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Monday, December 3, 2012

Need A Hostess™ Fix Yet?

My daughter needed a lemon pie fix so I decided to use up the Comstock™ lemon pie filling and the Pillsbury™ pie crusts left over from Thanksgiving to make these sweet little half moon pies.

I found whatever extra information I needed right *here.* In the interest of total honesty, by daughter rated them a 3 on a 1–5 scale. John rated them a 4.5; I rated them a 4. So the problem seems to be the crust. They want my own crust back. Rats. I was just beginning to think that I had found a good use for pre-made crusts.

So, really, those of you who are in the U.S., have you missed Twinkies? Devil Dogs? Anything from Hostess™?

Christmas cards started arriving last week. This is a reminder that I have not yet started mine. One arrived from my cousin filled with photos his wife thought I might like to have. Yes. There's no gift quite so lovely as having photos tumble from a Christmas card providing images to go along with the stories. There are relatives lined up on the bench that sits on the cottage porch. They're in boats and waiting at train stations. My grandfather is the group clown and my mother grins at me from her fourteenth year. There's one photo where my step-grandfather, his first wife, my grandmother, and grandfather are all together. (My grandfather and my step-grandfather were best friends as were my grandmother and my step-grandfather's first wife. After my grandfather died followed a few years later by dear Addie... I never knew either of them as they were gone before I was born... my grandmother and step-grandfather married when I was three. It was a perfectly wonderful arrangement and most especially for me. My step-grandfather was my favorite grandparent of the lot. ☺ Wonder if my sister would say the same...) 

~memories in a Christmas Card~

Just to prove that sometimes I take a better picture than others...

Weather conditions in my corner...freezing rain. It's supposed to moderate and
 turn pleasant and mild.

A pleasant day to you...


  1. Morning Vee

    Well those pies look yummy - but a lot of times our old tried and true recipes are best. Love that icicle photo!

    Enjoy the blessings of the season!


  2. Interesting to hear about the piecrust--since I've just started to use that ready made pie dough. hubby likes it as he gets pies more often. I have a little mold for those little pies --I brought back from a trip to South America. Meat pies looking like that are very popular there ..called empanadas.

    I love old photos and examine them closely for all I can get out of them. My husband's favorite grandparent also was his step-grandfather...he had a big influence on his step grandson!

  3. The little lemon pies look wonderful. I use pillsbury sometimes and make my own other times. I trick myself into thinking the ready made is just as good....until I make my own.

    Yikes! Christmas cards!! I need to go buy some...where is my address book? Where are my stamps? I need to get these boxes unpacked!

  4. Miss Hostess stuff? Nope, haven't eaten any of that stuff, in ages.

    NO ONE can tell me, that a Hostess (or any store bought) crust is ANYTHING like a home made crust! NO ONE! What's-with your family?

    All they can miss is the horrible made-with-lard-taste, of any/all boughten desserts. "Auntie" sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

  5. I love photos in a Christmas card, and a note is always a nice surprise. Haven't even begun to start mine yet, probably should get going on that one. Haven't missed anything from hostess, not even a twinkie

  6. Christmas cards... Always dreaded doing them. A lot of years ago, I stopped. Ahhhhhhhhhhh... The Relief!!!!! -chuckle-

    If one loves doing cards, wonderful! Just-not-me. And not some others, also. I'm not alone in this. :-)

    Oh my, you do have freezing rain! -sigh- PLEASE, both of you, be careful!!! From now on, any step taken without-paying-attention, can result in disaster. Disaster=broken bone!!!!!

    Here, he started watching for 'black ice,' already, going out for the papers in the morning.

    Btw, how, how, how is your Dear, Dear, Dear little oldest 'Grand' doing, with his re-broken bone?????????????????????????????? Such a sweetheart he is.

    Ding-dang surgeons not setting 1st one right!!! I'd have been trying to BREAK surgeon's leg! To pay him back for sweet 'Grands' re-break!!!! Grrrrrrr... Oh this makes me so mad!!!! Grrrr...

    -chuckle- Happy Mon. morning! I'm Grrrrrring already, in comments!!!!!!!!! LOL

  7. Good morning! Haven't missed those twinkies. They will forever remind me of packing school lunches for my kids.. Every once in a great while I would slip one of those in as a surprise. The surprise would be that I had managed to hide them somewhere they hadn't found and already eaten them all. NO pie crust ia as good as homemade, but there are some CLOSE seconds, haha. Christmas cards are all done...not mailed...but all made out. Enjoy your day!

  8. Re: Christmas cards! There is a way, to have the best of both worlds, ya' know. One can do what Elaine St. James does...

    She keeps the Christmas cards she receives. After the holidays, when the frenzy has worn down, she grabs one at a time, over time, and writes a nice note to that person(s). And sends it.

    No hassle on her part. A lovely surprise, on the part of the person receiving note, since they are not being daily inundated with the Christmas cards of others.

    And Elaine peacefully writes card replies, and sends them over time, in the blah-after-holiday-season. :-)

    Win! Win! Maybe?

  9. I've never made those hand pies before but individual size is appealing. I've been using the Pillsbury ready made dough from the dairy section for pies and it's perfect for my needs.
    Always interesting to look at old photos, but what to do with them? I can't remember the last time we had photos printed, everything is on the computer for viewing.
    Since I started making my own cards (I belong to a stamping group) I enjoy sending them, the only draw back is the price of stamps these days.

  10. The pies look good to me. I like using the ready crust because it saves so much time.

    I have to get busy with my Christmas cards too!

  11. I don't think I have ever had a Twinkie so I guess I won't miss them. I love lemon pie, my second favourite to coconut cream and your turnovers look quite yummy to me. I'd love to have a taste test. I love that you received some wonderful old photos in the mail. So fun to look them over and figure out who's who. I'm glad we didn't get freezing rain here. It's just mild and cloudy today but it was drizzly yesterday. I love the ice dripping photo. I think M and I are going for a walk. We need it!! Enjoy the day.

  12. The lemon pies sound wonderful! And I haven't missed the Twinkies yet, but I do miss Merita Bread! ha!

    Love the photo of the ice drip!

  13. Happy Monday Vee! Your pies look really delish. I have several crusts and some oil filling on hand here, so I may have to try these for the kiddos. I haven't missed Hostess or Twinkies, but then again I probably haven't had one since I was in college. We have had a couple of cool mornings, but I am beginning think it is going to be an almost nonexistent winter again this year. It's supposed to be 75 today and tomorrow! I love winter (yes, I'm not normal) so this is not enjoyable. Oh well...

    Have a wonderful week. I'm wrapping presents today.

  14. Mmmmm...lemon pie and a cup of coffee sounds like the perfect comfort food for a day with freezing rain! Lemon pie is a favorite of mine, and I prefer it without the meringue, so yours look awfully tempting this morning. I have never been a fan of Hostess products (not that I scorn sweets or fats or anything else I'm afraid). I much prefer Tastykake...and their lemon pies could be my downfall if I didn't use restraint. (I am able to use restraint only in the store...if I brought them into my home, I would be helpless.)

    Do you bake or fry your hand pies?

    I do send Christmas cards. I intended to work on them last week, but spent most of the week decorating. Maybe this week...

    Stay warm and dry until the warming trend arrives...

  15. I'm going to try the pies with the prepared crust. I'm just plan lazy! :D :D I love Christmas cards. I love receiving and sending ... all the pretty scenes and the memories. I was never fond of Twinkies, but did like the small, powdered sugar donuts and the cupcakes -- the ones with the chocolate frosting and the *surprise* in the center!

  16. It's nearly 70 here today and we got a little rain last night.Reminds me of Texas at Christmas time, but not what we expect in Illinois! Your pies are quite lovely at least they look so. I'm sure they were delish. No, every artificial confection in the world could disappear and I wouldn't miss it because we don't eat them, though I feel sad about those people loosing their jobs. I haven't started sending cards yet either, and the only one I have is from my insurance company. Thank God for those people! I love Christmas cards, but so few send them any more and they are awfully expensive.

  17. Those memory photos are such a great gift! They obviously brought back a flood of memories for you. Those little lemon treats look delicious. Our weather has suddenly turned mild and rainy and there hardly a stitch of snow left on the ground. This makes for better driving conditions I must say! Have a great week.

  18. GRRRR I just wrote the single most long comment EVER and it stuck and then disappeared.


    Vee, I am not going to type it all again but wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this post. All of it.

    Have a blessed and wonderful day, my friend.


  19. When we lived in TN, fried pies were a common treat. Your pies reminded me of those and how special it was to visit a home where those were always offered.

    Treasured photos are certainly a wonderful gift. How fortunate that you received them ~ very thoughtful.

    It's raining here and 45° - can you believe it?! So glad we don't have ice. Be extra careful when walking Molly.

  20. Vee, my pie crust recipe is so easy and it makes four disks, that easily freeze up to 6 months. The best thing is that it is so flaky and I've done the science so that no matter how much you roll it out, it doesn't get tough! I guess what I feel sad about are the people who will lose their jobs because of Hostess closing, but with the obesity issue in this country, the Twinkies, HoHo's, and Ding Dongs probably won't be missed.
    I'm not even close to getting my cards out...they may have to be New Year cards at the rate I'm going!! Have a happy week, XOXO

  21. Yum! Those treats look wonderful! The would be perfect with my cup of coffee right now :) I love Christmas cards....thankfully I was able to get mine done and sent off on Saturday - what a load off the shoulders. I hope you have a lovely day!


  22. I don't think I've EVah made a pie. I don't think my mother did either. So you can send those cute little half-mooners my way.
    What a special gift, good ol' fashioned snapshots. Have a blessed week.

  23. What a wonderful surprise to receive those old family photos. I haven't received any cards yet, and I did not even buy mine. I usually buy them half off right after Christmas but I didn't do that last year. Great photo of the frozen rain drops. xo

  24. Twinkies have been popular with some up here as well...for decades. As for me, I've never tasted one, so I won't be missing them.

    Love your Christmas card with memories from by-gone days!

    Sorry you have to revert to pie-crust making once again:)

  25. Oh I need to make some small pies...I haven't ever done that and it would be fun...I know Benjamin would love them. I hope your grandson is doing better...still praying and thinking of him

    Christmas cards...less and less per year, more coming through facebook or email...not as excited to go to the mailbox anymore...that is sad

  26. What a wonderful Christmas card to have all those photos fall out of. : )
    The lemon turnovers look so good.
    I received the first two Christmas on the same day, 1 week before Thanksgiving!!! That is just too early for me!!
    I have my Christmas cards and later I am going to at least write out a list. The last couple of years I didn't sent any out and missed it so will be going back to sending them out. My list will be a lot smaller than is used to be though.

  27. Oh drat! I totally forgot about the Christmas card part of Christmas. I have the cards purchased last year at the half off sales and I have the photo since we did have that family gathering in March but it slipped my mind that I'd have to tuck that photo into the card and mail them off. OYE! I guess I'll stop at the Post Office today and buy some Christmas stamps! I'm amazed that you have received cards already. Some people really are industrious...

  28. Everyone has a story and yours with the step grandfather and grandmothers sound fascinating!

    I love the donuts! I shall miss them.....but I didn't need them anyway!

  29. I had one bite of a Twinkie once, and I don't think I swallowed it. I can taste the chemicals in that stuff. Your little moon pies look great and a 3.5 means they probably didn't go begging.
    Cards with photos - what a great idea! So thoughtful. I haven't even started with cards. Guess I'd better if I'm going to.

  30. I think home made dough tastes better, too, although I've used pre-made doughs from time to time for convenience. Lemon hand pies sound good! I have not had a twinkie since childhood but I do admit to enjoyig a Devil Dog now and then. I have a feeling some company will
    buy them.

    I am writing a Christmas letter this year for many of my distant family and friends, Vee. I usually send a family photo card every year but as we had so much happen this year, and we'll have a new address in the new year, I thought a letter with all our info would be better. I have yet to work on it -- better get busy!

  31. Priceless photos in the card! You have made me hungry with your lemon pies. Can't say that I am missing Hostess cakes....I'd just as soon have a candy bar if I'm gonna break all the diet rules!!!
    Have a blessed evening, Vee.

  32. Vee
    Your family photos are a real treasure. I enjoyed the memories you shared to go with the pictures.
    We call your half moon pies empanadas. I used to make fruit ones when the kids were at home. So sorry your not going to get out of making that homemade crust. Roll on...

  33. What a gift to get the old photos, love them. Lemon pie tarts, yum. I don't think I've ever seen the lemon pie filling, will need to look for that. I've yet to become an expert in the pie crust yet but am working on it. Have a wonderful day. Warm here, sunny and in the 40's. ~ Abby

  34. What a great idea and how wonderland to get these photo's in Christmas cards. I would love them too.

  35. Vee,
    What a delight...to have the photos tucked in the card! I *forgot* to send out the handful of Christmas cards we mail last year. It seemed a good strategy, so I plan to repeat it again this year.
    No, don't miss the Hostess treats. I'm a sweets snob. Homemade all the way. That's just the way I roll.
    Have a marvelous week!

  36. I love the old photos, AND the OLD CRUST...homemade. You can't get out of it!



  37. Hi Vee,
    That is a good picture.

  38. Your pies look mighty good! I think your kitchen would be a fun place to be.
    As to Twinkies, it seems like they are onr of those things I was always NOT supposed to eat, pure sugar, so of course I ate them. :)
    Yes, the little one in my pics is Gracie, our 7 moneth old, with her little sister on the way. Such joy! :)

  39. Forgot to comment on the Hostess thingy. Twinkies were my absolute favorite when I was a little girl, loved all that cream filling. I had one as an adult and realized over the years they had skimped on the filling :(

  40. Those kinds of photos are the best! My cousin recently posted a photo of my great grandmother (on my Mom's side) as a young woman! I'd never seen her so young!

    I am not so into Twinkies and things...though I ate my share of them in my childhood!


  41. Those lemon pies look delicious. Lemon is my favorite flavor. Vee. I have my Christmas cards in a stack on my table as I write this. Now I just have to write them out and send them.

    Have a lovely evening.


  42. Yum! The lemon pies look good. I'd have to put chocolate pudding in mine, tho. :)
    I don't miss Twinkies, but I sure miss Wonder Bread. It was one of my favorite breads even tho white bread is supposed to be bad for you. I like Sara Lee, too.
    Be careful on the ice! My son was home over the weekend and reminded me that December 2 over 20 years ago was when I fell on ice and busted up my ankle really bad. He was just a kid then and home from school with a fever the day it happened, so he remembers vividly the day I fell and pulled myself along on the ice to the house and through the door and to the phone to call for help. I kinda remember something about that day myself. :)

  43. If I had those ingredients, I'd go make me some right now. They look and sound delicious to me.

    I loved Twinkies many moons ago, but I'd take one of your lemon pies instead!


  44. Pie crust is an art. If you can do it, make the sacrifice for your loved ones. I am the enemy of pie crust. I have never ever mastered that skill.

  45. The only prepared pie crust I've ever found that I actually like is PILLSBURY. They are pretty good...doesn't compare to a flaky, homemade one but still pretty good. :)

    I love old pics, too, Vee, and nearly always cry when I look at them.

    We are still having weather in the 70's....and I haven't missed Hostess, yet.

  46. I use Pillsbury all the time. I rarely make my own pie crust and I basically make everything else from scratch.

    Yikes looks so cold where you are! We've been having an abnormally warm winter. It's in the 70's!!

  47. Mmm, little lemon pies! I bet lemon or lime curd would be delectable in one of those too. And make pie crust? Oh, that is something that I leave to Mr. Jim. He is the chef of the house. I am the cleanup crew.

    We have Little Debbie products down here in TN, and they make twinkie-like confections and a whole lot more! And with TN being a right-to-work state, we don't bow down to union bosses that seem intent on destroying businesses. We probably spent a couple hundred dollars in Little Debbie snacks for the construction crew while we were building our new cottage, LOL!

  48. Hi Vee:
    Hope your holidays were good! Blimey, getting cold here, due for quite the storm tonight.

    Twinkies still in abundance here, will continue have them produced as there is an independent company that makes them here. So by all means, come up and grab some ;)

    Happy New Year

    Lisa xo


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