sharing that today.

God will use little things to help us remember to pray Lovella suggests.  She's right. I know that God wants me to remember Japan in prayer because He is using these items and He caused Lovella to first write about it. How neat is that?!  

From the jewelry box sitting under the Easter cactus...  

to the little green bowl in my sewing room... 

to this sweet little find at the flea market last weekend for a mere dollar.

And there it sits high on my corner shelf where I see it dozens of times a day. Giving money and donations is a wonderful thing to do and prayer changes things.

So what's in your home that is Made in Japan?


  1. Cool!
    I have that cute little tea set that I found at our local second hand store. Bit by bit I have been sending pieces of it out to friends and customers. I just packed another cup and saucer into a gift basket for a fundraiser for our local Crisis Pregnancy Center. It fit perfectly!

  2. Prayer. It amazes me at the little things that pop up during the day that remind me to pray. I have a sweet little outfit in a shadow box that my hubby brought back from Japan for my step-daughter when he was in the Navy. He was near the area hit briefly during his service, so seeing that outfit constantly reminds us both to pray. I do adore your little jewelry box. I am sure it can tell many stories.

    Happy Wednesday my dear Vee!

  3. My childhood tea set is made in Japan. It seemed most things were made in Japan when I was a kid...not so much these days.

    Thanks for the reminder...to remember Japan!

  4. It seems now I feel special. Thank you for taking time to search your home. I hadn't really thought to look at my dishes. .but now I think I will. I am thinking of a little candy dish that also might be from Japan..I'll let you know.
    I was sad yesterday that still so many people are missing, and yet media attention is now focused elsewhere on other desparate souls in Libya. It's good that the Lord has not such a short attention span.

  5. What a great post! One of my best customers is from Japan and she even sent me gifts a few years ago. They are very loving and giving people. They are in my prayers.

  6. I have been doing the same thing too here at the farmhouse, Vee, and yes what a great way to remind ourselves to pray for them. I always enjoy picking up treasure at a thrift, or antique store and read that i was made in Japan.
    We will continue to pray too.
    I have some roosters, and a swan vase that was made in japan, their quality of workmanship has always been great. Your treasures are beautiful, but I must mention that the clock you have on the shelf, this same one sits on my mantel, I thought that was so cool. I would love to hear of the story, if you haven't told it before.
    Be Blessed today.

  7. Oh, yes, Prayer is the strongest of all.
    I need to check thru my dishes and things to see if I even have anything from Japan. Surely I do.
    Hope your day is blessed.
    xo bj

  8. I might have to take up this challenge and pray while I search for my made in Japan items...
    You have some fun things Vee

  9. I couldn't believe my eyes...I have one, too! I have a jewelry box very much like yours...in the shape of a piano! Isn't that neat? ♥

  10. Yes and amen..in totally agreement with praying for Japan.

  11. I went around my house looking for something that said made in Japan and I couldn't find anything. I know there must be something. I'll keep looking.
    Prayer is something we all can do! :-)

  12. I have two teacup and snack tray sets that are made in Japan, and a Japanese tea service.

    Since we lived in Ecuador for so long we have many friends there. When I buy bananas in the grocery store, I always look to see if they are from Ecuador, and pray for the people there.

  13. I have several figurines that are made in Japan....and I hold them closer to my heart now as I pray for the people of Japan.

    I've been following a blog from Japan. The lady lives with her husband 6 cats and 1 dog, if you'd like to read it: http://tttl1998.blogspot.com/

  14. Prayer is with Japan and the suffering people!

  15. Vee,

    I have many items made in Japan. I will try to do a post about them. I am so distressed about the news each day - sort of takes the wind out of my sails.


  16. I'm sure I have more things made in China than Japan in my home right now. I think my Mom has much more vintage items from post WW2, when she was first married, that were made in Japan.

    Japan's tragedy and sorrow is never far from my mind even as I celebrate my own family's happiness at the birth of our new grandson. How many mothers and newborns were lost there? All we can do is donate what we can and pray for them.

  17. I am astounded by the Japanese and how they are handling the disaster. They stand in line for hours to receive little food without complaint. There is no looting, only sharing. It will be years of recovery for them. My prayers are for them daily.

  18. Vee,
    Thanks for the reminder and call to prayer.
    I have a little old piece made in "Occupied Japan" that belonged to my grandparents.
    I'll have to look around here.

  19. I have so many things from Japan. I studied art there and still have my wonderful brushes and inks, many dishes, materials, dolls but most of all my memories of such wonderful people who crossed my life then. My prayers are everyday for them.

  20. What a cool idea! I know I have some treasures {my kind of treasures}and I do so love them! I'll post some over the week-end..neat idea..PS..LOVE your shelf display!

  21. Hmmm.. I'll have to join the challenge and look around. I know that I have a few chachka that are occupied Japan.

    Prayer does change things!


  22. I have several things made in Japan. When my hubby got his knee hurt in Vietnam, he was sent to Japan for repair. He brought back some beautiful fabric. I will be praying for Japan. Great post!


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