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Friday, March 11, 2011

♪ It's a Rainy Day; It's a Rainy Day ♪

This post was hatched prematurely when I went to place the musical notes beside the title. Sometimes Blogger just gets ticklish, I guess.

So 'tis raining and I have quiet plans to read Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts. It was the book that I hoped to purchase at Borders if they had stocked it. I sometimes fret what will become of bookstores. There are so many times when I want a book and it isn't available. So I did what we do these days and ordered it from Amazon. It arrived in three days' time and cost four dollars less than I would have paid at the bookstore and that included shipping. Sigh.

Of course I wanted to dive into the book because Brenda, Linds, and Kathy have been talking about it. I even tried diving in, but it wasn't long before I had set it down and was making wary arcs around it. It's an intense book. Today, though, this will be the scene.

I've just been alerted to the "intense" news of this day with the earthquake in Japan and tsunami warnings for parts of the West Coast and Hawaii. Life can shift so quickly...


  1. What a perfect thing to do on a rainy day. Enjoy! I do believe both Molly and your cat will love this opportunity to snuggle.

  2. What a comfy cozy looking chair to snuggle down into with a good book. Gave me a calm feeling just looking at your picture. Enjoy!

  3. Looks like a warm safe place to curl up and read! Enjoy!

  4. I too have been hearing a lot about this book here in blogland, and please give me a review when you finish. I love rainy days for one purpose of being able to sit and read. Your quiet corner looks so inviting.
    I haven't had a chance to see the news this morning, and you are so right Life can shift so quickly.
    Enjoy your day,

  5. I love your title!

    And yes...I just got up a while ago and turned on Google and saw that their little Tsunami warning was at the bottom. In red. My quick thought was that if Google homepage is putting up a warning, it must be bad. So many sad things these days.

  6. Checked this book out on Amazon, read the first few pages and I'm hooked. I'll be getting it very soon! Glad you mentioned it.

  7. I haven't heard of that book, but I am sure you are going to be quite cozy there in your chair, with lovely diffused light falling gently over your shoulder.

    Yes, life can change in a blink. All the more reason to hold tight to the moments we now have.

  8. Yes, I saw the intense news of the day [Japan, etc.], when I saw it in Yahoo News Blurbs. Of course, betcha' all those people in Libia, and the Somali pirates hostages, etc., think today is pretty intense too!!! Even if their stories are not at the top of the News Blurbs. -sigh-

    A book! So of course I had to jump over to Amazon and read about it. I read. Enough said. Not a book for me. But I hope all who like it, enjoy it. I'm still trying to find a-book-I-can't-put-down!!! Those which are such gems, to us, individually. :-)

    Yeahhhh, rain, rain, rain. How is your snow cover coming along? Shrinking, I hope.

    Gentle hugs...

  9. Japan just had a big one on Monday, another has hit today?
    Off to read the news...

  10. How about the library? You can put books on reserve and you can get them for free!! :-)
    I've posted something for you vee on my blog.

  11. I heard about the earthquake when I turned on my computer this morning. And saw the tsunami warnings for our coastline (not exactly where we are because we're on the eastern side of V.I.), but north and west of us. The damage in Japan is devastating, here an inconvenience. My heart breaks for the people of Japan and I pray for God's Spirit to be very present through the believers there.

    I've read a lot about One Thousand Gifts, too. And found out that Tim's cousin is grandmother to baby Ema, Ann's niece, who has struggled with health issues since her birth in November. Do you read Ann's blog?

    I hope your day is full of wonderful gifts, Vee.

  12. I'm working my way through the same intense book...a little each day. I'm thinking a lot about giving thanks for all those wee things that make up the whole. Makes sense!

    What devastating news from Japan this morning. Those people are in my thoughts and prayers today!

  13. Vee,
    I've been thinking about that book a lot. I guess I should just go ahead and order it too....

  14. Have a wonderful week-end my sweet friend!!!

  15. One of my friends e-mailed me when she started the book, telling me she didn't think she could read any further because of the pain in the first chapters.

    I encouraged her to keep going for Ann sends you into the depth of her despair only to bring you out of it (just as God did for her) as the book continues.

    There were times when I was reading the first two chapters that I thought I couldn't BREATH.

  16. I love Amazon, so easy and direct to the my mailbox, no gas used, no hassle and usually at a good price. What a comfy chair, great light, perfect place to snuggle with a good book, enjoy.

  17. Hi dear Vee,

    Did I spy an actual photo of your darling mug?

    We've got our canoe ready for the wave, but so far our part of the state (although we live on the coast) has been spared. They've told us not to let down our guard and that they haven't yet lifted the tsunami alert. I so feel for the losses of loved ones in Japan. This is a small planet and we are all one.

    So let us know how you like the book. OK?

    Sending love across the miles,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  18. I have heard so many wonderful things about this book, too, Vee, but I am almost afraid to read it as I know it will cause many of my tears to fall.

    Enjoy your comfy chair and quiet reading time this weekend!

  19. I love your reading spot, Vee. It is indeed, A Haven for Vee.
    Tell ya what, how 'bout I come over, bring something sweet and sinful and you make us a cup of tea. Then, you can tell me all about what you are reading.
    I love a rainy day!!:))

  20. Yes . .I am reading it too and have already ordered one on amazon and gave it to another friend. It is definately something to be eaten in small bites. I have been using a pen to mark the thoughts that I want to come back too and started a new blog this week to record the gifts once a week.
    Oh ..the earthquake is so terrible. thousands likely lost.

  21. Boy oh boy do I know about life shifting quickly! I am back, sort of, not posting yet just visiting and wanted to drop in and say hello, I have missed visiting with you! Have a wonderful weekend curled up with your read.

  22. It is worth it in the end, Vee. And it opns your eyes wide too.
    Your corner looks just perfect, and so cosy and snuggly. I can just imagine you curled up reading.....


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