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Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh Sweetness!

That pretty much sums up my comments on any blog these days. I feel as if I am surrounded by sweetness. I love sweetness. Oh, yes, I do.

Oh to be clothed in this fashion. I've not quite arrived, though one day I shall. I'll be in Glory then. Until that day, it's a goal. If I owned a dress shop, this would be framed and hung in the dressing rooms. It would give ladies something to think about.

This little embossed birdie and the first graphic with the verse from Colossians are gifts from Abby who blogs at Little Birdie Blessings. Abby is a dear and generous gal and shares many of her graphics freely with the Blogging Community. If you visit, would you let her know that you did? She is in Boston today with her Beloved who is having some medical tests done. They could use the blessing of knowing that folks are praying today.


Now, just for fun, I thought I would share and you could compare the two points of view that came in the form of comments yesterday. They were in response to my tongue-in-cheek comment about not being able to comment anymore.

Cheryl said:
Karen Andreola said it this way, 
I think it is fine to peruse a public post like people used to relax with the newspaper - without necessarily sending a letter to the editor. The 20th century term "lurk" which I am most familiar with, makes the new 21st century blog definition seem a bit harsh and ill-fitting to me.  
Never-the-less it is always nice to be introduced to those of you who, once in a while, resonate with something you've read here.
Michele said:
And heck yes I would miss your comments. They totally make my day.

Oh I just love my commenters! =D

Have a wonderful Friday and a delightful weekend.


  1. Oh how I love that verse and just what I needed to read this morning! Enjoy your day!

  2. First off, I LOVE the looks of your blog. It is truly a Winter Wonderland and the colors make me swoon.
    I'm behind in my blog visiting and need to go back and read your previous posts to see what I've missed, but I do know you have great commenters.
    That verse is lovely and so is your idea for hanging it in a dress shop fitting room. Perhaps I could hang it in my own "fitting room" as a nice daily reminder. I will visit Abby today.

  3. OH! I beg to differ, you have arrived and are always clothed in "sweetness", a post without a comment from Vee, is like a ship without a sail!
    Wonderful Word for today!
    Enjoy your day, "You sweet thing".

  4. What a beautiful graphic for that very special scripture. Did you get some advice from your readers on how to comment from your iPad? I always enjoy hearing from you so you have to get it fixed!!! :) We got a LOT of snow and have huge drifts everywhere. Not as pretty as the last storm though. Enjoy the beauty of the day! Hugs. Pam

  5. That is a lovely verse Vee. I love seeing your comments on my blog posts...I would miss them very much. Hopefully you got that iPad thing worked out...

  6. Lovely post and your page is beautiful. :)

  7. I love your new banner. It's amazing how much we've learned about photography from blogging. And the comments about comments are interesting. I want to think I can just visit but then I always have 'something' to say! heehee! Enjoy your day! Stop by and see my new 'cat' today....and comment, please! heeheehee!

  8. Love your Winter Wonderland Blog Layout! Very pretty! Love the verse you shared too! And I would really miss your comments! Your encouragement and "sweetness" makes my days! :)

  9. You did change your blog look! -clapping hands- And your Header pics are so lovely and soft. They "go" with the background. Love the effect, even if I can't "say" it, in the best way. :-)

  10. Sweetness...... -happy sigh- Ahhhh yes, we are in need of dwelling in sweetness, right now. I already did a entry about that, in somewhat other words. Not published yet, though.

    But the feeling is the same.... We have been battered-and-beaten-about by so many horrors and sadnesses, that we need some rest. In quiet. In sweetness. I'm with you, Dear One!

    And again, your photos are delightful!!!

  11. 2 views about commenting! Love them!

    Love how they show, that we in Pretty Blog Land do not have to march to the same drummer... How we can co-exist, with others, who hold differing views. And we can all enjoy our time, in Pretty Blog Land.

    I admit to *almost* coming around to the Peruse A Public Post like reading a Newspaper view... I find myself doing it, more and more.

    Oh no, not the posts of "My Little Posse"! They are not like reading a newspaper, to me!

    I refer to lovely blogs I come upon, and enjoy, but may not want to get tied-into reading/commenting all the time. -sigh- What to do? Leave one comment of appreciation? Or just enjoy them, in passing, and not leave any bread-crumb-trail back to my blog?


    But a very little sigh... There are many more smiles than sighs, to be found in Pretty Blog Land.

  12. I hope I did not leave the impression that I do not appreciate comments! Au contraire! Of course, every blogger knows how exciting it is to receive comments. A comment means that 1)someone is reading what you said, 2)something that you said struck a chord, or 3)a friend is sharing a conversation. All three are exciting!

    What I did mean is that I never want anyone to feel guilty about not leaving a comment. As a grandmother blogger who still has a homeschooling child, I don't always have time to leave a comment at every blog that I read and enjoy. Sometimes, I am that dreaded "lurker"! :)

  13. Re: Your commented question.. "How does the recipe go???"

    Toasted Bacon And Peanut Butter Sandwich...

    Toast white bread ~ Cook your bacon however you prefer to do it ~ Spread toasted bread with Peanut Butter ~ Add strips of bacon ~ Cover with other toasted bread and ENJOY!

    And have smiles on your face, like these two.... :-)

    In this family, the two flavors, go well together. Might well not, in every family. But don't knock it till you try it!!!!! -gigggles-

  14. I love that verse, and so needed to read it again this morning. What a great scripture to keep as a focus for the new year.

    BTW... I would really miss your sweet comments if you couldn't leave one anymore. Your visits are so special to me.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. I want you to know I would miss you Vee. I value your sweet visit each day. I have been quite busy here and am the guilty one of not posting daily and visiting but I believe that the new year should be giving me more time again.
    That verse is one that I love. It is a wonderful challenge for women today.

  16. I love to comment, and must admit it is comments that keep me going. I would have thrown in the towel a year ago if not for blogging friendships and nice comments. But I agree "blogging without obligation". xo

  17. Oh, if we were all clothed in those virtues from Colossians! Talk about a wardrobe makeover!

    Your blog's new look is beautiful and makes me long for snow. None in the forecast, but there's time yet.

    I love your comments, Vee. They are thoughtful and personal, more than just a quick acknowledgement that you read the post. I'm learning from you.

  18. I am so glad that we will be perfect one day in heaven...until then, I always need the reminder, and only through Him am I able to be transformed

    I would miss comments...that is how I get to know other bloggers and to me that is the joy of blogging

    As for putting away Christmas...it hasn't happened yet, but I do have my two young son's birthdays in a week and a wedding in less than two months...so I do need to get off my buns and get busy!!

  19. I would miss your comments! It's like having a nice little visit with you each day.

  20. Ha! The long and short of it. Love it. That verse is one to come back to and come back to! Blessings on the last weekend of 2012!

  21. That is a pretty verse and illustration and a good Scripture to read at the beginning of the day each day.
    I love comments, and read one of yours today on my blog and I leave lots of comments on other folks' blogs, since it seems friendly and encouraging, sort of like having a conversation.

  22. Hi Vee

    I could so be with you and dress like that - nothing to nip and tuck at the most uncomfortable places. The verse was beautiful and went with the image perfectly. I'm off to pay Abby a visit...

  23. Giggle snort.

    Compared to her response mine is so middle school. Like totally.

    Yes, I reely is a kollidge gradyuit.

  24. That's a great verse and what a place this world would be if we all lived by it!!

  25. I love those verses! May I take your idea? I don't have a dress shop but we do have a women's accessories store! I am going to find a place to hang those verses!

    I will visit Abby's blog and check out her graphics and yes, say a prayer for she and her hubby.


  26. Wonderful thoughts filled with, yes, sweetness! I should go read yesterday's comments!

  27. I like comments, I haven't been doing this too long but I feel like I am getting to know people who comment on a regular basis, I have two people who I have know for a long time everyone else is new, it's sometimes hard to hear on the phone so it's nice to keep up on the computer, my kids and family use facebook and twitter they read my blog but don't comment, I not sure why.

  28. "Heck, yes, I would miss your comments!" Second Michelle. :)

    An IPad and a Kindle! Y'all will have lots to do whilst it's snowing up there, Vee! My sis got an IPad, too - she's really enjoying hers!

    I DO like that little embossed birdie! AND your verses from Colossians - some of my favorite verses. Sometimes, I must admit, I forget to put Him on before I go out the door... (hanging my head...)

  29. A meaningful verse that would look nice in a dress shop.
    I like the fact that we can disable the comments (I don't have a label for this unfortunately) because sometimes it's nice to just leave a message without expecting them. And, I learned this from you dear lady.

  30. Hi Vee! Finally back in Blogland after a month's AWOL from blogging with wayyyy too much going on this month. Catching up today with a post and visiting everyone - thanks so for stopping by my place at Thanksgiving. Glad you enjoyed the story. Plenty more I would have liked to share this month, but it was not to be. Hope to do so in the new year.

    Enjoyed all your delightful family fun photos - Christmas day, snow play, and the warmth of family under the covering of Christ. Blessings to you, dear lady!


  31. Okay... IPad.
    When you view your blog on IPad you see your posts. This is new. It used to show the web version. I am still looking for a setting to default to web version on mobile.
    Anyway, scroll down until you see the "Home" button. Just below that it says "view web version" click on that. once there you will have all the same tools you have on a PC. Click the liittle orange B and you will have your reading list.
    I hope this helps.

  32. Oh, I do believe that you have the nicest bunch of bloggers that visit you! Yes, yes, we have to get our "Vee fix" by reading your blog and getting your comments. It's an addiction, I tell you.

    Hope you are getting the hang of the iPad! I sure wish I had such a gizmo when I was laid up with the knee replacement. Oh, it would have entertained me for hours! But I'm glad to have it now and love to take it with me on trips too.

  33. BTW... You can download Kindle for IPad on ITunes for free and there are lots of free books on Amazon, depending on what you like to read. Set your settings on Amazon to dowload to Kindle for IPad and you can buy a book with one click. Also, most books can be shared with other Kindle readers by managing your library on Amazon. I love love love my hardcover books, but love love love love my IPad!!

  34. Thanks Vee for linking back to me, I'm glad you liked the goodies I sent. We're back home safe and sound after a 14 hour day. Thank you so much for your prayers which helped in it being an uneventful day as far as any problems go. Blessings to you. ~ Abby

  35. thats so lovely, thank you for sharing!

  36. I loved your idea of the verses being framed in ladie's dressing rooms! We need reminders often, especially in this world which can throw so much hatefulness at us in a day.

  37. I will read yesterday's post next. Since my blog is private, I do so wish that more invitees would post. I love to read the comments.

    The verse is truly beautiful.

    I'm off to visit Little Birdie Blessings and then back to read yesterday's post.

  38. I missed this post earlier...and am just reading the comments and smiling. I'm with Sue...'a post without a comment from Vee is like a ship without a sail'. Love your comments!

  39. I don't know anybody who gets as many comments as you do Vee but I guess you visit more than most too.


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