Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Weather Outside was Frightful

The Bunte Teller morphed into a Bunte Platte...I
added to it all the day long. Currently, it's also wearing the left-over cherries from my pitiful attempt to copy Judy. (My Front Porch) as seen at Ellen's (The Happy Wonderer) The candy cane heart is a knock-off from Jen (Our Southern Table).
~Lights Along the Fence in Torrential Downpours~

~Our New Lake~

~Inside Was So Delightful~
In keeping with fake blankets, fake flowers, and anything else fake around here, we have added a fake fire to the repertoire. This really did add quite a bit of ambiance to the evening. John was seated between the tree and the fire and I was seated on the sofa. As the fire crackled and danced, John got so hot that he began to repeatedly mop his brow. We were laughing at him and then I got so warm that I began to steam as well. It was purely psychological and we are obviously highly suggestible. Who cares, though, if that little dvd is the answer to the energy crisis?!

I awoke this morning with a start...I have not one thing for my daughter and must get to town.  < *thud* >  Hope that you're doing better!

Have a happy day...

Love Vee

Friday, December 21, 2012


Feeling a bit frazzled and a lot harried? Hold that thought...

~Bunte Teller~

Although I'm not one hundred per cent certain of all that a Bunte Teller represents in German tradition, it reminds me of a Horn of Plenty in that bounty is on display. It certainly creates a lovely focal point. You can learn more by visiting my featured blogger Niki on yesterday's post.

Another day, another gift. This sweet Christmas tea cup and arrangement is from the lovely Michele at Finch Rest where I recently won a Giveaway. (Michele really knows how to pack fragile items. I'm taking lessons, too. Let's see, take a box in a box in a box with the middle box's sides turned toward the center to create almost a roof so that the item cannot drop through. Smart gal!)

~Brightening a Corner~


Now let's watch John walk about a little, shall we?

Want to know what he's doing? 

Tracking bears that's what!

I found big tracks on our deck! That's my footprint on lower left beside a round bear print. (You can see immediately when John discovers where his wife has been. ☺) John believes that there was a Mama Bear and a Baby Bear. It probably explains why Molly got so excited day before yesterday and wouldn't stop barking. And it also explains why she went sniffing along a trail, turned on her heel, and marched back into the house without "doing" anything. No more out by herself and no more setting the garbage on the stoop waiting for John to take it to the garage (though it's never been disturbed); we're not taking any chances. 


Did you hold that thought? That one about possibly being frazzled and harried? I confess that I have been feeling a bit under it myself. It's been an incredibly difficult week. How have you been doing? Our thoughts are often in Connecticut and our prayers are with them. It can feel overwhelming sometimes. 

When I am feeling this way, I know that it is time to purposely and purposefully disentangle. So sit down with a cup of tea; put your feet up; pray, intercede; read a book; better yet, read the Word; watch the lights on the tree; rest. Trust the Lord to carry the burden. Do it. Please?

Newtown will be observing a moment of silence at 9:30 this morning on this one-week anniversary with a tolling of the bells.

Blessings and comfort...
Love Vee

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Grand Central Station

Perhaps you were under the impression that Grand Central Station looks like this:

It does. Nope. I  have never been. Pat has though. She took *that photo* and I have used it by permission. Did you know that Pat has been named one of the top Pinners to follow on Pinterest? True. She blogs at Mille Fiori Favoriti and has lived in NYC all her life. She will soon call the state of Colorado home and we'll have lost one of the most amazing ambassadors for NYC in Blogdom. We'll gain an amazing ambassador for Colorado. I hope that she'll revisit New York from time to time just so we can see the amazing photos she takes of her "hometown." If you haven't checked out her entry for the Note Card Party, do. As she says, "We Need a Little Christmas."

My side porch has also been a little Grand Central Station for much of this week. Perhaps yours was as well. One UPS truck after another pulled up through rain, freezing rain, snow, and slush. I am so impressed with all manner of postal services of late. It has really been amazing. Two days was the average length of time between order and arrival. Now that is incredible.

Not all this stuff is mine. No, no. I'm just babysitting it until whichever gift giver comes to wrap it and take it off. In the midst of all this, a package arrived just for me all the way from the plains of Canada. Niki, who blogs at Rural Writings, had wrapped me up some sweet things and I'm showing them off! Visit her Christmas post, if you need a little Christmas. Today I bought the things I need to make the Bunte Teller she shows and discusses. I'm so looking forward to that.

So here's a mostly picture story of my gift box...

Oh beauty products were declared...heaven knows I need them!

 Beautifully wrapped in this sweet paper...

 Little Santa cap...
Actually two little Santa caps...they're hanging on my tree just now...

 All the goodies...

 Sweet wishes...

Spring fabrics by Ro Gregg. These are five-inch squares and I am going to have fun thinking what to create with them...perhaps a spring table runner.

Great label on the goat's milk soap that smells amazing: Where goats grow and flowers don't.

 Skin and hand lotion...these hands need some lotion.

 Darling little candle and apricot colored glass holder.

Look at the graphics on this box of Dare Maple Cream Cookies! This is now prominently displayed on my pantry cupboard. If we eat them, I'll be saving the box!

Ohhhh, yum. Coffee Crisps. I'm going to cut them into pieces and share them with my family...perhaps as part of the Bunte Teller.

All I have to say is that someone has been way too generous and has really been paying attention around here.

Niki, thank you for the sweet gifts, sweet Canadian gifts. You really made my day!


Thanks to all who participated in the Note Card Party yesterday. It's always a lot of fun to see the wonderful photos presented. There is no excuse for any of you not to make up your work into your own personalized cards for next Christmas.

The party will remain open throughout today for anyone who'd like to get in on it. It was a lot of fun to have some new participants join us, too. 

Back to Grand Central...

Love Vee

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Note Card Party~December

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.
~Charles Dickens 

A gift of Christmas~2010

 Now those little worshippers are really experiencing Shekinah glory, aren't they?!

 I "fixed" the torn linen...

Sweet juxtaposition between the cold outdoors and the warmth inside and that strawberry gets more delicious looking every time I see it!

Your turn!

Love Vee

Let Your Light Shine

It's turning into "Bleak Mid-Winter" around here — snow upon snow. Okay, it's now freezing rain upon snow, which is worse. Time to make the house cheery and do some baking and think about packages and such things. Our "main" Christmas with the most family members will be this Friday. So there is much to do!

Still gray and oh what a difference a few colored lights makes...

Thank you for your thoughts in yesterday's comments. I see that they echo my own. In the distress of the first hours, many felt that a day (or days) of silence would be the right thing to do; in the ensuing days, we have rethought it and feel that it is best to go on. The children are returning to school today. Apparently, normalcy helps people recover best. They are already moving forward and so my prayers are for the parents who put the children on the bus — what courage! For the teachers who return to work — what courage! For the students who face this day in a new school — what courage! It will be wonderful for them to see their teachers and friends again. And always my prayers will be for those who move forward without a beloved child, may God give them strength.

For all those who wish to participate in this month's Note Card Party, Mr. Linky will be available between 8 and 8:30 this evening. (Directions can be found on my sidebar by clicking on the notice in red or the button lower in the sidebar.)

Stay busy, keep praying, do some baking, talk with friends, let your light shine...

Love Vee

Monday, December 17, 2012

Blankets of Comfort

We woke to a blanket of snow this morning. It began yesterday in the early afternoon and is still falling. Gently falling. Falling snow is very soothing and strangely comforting. (I'll let you know how John feels about that once he's been busy plowing for a while.)

May I just say that I have read some of the most incredible posts over the past several days. People's hearts are in tune and identifying with the community of Newtown. I hope that you have read Debbie's, Karen's, Susan's. There are so many! Each one focuses on a slightly different topic and together they have created such a blanket of the gently falling snow.

And now I'd like to ask my regular readers a question: what shall we do with this month's Note Card Party? I have read that there is a Day of Silence or two or more scheduled this week. I am not participating in them because when Blogdom goes dim, a beautiful light is snuffed out. This seems counterintuitive to me.  When times are dark and difficult, we need light. So do let me know what you think. Thanks so much!

Comfort and blessings to you...

Love Vee

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snowy Sunday Afternoon~Mosaic Monday

We spent a cozy, quiet, snowy Sunday afternoon enjoying the lights and the aroma of the baking *Norwegian Custies.* It was a time to decompress from the news reports. (I can't recommend doing that enough.)

Love Vee

Psalm 46

Psalm 46 — a great comfort

When we have doubts or are facing difficulties, when others suggest courses of actions that are conflicting, when caution dictates one course but faith another, we should be still. We should quiet each intruding person, calm ourselves in the sacred stillness of God's presence, study His word for guidance, and with true devotion focus our attention on Him... ~Streams in the Desert
John was chatting with his daughter recently who so happened to be caring for her grandson that day. She shared that the little fellow had recently spoken his first words and that they had been, "Hold Still." We rather like that and can't think of much better advice, especially when one is uncertain.

Our hearts are with Newtown today. My prayer is that they, too, will "Hold Still" that they might circle the wagons and keep the intruders at bay. They have everything they need within their community to move forward when the time is right. And the Lord most certainly is with them and will guide.

Many blessings to you this Sunday...
Love Vee