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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Of Creating Audio Books and More

Thank you for sharing your favorite songs of Christmas with me. Thanks to the wonders of the www, I have been able to listen to all of them.  Some I've heard and others I had not so that was a fun adventure. Right now, I'm listening to Michael W. Smith sing Emmanuel, which reminds me that my Christmas cards contain that message and that they are not done. Today I shall remedy that.

John was able to get all his Christmas cards and packages taken care of yesterday. His step seems lighter this morning.  One of the chores hanging over him was reading an audio book for a great-grandson. It's been sitting on the shelf for nearly a year and a half. I decided to press it yesterday knowing how treasured it would be this Christmas. It turned out so darling with John, who has one of Maine's finest and richest accents, reading "All Creatures Great and Small."

I have one of these audio books somewhere that has been waiting two years. Why do we put such things off? They're very easy to do.

And thank you so much for all your good thoughts and prayers for Molly who truly is doing better. Her bill at the vet's was a little high with all the meds we came home with. After a few days, I decided that I should make a hair appointment so I could look and feel better, too. I have such a penchant for looking like a poodle at Christmastime. ;D

I took my new book that Sue sent along for me. (Thank you, Dear Sue!  ) What a sweet gift it has proven to be. I showed my hairdresser and she exclaimed, "I have that tea pot. Would you like to see it?" Sure I would.

My hairdresser moved her business into one of the historical buildings in town and turned the remaining floors into her home. Wow! A house tour. A house tour of a very old and grand building with some of the finest architectural details I've ever seen. Her home has a grand stair way with a balcony landing where she keeps all of her tea things on a ledge along the wall, which is just a bit lower than eye level for me. It's so delightful. Wish that I had my camera with me! So we made plans for a tea. Who knows if anything will ever come of it, though it was certainly fun to do.

Any unusual delights happen to you this week? You know, you can always plan one yourself!

A happy Thursday to you...


  1. So glad that Molly is feeling better.

    It was fun to listen to John's voice on the audio book. That will be treasured. Our middle son and his wife created one for us several years ago and it's a tradition now to open it during the Christmas season and listen to it often.

    Getting packages wrapped and mailed definitely lightens the holiday stress. I'm not there, yet, but am working on it...cards will have to be next week.

    I haven't created a post for my blog yet today. I'd better start thinking about it, but it's much more fun to drop by here for a visit.

  2. I bet that tour of your hairdresser's home was fun! Unexpected piece of bliss! That will be a treasured book for John's great-grand. I'll have to go back to your post yesterday and check out some of the Christmas music! You always have the best ideas!

  3. Hi Vee,

    An unexpected house tour -- what fun! It sounds like a wonderful place. I love historical homes and buildings.

    How great that John read an audio book for his grandson. I'm sure it will be treasured for a lifetime. I must tell you that James Herriot's "All Creatures Great and Small" series are near the top of my list of all-time favorite books. They are such a joy to read; I've read them more than once, and we have the series on DVD.

    I'm really glad to hear that little Molly is feeling better; what a blessing.

    Have a great day, Vee!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. Visiting with the natives was one of my favorite things to do in Maine. I loved the accent, and am totally unable to mimic it. What a wonderful gift to the great. Good post!

  5. Good morning! Aren't those audio books fun? We made 3 of them together this year and the kids just LOVE them. Can't think of anything better really. Glad Molly is doing better. And how fun to get a tour...your right, a GOOD day. Enjoy this one too!

  6. What a great idea, the story book. John did a marvelous job and I am sure it will be treasured for years to come.

  7. What a precious gift to a great grand, or any child for that matter. Can you imagine having something with recorded voices from your own grandparents or great grandparents...oh my, what a true treasure.
    What a nice gift...enjoy!

  8. Good morning Vee. It's trying to be sunny here. We had sent one of the audio books to our grandson and it has worn out! I'm going to buy 2 new ones to take out for both boys next time we go. That is so nice that your hairdresser gave you a tour of her historic home. It's always nice to pamper oneself once in a while. Enjoy the day.

  9. I've not seen an audio book before, but what a great idea. An unexpected delight in touring your hairdresser's home and I do hope you have tea with her one day.
    The 12 Teas of Christmas is one book I don't have but have heard high praise about it.
    I'm off to a sit down turkey dinner tonight hosted by one of the garden clubs in my district, and after dinner I will officiate the installation of their 2013 board. That's about all the excitement I can take for one day, who knows what the weekend will bring!

  10. So glad your sweet Molly is feeling better.

    I love the idea of the audiobook. How precious to have that wonderful voice saved for listening any time a young one wants to hear the story read aloud.

  11. Loved hearing John read...and I do love his accent! I recorded one of those books for my faraway grandchildren a few years ago, and you would have thought that I was on stage in Carnegie Hall or something; I was so nervous. Silly.

    What a delightful surprise to be given an impromptu tour of a wonderful house! And to be invited to tea! Merry Christmas! (And did you leave looking like a poodle? Girl, you crack me up! :D )

    Sooooo relieved that Molly is feeling better!

  12. Vee,
    I bet your g'children do treasure their audio book.! And I love the sound of a heavy New England accent! I need to get a few.
    Oh, the house sound delightful. I love getting a peek into other peoples houses. With blogging we don't have to try to see inside the curtains at night:) Everyone just invites you in for a tour.

  13. Glad to hear that Molly is feeling better.
    The audio book is a great idea and John does it so well!! : )
    Oh cool to get a house tour so unexpectedly.
    My hairdresser is a friend too - met I'm sure you know already from blogging.

  14. I adore that teapot!

    I had a lovely Christmas teapot that was an unusual shape with an English village scene on it. Unfortunately, it was one of two teapots in a box that was dropped in our move here!

  15. I just thought of another favourite "Mary Did You Know?" I love that one!
    Any unusual delights? A big one tonight!....a visit with a blogger we both know and love at her Front Porch!

    1. Would you give each other a big hug from me? =D

  16. What...I'm having a visitor tonite? Yay!

    I think John should go into business...being the voice of children's books. He reads that just perfectly...and his accent is the best.

    How fun to have tour of your hair dressers house. Sounds delightful!

  17. Sounds like a great couple of days, with a serendipitous venture up the staircase thrown in. What's John up to, now that the garage remodel is done? He doesn't seem the type to stay idle.

  18. That's great that John finished that task and that his voice was perfect for it. You are cracking me up...looking like a poodle. I don't go to the hairdresser till next Thursday and my gray is becoming too much of a crown.
    What fun to get a little tour out of your hair appointment. My cards have made the move to the writing desk...and there they sit.

  19. John does have a wonderful voice! Well done!

  20. I really enjoyed hearing John's voice which is so good, and loved what I think of as a Maine accent in "stahs" instead of "stars" as we would say it in the midwest......(I really liked it alot!)

    And what excitement to be invited into this beautiful home. I hope you do have the tea! If you do, bring your camera!!!

  21. How wonderful to live in a place where you can also run your business. I just love tea at Christmas (any time really) and I hope you get to enjoy one there. I enjoyed your video of John. That is a priceless gift. xo

  22. Hi Vee, oh I love John's voice and accent. He can make me an audio book if he likes. Hope your poodle look works out. I have given up on my fine hair...I juts pin it up now or it is too wispy and limp.

    xo Terri

  23. What fun to get a house tour! The audio book is a wonderful idea. Your fella has a nice voice!

  24. Ohhh, how wonderful to have a house tour, of that wonderful old home, by your Hair Dresser! Oh oh oh oh oh!!!!

    When are you due for a trim? Please take your cam with you and simply tell her, that you will be drummed out of Pretty Blog Land, if you don't post some pics of her place. :-)))))))))

  25. And a happy Thursday to you too!

    Yes dear, we have to take care of ourselves, and it makes us feel better about things to look somewhat passable.

    Yes, I make the balsamic syrup. I think that it was Melissa Kelly (Primo Restaurant in Rockland, Maine) who first alerted me to the fact that you can get the same taste without all the $$$$$$$. It is delicious. Sometimes when I am toasting slivered almonds, walnuts, or pine nuts for a salad, I drizzle the syrup on top of the nuts and quickly stir them. Yummy.

    Happy day!


  26. P.S. I LOVE crockpot chili. What a great meal for a cold day!!!

  27. I am glad to hear that Molly is doing better. Peanut and I are keeping her in our prayers.
    Loved that little video of John's recording. He has a great accent and it was a joy to hear it. I think of this recorded audiobook as a gift that will keep on giving. Just recently I called my sister and was greeted by her (pre-stroke) cheerful answering machine message. I wished I could have a copy of it to listen to from time to time. I was also recently thinking how as time goes on it's harder and harder to conjure up the memory of my parent's voices. How nice it would be to have a book like this to remember by. Photos are wonderful reminders of our missing loved ones, but hearing their voice again is a real comfort. Hope this didn't come off as morbid, just a few recent thoughts about the sound of voices we sometimes take for granted.

  28. I have that book by Emilie Barnes! I use the Peanut Brittle recipe from it every year! Also, I think this is where my Mock Devonshire Cream recipe came from.

    I hope you do have tea with your hairdresser! Her house sounds delightful! I'd love to see it!

    We had an unexpected delight yesterday - Sarah got a kitten of her very own! A longed for pet!


  29. Oh what a fabulous treasure for the Grands!!! Love the idea soo much!

    That must have been so wonderful to peek into her home - sounds like a treat to me!


  30. Great find -- love this idea -- I had remembered then forgot and now you have reminded me -- gotta see if I can get three to do before Christmas..
    One of my favorite book and music to read and play during the season is "The Forgotten Carols" this is a Christmas keeper!..
    Hugs.. Happy Holidays..

  31. Glad to hear Molly in on the road to recovery, vet bills are rather steep my vet often gives me the name of the product in the human form and the local chemist gives me the right dosage and a liquid form if it is an ongoing medication it works out a lot cheaper.

  32. These books are so nice to give...and to receive.
    Sure glad to hear Molly girl is better. See..I told ya she would rally. :))
    Of course, I couldn't really know that...just thought she would feel better thru Christmas. God is so good...all the time.
    xo bj

  33. Oh how delightful, your John recording that book. What a treasure that will be in years to come.
    I am very anxious to see pictures of your hairdressers home. I love old homes that have been given loving care.

  34. P.S. Glad the pup is feeling better.

  35. Loved listening to your husband read! I truly love to hear different accents, it makes the world so much more interesting. An unexpected house tour is a lovely delight. It happened to my mom this past summer at a yard sale, and she still talks about what a wonderful time it was.

  36. Hi Vee, So glad to her your furry friend is doing better. We sure do love our pets!

    I've always wanted to record a book for the grandkids but just never get to it. How great of your hubby, it will be treasured I'm sure.

    A house tour sounds like fun, take care!

  37. John did a wonderful job! I have one of those books in my possesion but it is one that the grandchild is supposed to record along with me, so I've been saving it until #1 was old enough. The right time might be very soon :)

    One of our dear friends was born and raised in Rhode Island, but has lived 40+years in Brooklyn, NY. His RI accent stay as strog as ever, which makes me feel secure my Brooklyn accent will survive in Colorado, whether I like it or not ...lol!!!!

    I love old homes with wonderful architectural accents -- it sounds like your hairdresser has one and it would be the perfect palce to share a tea time.

    I went shopping with a friend today and then wrapped and packed all my framed photographs -- I have a crate full!

  38. I LOVED hearing John's voice!!!! It is amazing to me to know that this man - this voice - has PRAYED for me and mine!! What an amazing GIFT! Thank you both so very much! I have missed several posts so I am off now to play catch up on what you have been up to!

  39. I would love to do an audio book for my grands! Just wondering what a Maine accent sounds like!


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