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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Grand Central Station

Perhaps you were under the impression that Grand Central Station looks like this:

It does. Nope. I  have never been. Pat has though. She took *that photo* and I have used it by permission. Did you know that Pat has been named one of the top Pinners to follow on Pinterest? True. She blogs at Mille Fiori Favoriti and has lived in NYC all her life. She will soon call the state of Colorado home and we'll have lost one of the most amazing ambassadors for NYC in Blogdom. We'll gain an amazing ambassador for Colorado. I hope that she'll revisit New York from time to time just so we can see the amazing photos she takes of her "hometown." If you haven't checked out her entry for the Note Card Party, do. As she says, "We Need a Little Christmas."

My side porch has also been a little Grand Central Station for much of this week. Perhaps yours was as well. One UPS truck after another pulled up through rain, freezing rain, snow, and slush. I am so impressed with all manner of postal services of late. It has really been amazing. Two days was the average length of time between order and arrival. Now that is incredible.

Not all this stuff is mine. No, no. I'm just babysitting it until whichever gift giver comes to wrap it and take it off. In the midst of all this, a package arrived just for me all the way from the plains of Canada. Niki, who blogs at Rural Writings, had wrapped me up some sweet things and I'm showing them off! Visit her Christmas post, if you need a little Christmas. Today I bought the things I need to make the Bunte Teller she shows and discusses. I'm so looking forward to that.

So here's a mostly picture story of my gift box...

Oh beauty products were declared...heaven knows I need them!

 Beautifully wrapped in this sweet paper...

 Little Santa cap...
Actually two little Santa caps...they're hanging on my tree just now...

 All the goodies...

 Sweet wishes...

Spring fabrics by Ro Gregg. These are five-inch squares and I am going to have fun thinking what to create with them...perhaps a spring table runner.

Great label on the goat's milk soap that smells amazing: Where goats grow and flowers don't.

 Skin and hand lotion...these hands need some lotion.

 Darling little candle and apricot colored glass holder.

Look at the graphics on this box of Dare Maple Cream Cookies! This is now prominently displayed on my pantry cupboard. If we eat them, I'll be saving the box!

Ohhhh, yum. Coffee Crisps. I'm going to cut them into pieces and share them with my family...perhaps as part of the Bunte Teller.

All I have to say is that someone has been way too generous and has really been paying attention around here.

Niki, thank you for the sweet gifts, sweet Canadian gifts. You really made my day!


Thanks to all who participated in the Note Card Party yesterday. It's always a lot of fun to see the wonderful photos presented. There is no excuse for any of you not to make up your work into your own personalized cards for next Christmas.

The party will remain open throughout today for anyone who'd like to get in on it. It was a lot of fun to have some new participants join us, too. 

Back to Grand Central...


  1. Lovely gifts...

    Have a wonderful day, Friend! I am off to check out a few of your links...


  2. Very Welcome!!! Enjoy the goodies, can't wait to see your Bunte Teller!
    hugs, Niki

  3. Oh what wonderful gifts! How fun! Enjoy, and have a GOOD day!

  4. Ahhh, I love it how the Grandmother's house gets to be a Grand Central Station for Christmas gifts! Our next door daughter in law used to bring all the children's gifts over here, and leave them in an upstairs bedroom. Then she would have to grab time, when our son was at home, to come over and wrap them.

    Then, late on Christmas Eve, son and "Pop" would cart the wrapped presents over, to go under the kid's Christmas Tree. -grin-

    That tradition stopped this year, because son has a locked recording studio in the basement (he does voice-over's, etc.). So she has her own safe place, to stash the gifts. And to wrap them. So much easier, I tell ya'. :-)

    Lovely, lovely package which you received.

    Oh and I had a thought, but will save it for email. Not all your readers might like it. -chuckle- -grin- -blush- -repeat grin-


  5. Yes, it is more blessed to give than to receive...but receiving such a package is pretty fun! Enjoy your treasures!

    I, too, have been amazed at the quick turnaround between ordering and delivery.

    Again, thanks for hosting the note card party. It's always nice to venture out and meet new people!

  6. Ok, I posted... now where is my comment?

    I'm having problems with Della the Demon Possessed laptop today so I dare not repeat myself lest the other one show up eventually. Let's just say that I love the box and shall try not to covet the cookies.

    Grand Central Station here too.

  7. Lucky you, a bit of Christmas came early! Sweet friend! Isn't it so much easier when the UPS truck shows up with the packages? I've done alot of our shopping that way this year. Your right, 2-3 days and packages are at the door. And I didn't even have to fight for a parking spot! Love that! Enjoy your day!

  8. What a sweet gift to a sweet lady!
    Last year I did all my Christmas shopping online and it was so much easier.

  9. I have been dealing with "Mille Fiori Favoriti" withdrawal symptoms for a while! She truly loves NYC. And her photography skills are so top notch, no PicMonkey-ing around there. ;-) I would definitely save the maple cookie box for a cozy shelf. Enjoy your wonderful gifts, and enjoy your day with family tomorrow. xo

  10. Aw, sweet gifts, Vee! I'll take those Maple cookies please. Yes! A cute table runner with those fabrics - those are sweeeeet! Yes, I saw that Pat was moving - big change for a New Yorker, huh?

    My Grand Central Station? The kitchen table...

  11. Such fun gifts, Vee! It has felt a little like 'grand central station' over here lately as well. I've been missing out on all kinds of things...including your notecard party yesterday. I'm off to see what I missed.

  12. How very thoughtful! We've had some of the same grand central action around here. Boxes that arrive that I just drop off into the room our daughter and her husband will stay in when they arrive the day after Christmas. She shipped the gifts here that they will share on our late Christmas exchange...
    Oh I'm headed to Christmas past to select some note cards. Better late than never.

  13. You received some really lovely gifts. It's so much fun getting packages with lots of little things packed inside. I like that better than one bigger gift.
    I haven't gotten anything delivered but I've seen the trucks go and in out of my townhouse complex all day and into the evening.

  14. I love Pat, too! We are Facebook friends as well but I did not know about her being the Queen of Pinterest!! I don't 'pin' any more but if I could remember how I would love to look at her boards. I am so looking forward to Colorado posts once she settles there. Colorado is a favorite place of mine!

    Vee, you are loved the world over and it is so nice to see how appreciated you are by so many!! Enjoy your lovely bag of gifts - and thank you for sharing them with all of us!

  15. I enjoy it when you link us to bloggers. I have followed Pat for years, I think, and will miss her NYC posts, but whatever she does, it's interesting! What fun to have all those packages delivered, whether they are for you or not!

  16. What a thoughtful gift from a special friend. I remember you saying how much you loved those cookies.

  17. What a fun parcel to receive in the mail. I like the Bunte Teller tradition. It's similar to what my grandparents put out for Christmas snacking.

    Hope your day is going well. (I'm catching you closer to the end of your day with my later, after work comment.)

  18. I Vee. I read this post about 2 hours ago, then finished visiting all the post for the Note Card Party, then visited some more blogs and realized I didn't leave a comment here. What a sweet Canadian gift you received among all the other parcels delivered to your door this week. I did find some of the cookies at the Superstore this fall after mentioning to you that I hadn't seen them lately. They were so good.! I went to Grand Central Station when I was in NYC in November and am glad I did. What a beautiful building! I visited Pat's blog and saw her beautiful photo of the Christmas Ball fountain which I also had photographed but from a different angle. Great memories. We had about 25 cm of snow here in 12 hours but didn't lose power like thousands of other did, even right around the corner from us. So thankful. Hugs, Pam

  19. What a wonderful box of goodies you got from a sweet Canadian friend! And I am scampering off to visit a few more in your card party. I still haven't gotten through the entire list! There were some amazing participants this time, and I think that everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Thank you for starting such a charming trend.

  20. A box full if happiness and a blog full of happiness too. Love it!

  21. I know what you mean about your home being Grand Central, Vee! I did all my Christmas shopping over the internet but instead of sending it all sent here I had the gifts sent direct. :)

    Your gift package from Canada was so thoughtfully chosen and wrapped. What a nice treat!

    My husband's luncheon lasted till 3PM and then we went uptown to see the Rockefeller Center tree, etc. It was a nice way to end the day and I really soaked up all I could of my last Christmas in NYC for a long while. I will miss it, but my heartstrings are out in Colorado so I'm rearing to go!

  22. Hi Vee, What a lovely package you received from your friend. Thanks for sharing it with us, at least in pictures. Sorry I missed your notecard party this month. I'll keep it in mind for January. ~ Abby

  23. Christmas coming early is nice. I'm so far behind, it will be July 4th before I'm ready..."Where have you gone Christmas?" Love to you and your family for a sweet holiday, XOXO

  24. I loved all those sweet little gifts! The Santa Hats are to die for! Your photography is wonderful as well. I need to work on my skills!

  25. What a nice parcel that must have been! I love how you appreciate everything in it - and then shared (well, sort of....not the cookies, of course!)

  26. What a wonderful gift box, Vee, and filled with so many lovely things. Grand Central - I can relate. I ordered more online this year than ever. Loved seeing that UPS guy running up the driveway :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


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