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Monday, March 14, 2011


My grands really enjoy selecting their own snacks and it's all good as long as a wide variety of choices is provided. I offered carrots, celery, M&Ms, apple slices, orange segments, mini Kit Kat bars, mini Vanilla Wafers, and cheese sticks. Muffin trays were provided and the boys had as much fun choosing cupcake liners as they did snacks.

You can see this little guy has a sweet tooth

The younger seems to prefer carrots 

(Say, how'd that child climb up on the table without my noticing?)

Neither child ate everything, but there was a lot of carrot munching, celery munching, and M&M munching. Next time, I'll include just one sweet treat. I'm learning!

This grand prefers doing

Have a great Monday...

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  1. Hi Vee - those little boys are sure growing. I love the cupcake pan idea - that's great!

    Me? I'll take Reese's pieces, please, in my tin!

  2. Oh so cute. .and I love . .just love the muffin tin snack holder. What a fantastic idea. I wonder if my 3 year old grands could save part of their snacks for later in the day if we used a muffin tin?
    I prefer a bit of salty and sweet if I ever happen to come by ..thank you very much.

  3. Awh..LOVE your pictures....and what a great idea using muffin tins for snack holders.

    I know you love every second with your precious grands! :-)

  4. Good for them and their veggies!!! Betcha' Mommy gets some credit for this, hu? :-)

    You asked about my blog updating? You said yours is not doing so. My this morning's blog entry already showed up in my Google Reader. As a new post.

    And I don't use Blogger Followers, to see new posts, so.... I don't know about that.

    Btw, it was snowing this morning, and by now, the sun is trying to come out. C-r-a-z-y weather.

    Gentle hugs...

  5. Your grandboys are adorable, Vee! My second grandson should be arriving any day now .. every time the phone rings I jump!

    With my sweet tooth I would have filled my muffin paper up with Kit Kats, so make sure to only offer me veggies at snack time...lol!

    Here is a blog you will love:
    "Muffin Tin Mom"

  6. Oh thanks for that link! What a cute blog with so many neat ideas. I need an arsenal now believe me.

  7. You're such a clever grandma..... I'll have to try the munchies in the muffins tins...nice choice of snacks.

    Your grandson is a cutey!!!

  8. I love the muffin tray idea and have used it in the past as well. I find that the kids think it's so much fun!

    Just hand over the Kit Kat bars and everything will be okay. You do know that I'm 3/4 Sicilian right? Don't make me "go there" on you. :)

    ((Hugs-with a squeeze on the neck (hand over the chocolate)

  9. I'm cataloging (in my mind, at least) this wonderful idea for the day when our little grandbaby comes to Nana's house for snacks. Love it!

  10. What darling little munchkins! And such a smart idea to use a muffin tin! Happy Monday, Vee!

  11. Thanks for the visit and comments to my spot. Wow, you offer such great choices for the grands. Every kid agrees there's nothing better than a trip to visit Grandparents where you can have and do everything you want.

  12. what a clever idea to use a cupcake
    tin for treats!

    i just made your orange treat, and
    it's delicious!

  13. Vee, my heart sings a happy note, when I see grandparents enjoying their grandchildren. They grow up so fast, and these memories they will cherish forever! Thanks for sharing .

  14. What a great idea! I will be using your clever snack server next time I host my grandkids! Thanks!

  15. What a great idea.
    My grandkids just want my chocolate chip cookies when they visit!! :-)

  16. What a cute and clever way to serve snacks to your grands. I had to smile at the one filled with carrots.
    I see you have a new profile picture. Very nice. I liked the last one too, but I think this makes you look younger.

  17. Neat idea for serving those snacks! You must really enjoy your grand kids!

  18. I failed to tell you that I still have a "soft spot" in my heart, for your littlest Grand, with the curly blond hair. :-)))) Ohhhhhhh, hair like that, just "melts" me. :-))))

    And then I feel "bad" about saying that. -sigh- Isn't it an awful showing of preference, on my part? -sigh- To want to hug the youngest one, first? Yes, it's just awful. There, I've confessed. :-)

  19. Great idea...your mini snack server!

    How did I miss this post yesterday?

  20. Hmmm....I left you a very long comment here yesterday. I won't retell the story now ...but I wanted you to know that I did try to leave a comment. Don't know what happened.


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