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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let Your Light Shine

It's turning into "Bleak Mid-Winter" around here — snow upon snow. Okay, it's now freezing rain upon snow, which is worse. Time to make the house cheery and do some baking and think about packages and such things. Our "main" Christmas with the most family members will be this Friday. So there is much to do!

Still gray and oh what a difference a few colored lights makes...

Thank you for your thoughts in yesterday's comments. I see that they echo my own. In the distress of the first hours, many felt that a day (or days) of silence would be the right thing to do; in the ensuing days, we have rethought it and feel that it is best to go on. The children are returning to school today. Apparently, normalcy helps people recover best. They are already moving forward and so my prayers are for the parents who put the children on the bus — what courage! For the teachers who return to work — what courage! For the students who face this day in a new school — what courage! It will be wonderful for them to see their teachers and friends again. And always my prayers will be for those who move forward without a beloved child, may God give them strength.

For all those who wish to participate in this month's Note Card Party, Mr. Linky will be available between 8 and 8:30 this evening. (Directions can be found on my sidebar by clicking on the notice in red or the button lower in the sidebar.)

Stay busy, keep praying, do some baking, talk with friends, let your light shine...


  1. You will have a busy but enjoyable week preparing for family. Snow is pretty but freezing rain would be scary!
    As we carry on, I think each of us carry a prayer in our heart for those who have suffered such tragedy.
    I hope to join the party.

  2. I agree Vee, you always have the right words my friend. Enjoy all the hustle and bustle:)


  3. I plan to be here, and my post will be for the children.

  4. I love seeing your snowy picture & hearing that you are busy with baking & preparations for your Friday celebration. I'm excited that we may have a white Christmas here in NE Oklahoma! I still have SO MUCH to do!


  5. Enjoy your Christmas Friday with family. My celebration will be Saturday.

  6. Good morning, Vee! We just have dreary rain again today. Which is fine, because I have the Christmas lights on all day.
    You are right. Mourn with those who mourn, and keep on.
    We will continue to remember and pray for those who have suffered such grievous loss. I can't imagine such loss.
    I am delaying wrapping anything. Because as soon as I do, Chickie wants to open something. She actually can get kind of mad about it! And yes....she will soon be 21......

  7. Oooo...freezing rain sounds yucky. A good day to stay inside for sure! Especially when there are Christmas preparations to be made and lovely Christmas music playing...
    See you tonight at the note card party!

  8. Good morning, sweetie! Glad to hear that you are going to have the note card party. I think everyone should be cheered by that news! Oh, now I have to decide which ones to feature. Decisions, decisions...

  9. We are typically knee deep in snow by now. But, this year, so far....nothing! They say it is on it's way in the next few days. We'll see! What lovely posts you've done these past few days! Enjoy your baking time!

  10. Oh Vee, so well said! I have a baking day planned today and am looking forward to the comforts of a cozy kitchen. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said "normalcy helps people recover best."
    Mixed in with the cookie baking I hope to put together a note card post :).

  11. As hard as it is to do, returning to a normal routine does help with grief. I am thinking your ice upon snow does not deter from holiday plans like it would down here ... we would have to shut down, after we empty the grocery shelves. Stay warm and enjoy these hours and days.

  12. Vee,
    I love how dramatic that photograph is with the bright Christmas lights against the gray backdrop. We just have a misty gray sky today. Everything was frozen yesterday, but it seems milder this morning.

    I agree with you, about healing means moving on, and I love thinking about the children safe in heaven now out of harms way. I pray that our children are safe and that parents can regain faith in sending them to school.

    Well, you must be busy with a family gathering about to happen on Friday. I can smell the aroma of baking in your cozy home already.


  13. I know freezing rain is not pretty, but hopefully you will have the snow still for Christmas. It has been about 3 years since we had snow on Christmas here.


  14. Can't you just imagine the wonderful fragrances with all this baking going on?!

    All of our hearts are feeling the suffering in CT. I pray for comfort and love for each of them.

  15. We so often seem to be on the same hymnal page.

    The Sunday Afternoon Tea I pulled (and will post this upcoming Sunday) is about those who do not celebrate Christmas because they think it a pagan holiday. ;)

  16. Lots of warm comfort spilling out from this post, Vee. Baking, lights, and music are the stuff of everyday poetry. We had freezing rain last night and the faintest dusting of snow. It will melt before long, but Tim and I went for a walk around 8:30 last night and determined that we were walking in snow, not rain. It was debatable.

  17. Keeping my "light" lit over here in Montana Vee....tis the season...HoHoHo! I do enjoy this time of year, we have lots of snow too, so pretty, so festive for the holidays.

    Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and may Jesus continue to cover you with His love and protection in this uncertain world we live in. He is still on the throne no matter what life throws at us. Blessings my friend.

  18. Lovely post, Dear One... Yes, please let us keep our own little Light Shining, into the Darknes.

  19. Here I am over this way, wishing for snow. And Joyce is farther over, and also wishing for snow. And you, are being inundated. No fair!

    And freezing rain does NOT rock! -sigh-

    Keep the home fires burning... It will feel so good to/for the both of you. In many ways...

  20. Yes! Choose Joy and Honor the King! Have a great baking day Vee!

  21. We had our main family gathering this past Saturday and it's a real joy to have everyone together, which doesn't happen often.
    I hope everything runs smoothly for the things you want to get done for Friday, and that driving conditions are good for those travelling. Send a little snow our way for Christmas, will you?

  22. Good advice Vee. My Life Group met here last night for our Christmas dinner, so I spent the day getting the house ready and cooking. We were all so glad to spend the evening with people that we care about. No snow here of course, but it's been raining here in SoCal. I'm stayin' in my jammies today (**

  23. We are keeping Christmas here too!

    Stay warm and dry! We'd love to have some of your snow!


  24. I'll be back tonight for the Note Card Party. : )

  25. I tried to leave a comment an hour ago but I see it didn't work so will try again. I'm glad you're still hosting the Note Card Party and I will join you later this evening as we are going to friends for supper. The snow has started and it's an east wind, which doesn't bode well for us. "They're" calling for about 15 - 20 cm. of snow, down from 20 - 40, through Wednesday. That's about 10 inches - depending. Could be interesting and no doubt a storm day for the schools tomorrow. I'll see you later on.

  26. Life always returns to normal in time, hoping you have snow for Christmas I hoping for sunshine but not to hot.

  27. It is hard to return to normal after this but something we must do. I did a bit of venting today just to get it out, and Vee... I love the coziness of your haven. It is comforting.

  28. I am glad you are having the note card party, if we don't go on we are just stuck...stuck is not where I want to be. I am a little envious of your snow, I think I might enjoy some right about now

  29. I can't imagine sending my child back to the same school after what happened! But like you said "what courage" it must take for parents as well as teacher to go back to the scene..

    My thought and prayer are with them today..

    1. Not that school... It has been closed indefinitely. The children will be absorbed into other area schools.

  30. Merry Christmas to you. Your house looks so warm and cozy.

  31. Oh Vee I was frozen in time and thought. I tried to post something but could hardly see beyond the tears that just kept coming. I even had to turn the tv off as it was to hard to handle. But my mind kept going over and over it all with no resolution to be had. Just my heart felt sympathy to everyone.
    Your home looks so welcoming and warm. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and may we all find a little peace to share.


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