Saturday, April 2, 2011

Welcome Blocks, A Red Butterfly, and A Cross

A quick story/ies...

And since it's early morning...a shadowy story...and a story about things beyond the windowsill (ten inches of heavy snow...thank you for your sympathy.)

Another story...a red crocheted butterfly found in the depths of my mother's crochet basket. I received it as a God breeze and attached it to my wreath. My sister calls such moments "God winks." They are points in time when one feels as if there's been a connection with something beyond oneself. Since I have been considering attaching a butterfly to the wreath and had lamented not buying a gossamer one while at Michael's last weekend, to find a crocheted butterfly made by mother seems extra special and it is much better than a gossamer one would've been.

Just dropping in a photo to show size and perspective of a vintage bookmark that I found in an old book. It says G&W Co. NYC printed in the U.S.A. on the back.

I've scanned it and you may feel free to snag it.
Have a very pleasant weekend...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day!

This mosaic will not enlarge

Left to Right; Top to Bottom

When life gives you a lemon (photos 1–3), set the table, make breakfast, nibble on your bacon, grin at the cook, share the bounty by feeding the less fortunate, relax, finish your breakfast, and send appropriate greetings.

Just thought I'd share our first meal at the new table. It washed up like a dream.

Happy April Fool's Day! How many got the same "joke" that we did?

Edited to Add: I think I learned something new this morning. If I use the largest picture option, I can't click on it to enlarge the photo; if I use a smaller size option, I can.
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Wee Projects

Sooooo slooowwww this morning... I try to have my posts ready for early posting. Not today.

These are my wee projects: another spring wreath and blocks.

These little spring wreaths are all over Blogdom. I found them on multiple blogs. Basically, it's a wrapped wreath form (I used an old embroidery hoop) using the yarn that looks like bark on a tree. Now if I had saved the label, I could tell you, but I am too efficient for that. I do know that I purchased it on sale at Joann's and it's Vanna White's brand. Then I looked outside for a twig and decided to come right back inside where I snapped one off my stash of tree twigs way over there in the corner.

Usually, I see the twig portion wrapped in green yarn. I didn't care for that look, which is why I'm not linking up today and why I wrapped my twig with more of Vanna's stuff. Then the twig is attached by just wrapping with more gluing here. I hate gluing. Other wreaths are then decorated with flowers or mushrooms or butterflies. I decorated with what I had...more crocheted flowers. I'm going crochet flower crazy.

Made a little French knot center and used the yarn tailings to tie the flower to the wreath. The end. Simple. Because I d.e.s.p.i.s.e. my kitchen window for that great block of white between the swing out windows (ugh), I slapped the wreath there and so far so good.

See? I wasn't kidding...I've definitely gone crocheted flower garland crazy.

This is my other little project of the day. I've had these blocks spelling welcome since I arrived at the Haven with teenagers in tow and couldn't toss out their baby blocks. Today, I've decided to try something and we'll see how it turns out together because right now I have no idea...

Here they are in the spray paint box.

Off to forage for food in advance of the coming storm. Stay well and be happy...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweet Domesticity

Pardon this picture. It was taken to show you the finished table top and the entire garland. As you can tell, it shows neither. I'm not sure if it's Molly under the table or the fact that the table is put back together that makes me smile. Anyway, I just tossed it in here for no good reason. 

This may be the best table top picture I have...

Oops. That's the best opened tulip picture I have. Let me try again.

Okay, this is the best I can do. What I like about the four coats of poly, sanded lightly in between coats, is that the table is as smooth as glass. John's not allowing me the use of it until this weekend so we're still balancing meals on our knees. Can't wait to sit down to a meal again. 

I'd pop in a before picture, but one can see those throughout this blog. The table top was old, cracked, and tired. This buys us a little time until we can do better.

And, though it is a dark photo, this one best shows what the garland looks like. (See yesterday's post for details about the garland.)

We've got to keep spring going inside because we're expecting a blizzard in a couple of days. Are you expecting one, too?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Gathering of Spring Garland Ideas

For days now, I've been adding to my little pile of five petal posies. I found the yarn in my mother's stash and decided to make a spring garland. I was great company every evening as I sat with John ... double crochet, double crochet, double crochet, one, two, three... It's been years since I picked up the crochet hook. I found help on this video from Little Birdie Secrets. I went with five petals and also linked to a seven petal flower because it's so cute. For the chain, I used the information at Sarahndipities.

When it was done, I had no idea where to put it. Crazy! So I just piled it on top of my banner at the window. When and if the light improves, I'll pop in a better photo.

Now for some fun! I have gathered another list; this time spring garlands. They are so adorable. I want to make them all.

* From Our Lovely Nest comes a garland using old fabric scraps. It's very cute and no money involved. Gotta love that!

* Harujion Design provides this crocheted garland...very pretty flower done in all different colors and using a unique pattern based on Japanese pattern directions. I love it. Maybe I'll work up to it.

* This garland is made from yo-yos. Very colorful and B.Y.O.V. (Bring Your Own Vegetables) features her creation on a tree branch. Hmmm...I have tree branches.

* Oh this is adorable...have a little girl in your life? This is the garland for her: A Paper Dress Garland from Debbie Oh darling, darling, darling is all I have to say about this one. It looks like so much fun that I have to find a little girl somewhere.

* Most suitable for Easter is this Paper Flower and Egg garland made from scrapping paper. Delightful and it doesn't look at all difficult. Okay, I may have to make this one, too.

* I'm always happy to feature anything going on at The Purl Bee where I found this Party Garland made from scraps of material. I can see it floating happily above a summer kitchen. It's cheerful, light, and bright.

* A Glimpse Inside offers a flower garland made from cardboard tubes. (I've been saving some ever since Suzanne showed me a bird project made from cardboard tubes, which I can not find at this moment.) So, yes, I could do this!

* Speaking of which, though it's not a garland, Suzanne gave excellent directions for an Easter Banner project that you or an older child might enjoy doing for the holiday. There's still time!

If you decide to do a spring garland...ohhh, I think a spring garland could wrap right around a spring wreath...let me know. I'd love to see what you create.

(In other news, the last coat of poly is on the table and we just have to give it a day to dry well. I'll be updating for you tomorrow.)

A wonderful Tuesday to you...

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Gorgeous Day Above

Mt. Washington far far away...60 miles away...and zoomed up close

You do know why I refer to the weather in terms of above and below, right? I've referred to it so often. It comes from E.B.White who differentiated between the two. It can be a perfectly rotten day below...snow and mud, but a delightful one above.

It was a gorgeous day above yesterday when my daughter and I headed for Portland to shop at Michael's, The Christmas Tree Shop, and the new Goodwill. We found bargains at the first two and zip, nada, no bargains at the third. I can't imagine why...

(Darling Daughter is feeling ever so much better after that rough patch and will be finding out this week if there's anything she can do to avoid troubles in the future...a special diet or medication or closer monitoring. Something I hope! Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes.)

OOps! Published too soon and I'm not going to fix it. Darn. Someday I'll learn the difference between am and pm.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just Buy Some~Mosaic Monday

Has ever one bouquet of tulips been so well documented? I adore them!  I've been denying myself the pleasure of tulips for several weeks now. On Friday, I could take no more — the snow, the cold, no sign of spring — where is she? Have you seen her?

My recommendation for cheer? A five dollar bouquet of tulips. It'll do you good.

Linking to Mary's Mosaic Monday at Little Red House. Thanks, Mary!

Ephesians 3:18

Blessings on your Sunday!

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