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Friday, December 21, 2012


Feeling a bit frazzled and a lot harried? Hold that thought...

~Bunte Teller~

Although I'm not one hundred per cent certain of all that a Bunte Teller represents in German tradition, it reminds me of a Horn of Plenty in that bounty is on display. It certainly creates a lovely focal point. You can learn more by visiting my featured blogger Niki on yesterday's post.

Another day, another gift. This sweet Christmas tea cup and arrangement is from the lovely Michele at Finch Rest where I recently won a Giveaway. (Michele really knows how to pack fragile items. I'm taking lessons, too. Let's see, take a box in a box in a box with the middle box's sides turned toward the center to create almost a roof so that the item cannot drop through. Smart gal!)

~Brightening a Corner~


Now let's watch John walk about a little, shall we?

Want to know what he's doing? 

Tracking bears that's what!

I found big tracks on our deck! That's my footprint on lower left beside a round bear print. (You can see immediately when John discovers where his wife has been. ☺) John believes that there was a Mama Bear and a Baby Bear. It probably explains why Molly got so excited day before yesterday and wouldn't stop barking. And it also explains why she went sniffing along a trail, turned on her heel, and marched back into the house without "doing" anything. No more out by herself and no more setting the garbage on the stoop waiting for John to take it to the garage (though it's never been disturbed); we're not taking any chances. 


Did you hold that thought? That one about possibly being frazzled and harried? I confess that I have been feeling a bit under it myself. It's been an incredibly difficult week. How have you been doing? Our thoughts are often in Connecticut and our prayers are with them. It can feel overwhelming sometimes. 

When I am feeling this way, I know that it is time to purposely and purposefully disentangle. So sit down with a cup of tea; put your feet up; pray, intercede; read a book; better yet, read the Word; watch the lights on the tree; rest. Trust the Lord to carry the burden. Do it. Please?

Newtown will be observing a moment of silence at 9:30 this morning on this one-week anniversary with a tolling of the bells.

Blessings and comfort...


  1. Oh my Vee

    Bears?! Wow that's some wildlife!! Glad that you have ways to de-srtess and focus on the good.


  2. Bears! Wow! Be careful!

    I've purposely chosen to disentangle and without TV I think that my younger children do not even know what happened this last week. Kyle is so tenderhearted, I think it would hurt him so...he is the very age of some of those children. I cried last night when I saw what those firefighters did at the funeral for that young boy.

    We are focusing on Jesus - thankful for His coming...as you said earlier this week to me "We need Him."


  3. Good morning Vee. I was thinking maybe your bunte teller would keep tales of life about the house during your holiday, and maybe "tell" them. You will have a story to share there with the bear tracks. I'm with you on the plans for a sit down ... my goal is this afternoon ... except for ... that tiny apron I want to sew... but, if you never stop intentionally, you never will stop. Have a wonderful celebration --- aren't you with family today?

  4. Your snow is so pretty. I know about bears! So far at our new home, it looks like there are not any bears....yeah!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Good morning! WOW...bears!? Yes, please be careful....And it IS just how I am feeling this morning...and your sooo right. Time to sit and spend some time with Jesus...Have a wonderful day Vee!

  6. How cool and yet utterly scary knowing you have bears that close to your Home! I am planning to spend the day doing some baking. That was also my plan yesterday and it just didn't happen. So today is the day! After I take a moment of silence for the families in Connecticut! My thoughts will be with them for a while longer thru the coming weeks! Have a warm cozy winter day!

  7. Lovely gifts...

    A BEAR?!? Don't they hibernate, in winter? Who changed the Rules?

    Oh no, I'd never leave garbage out, for any length of time. Could attract all sorts of 'critters,' other than bears. Molly! Oh wow, like I said; "Hang on to Molly!"

    Unlike people who have family coming, and etc., I am not frazzled in that way. I am becoming *upset* over wrapping, left to be done. Did some. Want to do all of it and relax. :-)

    I imagine many people will take a moment of silence, at 9:30AM, today/Friday. And none of us, can get our mind around it....

    But please carry on carrying on, and don't let Darkness engulf us again.

    Gentle hugs....

  8. Bears?! Sounds as if Molly is a very smart girl. I would be a bit fearful and excited, too. Goodness, I've never seen a bear living in the wild (?). I think that bear and cub are living dangerously close to the city, though.

    This year I didn't make any Christmas gifts nor have I done any baking. I was feeling frazzled and decided that isn't what Christ would want me to feel during this holy season. Now, how is that for a reason to just stop? I got the gifts sent to kids, grandkids, siblings and mothers. I took gifts to the county jail for the employees, the post office, the police station, a few neighbors. Christmas cards were sent and I decided to enjoy. I just might decided to make this an annual event!

  9. Only you can write up a post that includes a Christmas decoration gift, packing tips, bear tracks, and tips for propping your feet up for a break. LOL! It's funny how some snow will tell you what visitors have come calling. It may be that they come by often, but there aren't the tracks to give them away! Yes, I would quit putting garbage out on your stoop. And you should make noise (clapping hands, stomping feet) whenever you go out after dusk, just to announce your presence. Black bears are an unpredictable sort.

    We're done with our frenzy of activity. The last of the cookies got baked and I got the ret of the deliveries done yesterday. Whew! Even finished up sending out my e-cards. Now I can get back to editing some photos, the task that never ends but continues to delight.

  10. A BEAR ON YOUR PORCH!!? Oh, you can tell I'm not a wilderness girl (which begs the question of how I gave birth to such a wilderness son...but that's another topic). And brave Molly to have sounded the alarm!

    I had never heard of a "bunte teller" but yours is lovely. I'm sure that your grands will be fascinated by what it holds!

    Ahhhh yes, "disentangling." A wise choice. I am sorry that you have had a difficult week...disentangling, and purposing to be quiet and to spend time with Him is always the right thing to do. I have not had a particularly difficult week (just busy!)...but disentangling is still the right thing to do. Thank you for the encouragement.


  11. Your bunte teller is lovely :) I am not feeling frazzled yet, but give me a minute...
    have a wonderful day

  12. Your Bunte Teller is lovely - and from what I remember from our years in Germany, literally translated it means 'Decorated (or colourful) Plate'

  13. Why aren't those bears hibernating? Good idea not to leave garbage on the stoop! It's fun to learn of different traditions like...Bunte Teller.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  14. Very nice gift, Vee - that gal does know how to pack a gift!

    Your table looks great! Did you have some little elves helping you? :) Just your shredder you say?

    Have a wonderful day - I'm going to disentangle when I get home from work. Yes, I said work. Had to work today - threw another tangle in my hectic week. Bleh...

    Sending warm Texas hugs your way - enjoy!!!

  15. A BEAR??????

    Are you kidding me????

  16. Vee, this post is like having a nice chat on the phone. Except that while you were talking I spied a black transfer ware teapot creamer and sugar. Guess that would be more like Skype (: Beary Christmas!

  17. Hi Vee, Lions, and tigers and bears, oh no! That would make me frazzled too. Last year there was a bear spotting around the block. One of our bird houses had been knocked down in our woods with some familiar tracks. But I have never seen one yet.

    Yesterday we took RJ to see Santa. There were dozes of little children around the age of 5 and 6. As I looked at them and saw the childlike wonder alive waiting to see Santa, I teared up. I turned to my daughter and said "what kind of monster could like up these sweet little faces and destroy them at close range"? Ashley then stopped in Toys r'us while I fed RJ in the car. She said that there was a woman walking with her little girl alongside her, handing out $20.00 gift cards in honor of the children of Newtown. She said that she had stacks of them and when asked, said that she was doing this on her own. I suspect we all feel that urgency to do something because the parents of these little angels must be especially devastated this Christmas.

    All that we can really do is pray for them and stay int he word so that the evil act doe not destroy all of our Christmases.


  18. Bears!! Wow! I haven't seen a one up at Happy Trails yet.

    I've just been doing what I usually do during the week. We will be having a quiet Christmas with just the two of us so there's not much to do.

  19. Sitting here waiting for FedEx to bring a very important package to our home....they were on schedule to have been here no later than 6 minutes ago. Tapping my fingers on the keypad rather than tapping my toes. In the process I have gotten much farther on the bulletin for Sunday's Christmas Service, calculating figures for money owed from two fundraiser groups, cleared more of our dining table, filled and run the dishwasher and more. Thanks FedEx man. More done than I would have if he had come early or on time. Now, I really want him to come so I can get out there and finish up final details. :-) No stress here.....maybe.

    Take care of yourself with the bears around. I hope you get to see them...from a distance.

  20. Hello Vee, lovely photos, I almost spit out my coffee when I read about bear paw prints on your deck! Little too close for comfort. I never heard of a bunte teller but I have made arrangements like this for the holidays in the past. I love the look. Now I know what to call them. You give such good advice, dear Vee. xo

  21. Ooh, bears and snow and Christmas! Sounds almost Narnian. I hope your celebration today is filled with that special magic.

    I'm writing this from the school library. Not much going on here today - except I'm taking DOWN the Christmas decorations. Not too much fun. But just a couple more hours and then I'll buy a whack of groceries and head HOME! I'm looking forward to disentangling soon!

  22. What a beautiful post on this first day of winter!
    My favorite pic - of ALL the beautiful ones in today's post! - is the mosaic of John walking around!

    PS.....I am taking your advice!

  23. A lovely Bunte Teller, Vee! It certainly is looking a lot like Christmas at your house....Bears on the porch! Oh, my! It's a little too close. But then I'm remember the Fourteen Bears in Summer and Winter beloved by my children and how that bear family decorated someone's yard for Christmas for them. Somehow, though, I doubt your bears have this in mind!

  24. Your box of goodies is delightful and came at just the right time. We've kept things simple this year so we've stayed pretty calm and quiet! I posted a little bit of our kind of excitement just now. And bears? OH MY! Stay inside, my friend! That's REAL excitement! Sweet holiday hugs!

  25. Hello Vee
    I've tried to comment twice from my iPad as I do every morning but it's giving me grief and I couldn't. Now back from appointments I'd just like to say the bears must find the aroma from your cooking and baking tantalizing.
    Having a small family like we do, becoming frazzled doesn't happen but I can sympathize with those who entertain large groups at this time of year. Enjoy your gathering today.

  26. Oh what a great mosaic of John checking our the BEAR, did you say BEAR tracks!!!! EEk! Be careful over there. I love your Bunte Teller. Your table looks wonderful.
    By the way, you had me at frazzled and harried - that's me today. Just finished a cuuurrrrraaazzzzy week at work and not I'm off till Jan. 2nd - so thankful!
    Vee - have a most wonderful Christmas and may the joy and busyness help to ease the darkness of the past weeks!
    Love and hugs.

  27. A bear so close is concerning!

    That's a lovely gift and she does know how to pack well. Not frazzled by any holiday things here. I'm done shopping, decorating & wrapping. All I have to do is some baking this weekend with my daughter which will be fun!

  28. I am so glad you like your teacup floral, Vee......it was fun making it for you, dear!

    I am glad you like my packing. Been selling china online for 13 years and only had two things break: once when the package went missing and God knows what they did to it by the time it arrived (not my fault but gave full refund,) and the only other time was when I was so swamped I had someone help me pack. Never again, lemme do it! : - )

    I am glad it arrived intact, though. A lot happier than the bear thing, yikes. I have deer but that's pretty much it - bears? Holy moley!!!

  29. What a sweet friend and gifts you have!!!

    Bears? Oh my gosh, I can't imagine bears. It's obvious we live in different parts of the country. The only wild creatures we have are Armadillos, coons or opossums....... (which are harmless, thank goodness).
    Merry Christmas to you my friend!!

  30. You have bears in the hood? That's kind of scary. I hope they are long gone back to the bush where they belong. You received another lovely gift in the mail. I saw on the news about the memorial and the bells this morning. Those poor families facing Christmas without their loved ones. I hope you have a nice weekend Vee. Hugs, Pamela

  31. Wow bears in the front yard, they say Australia is a dangerous country, we do have deadly spiders and snakes but they are all little and shy and don't like people much so stay away most of the time, I surpose they were hungry not much to eat in winter.
    Al the best have a good christmas Merle.......

  32. Hi dear Vee,

    Yes I hold those precious children in my thoughts. The children and their families. I have been suffering with them and need to just stop for a bit.

    Our Luke is going to have his first Christmas. So thankful.

    Sending love to you and John. Please quit sending him out as BEAR BAIT.



  33. How in heavens name did I miss your card party. It seems I had cards for last month but never did find the party. Any way loved this post. I for sure watch John when he is out Bear scouting. All our outdoor decorations ended up in our neighbors yard yesterday. Thank goodness the sun was shining and warm enough for me to go our searching for my bows and bells. I agree UPS had been wonderful. Got things I ordered the very next day. All is ready but cleaning up the floor from ribbon and paper clippings. Blessings

  34. I, too, observed the 20 bells this morning. Cried my eyes out, again. Just the thought still has me crying. Such a hard time.

    Bear? OMYGOSH..I would have a running fit if I saw a bear print on my patio.
    John....BE CAREFUL out there, searching.....
    xo bj

  35. Forget frazzled and harried, YOU HAVE BEARS IN YOUR YARD?!

  36. Rest, now that is a novel idea for me during the holiday season, at this point I am just ready for rest at the end of the holiday. Bears? Oh my! I love seeing the sweet scenes of Christmas in your home. I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas ever!

  37. Morning Vee,
    I read this yesterday and got so busy I forgot to come back and comment.
    A most beautiful gift you have received from Michele and it looks right at home next to The Twelve Teas of Christmas book.
    BEARS?? Oh my goodness, much too close for comfort!
    Your advice in this post is so good.


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