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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Is Christmas Staying or Going~Quill Cottage Birds

Thank you for all the sweet comments about this page's background. You can head to the background site I used by clicking on the icon that they so conveniently place in the corner up there to the left.

It's Christmas at my house all over the place. Outside. Inside. I am loving it. I'll enjoy it to the max until I must join the rest of the world in packing it away. Soon, I'll probably stop sharing inside photos because I'll feel ever so slightly awkward each day that we go past New Year's Day with everything still in place. I'll feel awkward with you, not with us.

However, I needed a little change on the blog. Why? Because, though I always find deeper colors cozy colors, I needed something a little brighter. It's purely psychological...we got a lot of that going on...and artificial. I know very well that 2013 is going to be fraught with all manner of challenges. In the U.S., we must pay the piper for the choices made in early November. And pay we shall. This is not an if, but a when. I promise to do my best to keep my spirits up; perhaps yours, too. And the best I can think to remind us of is this: God, and He alone, is our Source. (Not the president, the queen, the parliament, the congress, the prime minister, whoever [one might think] is in charge.) This is going to be important to remember this year. Probably next. Probably forever.

So to that end, I have been packing away Christmas on the blog. My sweet icons on the sidebar have gone. Some links will fade off, but not before sharing this Christmas idea. It's not original with me as I've not had an original thought since 1961.

I've been sharing the most wonderful Christmas ornament/crafting resource in my sidebar. It was a labor of love from Miss Sandy at Quill Cottage. Yesterday, I just wanted to make something...something that I couldn't eat =D. I decided to create a little bird using *these directions* and an old Christmas card. It turned out pretty cute. The little dictionary bird was the first one made a few years ago...love him so much that he stays out year around. Together they show that there are many papers one can use for an almost completely different look. This is a great, easy project for children and seniors and everybody in between. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. Just thought I'd mention it before you pack up those Christmas cards and I remove all traces of Christmas in my sidebar.

I've got a little guest coming for an overnight stay tonight. Ahhh...more Christmas sweetness. ☺

A happy weekend to you!


  1. Good morning Vee
    Soon, I will be taking the Christmas decor down too and it's always disappointing not to have the twinkling lights of the tree to gaze at any more.
    The birds are cute and I will save the pattern myself to see what I can create. Thank you for sharing this adorable craft.

  2. Thank you for keeping Christmas going...it is healing to my soul. Yes 2013 will bring huge challenges...if I stop to think of it I sink....my husband's temporary job has a huge chance of being cut....but again, our source is in Him, and I need to beat the sidewalks for a job for myself.

    You have great ideas.......keep sharing them...and hey! 1961 is a great year, I was born that year!

    Have a great weekend...love your new format, how creative.

  3. I am with you on that one, Vee. I usually take it all down Jan 3rd. I am busy the next few days and my Christmas stuff must stay a little while longer too. It's quite a big deal to put it all away. Ugh.

    I ADORE your birdie craft. I am going to have to try that soon. It's so cute!

    Have a fabulous day- and I feel you deeply on your thoughts of troubles a brewing. I know EXACTLY what you are saying. And find peace in knowing that God is truly in charge, and this isn't our "war" to worry about - the peace you give yourself by not worrying will give you strength where it matters: in your heart and soul and passing it on to others.


    1. Not quite with me, Michele. I never take anything down before the 7th and sometimes the weekend following. People look at me strangely. It's okay. I have grown to love my extended holy days.

  4. Can't wait to try these cute little birds. Maybe for next year.
    All my Christmas is packed away...we will have movers coming sooon to move out all the boxes...then, we can begin the work of getting our house ready for the market.

    We were just talking last night about the next few years because of choices made last Nov. I am here to tell you, I don't think "we've seen NOTHing yet." I hope everyone can get their loans or whatever they have going paid off and hold on to the little amount of money they possibly can...things are about to get really rough, I think.

    Oh, dear...I am so far behind in my visiting...oh, and.....I never, EVER go to read a blog without leaving at least a HI for them in their comments.:)

    Now, I am going over to shop around for a new blog look....yours is so pretty. Love the color...

  5. I LOVE those paper birds - thanks for sharing this pattern. I have years worth of saved Christmas cards and I just might need to create some of these little lovelies. Enjoy the time with your wee overnight guest! My Christmas decorations will be put away sometime next week - so sad. Happy New Year to you and yours and perhaps 2013 will be better than you imagined! 13 is my lucky number so I'm trying to stay positive too!

  6. Love the quill birds! So cute! I had to pack up Christmas early this year in my home, because January will be super busy for me, but now I need to work on my blog. It still screams Christmas! lol! ...enjoy your little guests tonight and have a great weekend! :)

  7. I liked you page so much I went and got me one. Not like yours, tho I love to copy you :D but one from that site. I needed something and I'd forgotten that background site. I love your header and wish I could figure out how to do that too.
    Happy New Year!

  8. 1) Please don't feel awkward with us (in Pretty Blog Land), about anything you post. Please.

    2) We are each, an individual. Some close down a Holiday, quickly. Some love for a Holiday, to linger. What kind of "Blogging Rule" says that we all have to dooooooooooooo anything, at the same time?????

    3) Inside, outside, any-where photos! They all rock! "Auntie" sezzzzzz...!

    4) What each blogger resonates with, at all/any time, is so interesting! I love to notice changes in Blog Looks. Such changes are peeks into the Dear Blogger herself. At that particular time, that is. She and her Blog Look may change, at any time. And that's super-duper tooooo!

    5) Fun idea!

    6) Do enjoy your little guest! :-) Of course you will! :-)

    7) Remember, Dear One... We are free to do anything-we-choose, with our blogs. At any/all times. And to show whatever photos we have, at the moment. Please...

    8) 'CAUSE... "Auntie" sezzzzzz...! :-)


  9. How delightful! I forgot to mention your new blog look yesterday, but I did notice it. It looks quite chipper. And chipperness (if that is truly a word) is exactly what we need right now. Contemplating the next four years of nonsense and consequences either irks me or depresses me. Back and forth I go. Thank you for the sweet reminder that God is always in charge. We shall weather the storm ahead. Others will not, sadly.

    I've already started deconstruction of Christmas decorations here at our cottage. Today will be a messy day, as the boxes get strewn about and carted back to storage. We are entertaining next week, so I need to get things in order and then do some proper (as opposed to my usual improper) housecleaning tasks.

  10. Vee,

    Thank you for the sweet mention. I love the idea of recycling Christmas cards for making the birds! I hope to be back to regular posting soon. If I don't return before then have a very Happy New Year!

  11. Good Saturday morning to you Vee. We are having Christmas morning the second today at my house. As soon as all the kiddos are up we'll check and see what Santa left in the stockings and then we'll have second Christmas breakfast (same as the first) and then open up the gifts under the tree. All I know is that the tree has to be out of my living room by Thursday because we resume small group that night and the tree is taking up 3 places where people could be otherwise sitting...
    Have a wonderful weekend and I'm sure you'll enjoy your overnight guest!

  12. I love Sandy's vintage Christmas ornaments and instructions. My plan is to create such a tree for 2013.

    Inside and outside your home are so warm and welcoming. Well, it might not be warm outside, but that beautiful snow certainly lends to the ambience of the warmth inside!

  13. I changed things up a bit over at the cottage too!

    The only decor inside going away soon, is my tree. Sniff, sniff! It's real and DRY! All the garlands etc, will stay up and keep our spirits cheerful during these dark, cold days!

    Enjoy that wee visitor!


  14. What a great idea to use a recycled card on the birds. They came out really nice. Good for you. Hope you had a good time with your overnight guest. Have a wonderful weekend Vee, more snow coming our way. ~ Abby

  15. I love today's post! I love your new background. I love that you are keeping Christmas decorations until January 7th. (I am going to do the same thing...although for the first time!...as we are hosting a Christmas party on the 6th. It was the only time that everyone in this particular group of friends was free, so we're just going to go with it.) I love that you are having a sweet overnight visitor...such fun! And I love this bird craft. I am going to bookmark it to try later when I'm not planning for a party of some kind. (Tomorrow is a 50th birthday party for my sister.)

    Yep, I loved this post! Lots of love! (Did I tell you that my son-in-law's coworker thought that LOL meant "lots of love"? We have giggled about that more than once!)

  16. I love your sweet birds. It always seems like such a waste to throw away cards with such gorgeous artwork on them. We get to have a sleepover on New Year's Eve too. Would we have ever imagined when we were young that we would get excited over babysitting our grandchildren?

    I love your background, it's beautiful. I love the colors they used. Well, Christmas may be over but winter is just beginning. Did you get much snow? We are expecting snow later today.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.


  17. Good morning Vee! Your blog looks so festive and beautiful! Sandy's bird ornaments are darling...I will have to try to make some next year.

    I can't believe I'm actually online before 11PM at night...lol. I am exhausted from packing all my kitchen and dining room yesterday. We sold a few pieces of furniture on Craig's List and I've been thrilled with how easy it was and how nice the people were who came to buy them.

    I always try to stay optimistic about our country's future. Over Christmas my extended family had a discussion over how our ancestors came here so long ago, so poor, uneducated and discriminated against. Through hard work and scrafice their descendants flourished. It was worse back then -- my parents told me many stories about how their families suffered during the Great Depression. Prayers always help, and every day I say a prayer for the USA and all it stands for.

    Have a very Happy and Blessed New Year!


    1. Yes, times have been very hard in the history of this country, but who could have imagined that in the 21st Century we'd be facing such difficult challenges that they threaten to wipe out the thought of former difficult times? Well, with the exception of Valley Forge. Now those brave men had grit!

  18. Hi Vee - I'm here, still in full Christmas mode with you. We celebrate Christmas from December 24th to January 6th. I don't get the mad hurry to get everything decorated in the first week of December and torn down on the 26th or 27th. THESE days are Christmas.
    Now back to the cosy fire and twinkling tree.....

  19. It will be very interesting to see what 2013 holds for us! Somehow I think the lean years we have faced recently are not going away. I'll start packing away Christmas right after the first week in January. Always sad to see the cheery lights go but good to have the house back to 'normal' again.

  20. I have put my little Christmas tree away for another year.

    I am praying that this New Year will be a good one for us all.

  21. Hi Vee, Glad I'm not alone in not wanting to take down decorations. Down they shall come on Monday though. It has been so cold here and I have just been enjoying some lazy days. Blessings to you and yours this 2013; yes I imagine we will all be paying alot due to the choice of some. I think everyone involved in stalling this problem should have salaries withheld until they can come to a compromise. I'll try not to get started.
    Have a great day friend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  22. I love to keep my Christmas decorations and tree up as long as possible, too, Vee. I never tire of having it around me as well as the sweet memories. I love the little bird! It's so peaceful to just sit and create.

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas!


  23. Good for you...creating a bird from a Christmas card. I always pack away all my cards with good intentions of using them the next year...and it never seems to get beyond good intentions! Your birds are sweet!

    I never even think about taking down Christmas until after the New Year. Then it is time!

  24. Beautiful...thank you for sharing Vee. I really like the bird ornament you made. Thanks for the link to A Quill Cottage Christmas...beautiful site.

  25. Hi Vee, your blog looks beautiful, the photos in the header are gorgeous and look like miniature paintings. I love your paper birds. I am going to check out the directions. I agree, God is in charge always, he makes the kings......and Presidents! I believe in the 12 days of Christmas, a beautiful thing! xo

  26. I always enjoy the look of your blog, enjoy that sleepover!!!

  27. Such beautiful bird ornaments! They turned out lovely, Vee. I save all cards. Save. Save. Save. It is time I did something with them! Thanks for the great idea!

  28. Oh those little birds are so cute.
    Like your snowy picture. I love how the sky always seems extra blue when there is snow around. We were supposed to get snow today but everything is just wet.

  29. Thanks for the idea using old cards. You don't need to feel awkward about posting about or leaving up your Christmas decorations. Christmas isn't over until January 6th (this year). Our decorations will be up until then.

  30. Oh Vee, I'm still very much in Christmas mode. In fact we have company coming tonight for supper and I have everything looking cozy with candles and lights and trees and mini lights everywhere. I love it and hate to see it go. So stay it will. Until New Year's Day. I already put a few things away but not much that one would notice. I don't even think Murray noticed. :) Your home made birds are adorable. Another storm coming in tonight and tomorrow. # 3. Take care, enjoy your special guest. Hugs, Pam

  31. Beautiful job, Vee, I always keep my Christmas cards and what a wonderful way to keep them going! Thanks for sharing.
    Though our Christmas was simple this year DH and I have enjoyed every moment, every evening he tells me how pretty the tree is, and how he thinks it is the prettiest one ever. With complements like that I find it very hard to take it down. !smile~ Like you I think there are some difficult times ahead, I am so thankful for the faithfulness of my heavenly Father!! who has written and signed "THE BOOK"

  32. OOPs! I forgot to mention how fresh and pretty your blog is, I tried working on mine yesterday, but blogger wasn't helping me, so if by chance you stop by and see it dissolved please know I pushed the wrong button!

  33. Thank you for the bird link and for all the Christmas spirit you have offered on your blog! May you and your visitor have extra special fun times tonight making memories!

  34. I love this time of year! I got snow pics from some of my family in WV today! It can be so much fun for the little ones. Love the look of your blog and I'll go visitin' now! Sweet hugs!

  35. Oh my. I got so excieted about the IPad that I failed to comment about the new look. I just love coming here. You header has a Norman Rockwell-ish look to it. Bravo!

  36. I'm loving your snowy pictures & 'Winter Wonderful Land' blog decor. You've inspired me to change my blog header & sidebars. We had snow for a few minutes on Friday, but no accumulation. For now I'll have to settle for seeing your snow pics.


  37. Your blog is so pretty, Vee, and so is your header. I'm with you on keeping Christmas up until Jan. 6 or so. I love Christmas and want to enjoy it as long as I can. Sometimes methinks those who yank down their stuff and pack it away so quickly don't love it as much as I do! Our friends that were here for dinner last night really appreciated our home still being decked out in Christmas decor, too.

    I'm more than a bit worried about what the future holds, same as you. I feel like we're just sitting ducks waiting for something to happen, but we know God holds the future. Not presidents (and other leaders) who think that they are God.

    You know I love my birdies and I have a stash of old Christmas cards that I'll try to fashion some birds out of. Thanks for the link!

    Have fun with your little visitor.

  38. Vee
    Hang on to the spirit of Christmas as long as you can! I agree 2013 will have it's challenges. But you're right our source comes from above, not man! Amen to that.
    Love those sweet recycled card birdies. What happened in 1961 to end your creativity? Although I don't believe you for a second:) Just the way you display your treasures in your home shows you still have a few light bulbs hovering!
    Enjoy the g'sons tonight!

  39. Those birds of Sandy's are so sweet. I made some a couple of years ago and still use them. Making them from Christmas cards is a brilliant - and original - idea!
    I hope you enjoyed your sleepover guest. I'm catching up on blogging after hosting the family on Saturday. Wait, was that just yesterday?

  40. More changes. Do like it but for myself I find it hard to find the time to post once or twice a week without bothering with my background. I think I also like the continuity and don't go for season changes on the blog nor in the house.

  41. Hi Vee

    Look like I've got a lot to catch up on here...7 posts worth. I like the winter wonderland look too. It is winter after all. For us at The Old Parsonage you know that we are still Christmas-ing - because we want to!


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