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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Weather Outside was Frightful

The Bunte Teller morphed into a Bunte Platte...I
added to it all the day long. Currently, it's also wearing the left-over cherries from my pitiful attempt to copy Judy. (My Front Porch) as seen at Ellen's (The Happy Wonderer) The candy cane heart is a knock-off from Jen (Our Southern Table).
~Lights Along the Fence in Torrential Downpours~

~Our New Lake~

~Inside Was So Delightful~
In keeping with fake blankets, fake flowers, and anything else fake around here, we have added a fake fire to the repertoire. This really did add quite a bit of ambiance to the evening. John was seated between the tree and the fire and I was seated on the sofa. As the fire crackled and danced, John got so hot that he began to repeatedly mop his brow. We were laughing at him and then I got so warm that I began to steam as well. It was purely psychological and we are obviously highly suggestible. Who cares, though, if that little dvd is the answer to the energy crisis?!

I awoke this morning with a start...I have not one thing for my daughter and must get to town.  < *thud* >  Hope that you're doing better!

Have a happy day...


  1. The Yule Log on tv! Oh haven't seen this in so long! :-)))))

    Warmed by a make-believe fire. The power of suggestion.

    So why do we have such a hard time in accepting the power of suggestion, in our lives? Interesting question...


  2. Gorgeous photos!!!!


    But love, love, love the outside lights, through the rain. -happy sigh-

    Your weather... Snow. Ice. Now rain. Yes, it's a good thing I finally got wise, and stopped moaning about our lack of Winter Weather. Perhaps just in the nick of time. -grin-

  3. Speaking of your daughter, I wonder if she'll be making a lot of her gifts on her sewing machine? Is she still enjoying it?

    In the picture, it truly looks like a real fireplace. Am I highly suggestible, too?!

    Have a wonderful Christmas! I'll be looking forward to lots of pictures. We'll be with our 2 older granddaugters this Christmas - the first time in at least 5 years. I'm feeling that excitement this year that one is suppose to feel every Christmas. I'm hoping next year we'll be able to be with all 4 grands!

  4. You're having much better food than we are. Must get to the grocery store and make that tree! :D

  5. Love the pictures, especially the lights in the rain...love that yule log, we put it on the other night for a while too, haha. We are headed out to the stores for food this am. Enjoy your day!

  6. Fake or not, that fire sure adds alot of coziness doesn't it! What a beautiful picture of your lights in the rain. We are headed to the store for food forgotten. Hope your day stays as warm as your night was! Enjoy!

  7. I think your knock offs are all wonderful, and the fire! I want that on my television. Good luck shopping, it wouldn't be the holidays without all the hustle and bustle. Merry Christmas! XO

  8. Now I need that fake fire too - what a brilliant idea! I love the photos, Vee - your home looks so warm and cosy and Christmassy!

  9. Leave it to you to have a DVD for a roaring fire, LOL! I love the goodies you've laid out for snacking. I think I would devour half of that cheese/fruit tree. Hope you don't melt when you run your shopping errand!

  10. My husband often has that same fireplace on when I come home at night - nothing like a crackling fire to make one feel cosy! Up here we have an entire TV channel devoted to the fake fire. Love it!

  11. That really does look like frightful weather. I like the photo through the window and rain of the lights. Very nice. That's a cute Christmas tree cheese and fruit platter! :) Hope your trip into town goes well.

  12. We've had a fake fire DVD making the rounds at the 'white elephant' gift exchange of our care group for the past few years. It never showed up this year...and it seems someone had been hoping it would! I rather like it.

    I'm smiling at your 'cheesy' fake tree! I've made a few this week.

    May all continue to be cozy & bright...while outside it may be frightful.

  13. Vee,
    What a delightful post. I am still chuckling.
    The fireplace DVD really does add ambiance!
    I missed the cheesy tree til I looked at Judy's comment.
    We've had high winds for the last 2 days. Kind of noisy. I can hear the Sleigh Bells Ring sign rattling against the clapboards.
    I am not going ANYWHERE but to church tomorrow morning. Too windy out, too crowded everywhere. I'll just stay home and work about the house, and nest.

  14. Your Bunte Teller probably saw a lot of action over the course of the day. I like the morphing going on there.

    What rain! A good day to stay cozy beside that fire, even if it is fake. The power of suggestion is really something, isn't it? Our shortest day of the year was blessed with sunshine! Something to tide us over as the rains roll in again.

    Merry Christmas, Vee!

  15. i seriously thought it was real ... i had to go take a second look. that is too funny. oh well .. you fooled me for a second or two. enjoy your fake fire. get lots of goodies for the loved ones. big hugs. ( :

  16. I got a chuckle about you & John sweating by the "fire"! We've got a fireplace DVD around here somewhere, I need to hunt it down. Hope you find something for your daughter, happy shopping.


  17. So funny...just last night we discovered that Netflix Instant has two "fire" videos. One is simply the fire burning; the other is a "yule log," meaning it has Christmas music playing with it. There is something rather comforting about flames dancing in the fireplace, whether or not they are real.

    You know that I am a fan of fake, although I prefer to use the word "faux." ;)

  18. Ha! Maybe it really was warmer than usual inside! It's certainly looking a lot like Christmas. I love the cookie with the candy canes forming a heart.

  19. That is so funny that you both got warm from the fire on TV.
    I love the plate with the fruit, nuts and goodies on it. Looks so pretty and would like to eat a few things on it! : )

  20. I am highly suggestible because the first think I said is...I want one, too! I love the 'fireplace' and it would be perfect for Florida! That looks like a cold rain! Sending you some Florida sunshine today! And some holiday hugs!

  21. Oh Vee, you are so funny. I love your fireplace and it is identical to ours. Wish I had the real thing though as it's going to be very cold the next few days. The rains missed us. We had showers last night and strong winds but the sun came out this morning and we had clouds too. Mild temperatures above freezing made it perfect to do outside chores and to build a huge snowman. We took pics of it to post on Facebook for our grandsons who are on their way to Australia with their parents and other grandparents for Christmas. We thought Ewan would get a kick out of our snowman while they will be enjoying the beach. I wish..... I like your snack trays. Very festive. Enjoy! Love your through the window photos. It looks nasty. You'll have a nice skating pond in your yard now. :) Warm hugs. Pam

  22. Oh no - there goes your snow! Your house looks so cozy and your food trays look very inviting!!! Good luck with the last minute shopping .... I have a wee bit still to do as well, but not today. My daughter and her husband are on their way this minute and I can't wait to see them!!!! Putting the coffee on....

  23. Vee
    I can see it now, you and John on an advertisement for fireplace DVD's! You both sitting there wiping your brows. You're so funny.
    I love the lights in the rain photo. Are you expecting any Christmas snow though? Have you ever had one without snow? We finally received almost a foot two days ago-Yeh!
    Have fun shopping for your daughter!

  24. Lookin' pretty good for feeble attempts and fake stuff. I have fake poinsettias and a fake tree this year that looks real. I'm happy as a clam at high tide. ~ Abby

  25. What a fun and funny post! Highly Suggestible - gotta love it in this case! the first photo of the platter is so cozy. Now I want to copy cat it!

  26. So jealous, rain.... wow!! We're so dry here....it's pitiful!!

    We/I have a fake fireplace too, and I love it! I'm afraid of fire, so my fake fireplace that uses light bulbs and looks very real, make me smile.

    Hope you found the perfect gift for your daughter!

  27. I'm laughing out loud at your fireplace antics. It does look lovely and very real.
    We had lots and lots of rain too this week. Then a tiny whisp of snow.

  28. It looks so warm and cozy! Amber has a fireplace DVD she and Mike would always play at their annual Christmas party. I'll have to ask her about putting on Christmas!

    Your platter is lovely!! This afternoon I wrapped the TWO gifts I have left to give.....to Amber and Mike. I love that this Christmas has been so simple.
    I would love for them all to be this way!

  29. Looks lovely, Vee- I have a big square platter, but all the Bunte it's going to have on it is fudge, cake balls and such. :) Just stuff we like - actually, just stuff the kids like. HOpe y'all a wonderful day with the grands! Uh, YEAH. You better go find something for your lovely daughter!!! I didn't know what to get Hayley and she said, "Duh, mom, don't you ever look at my Pinterest boards?" Thud.

  30. Your bird lights are awesome! I'll bet the tree refle still beautifully on that puddle at night.
    The fire DVD sure helped out one Christmas in a condo with no fire place. Isn't it funny how the brain can be tricked like that?

  31. That' so funny! The fire looks real to me (wiping brow);)

  32. The inside is certainly cosy - bliss.

    Looking at your tree lights, reminds me once again, that I need to find some vintage style lights for my own tree.

    Merry Christmas
    (The Vintage Folk Painter)

  33. That DVD fire looks so real, Vee! We sold our fake electric fireplace last night! It also had an electric heater in it so it really did keep us warm. Our new house has gas fireplaces in it so we didn't need the electric one, but I felt a little sad to see it go.

    My children got green folded paper as gift this year --we know they needed that the most! :)

  34. THE sun is shining and a light breeze from the south, perfect weather.

  35. Sometimes you just make me laugh and laugh.


  36. Hi Vee!

    I've been frazzled with finishing all the project gifts I've had to finish in time for Christmas! (I've GOT to be better organized in 2013) But they're all done and getting wrapped up!! It's a Christmas Miracle.

    Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones -
    Sherry & Marie

  37. What gorgeous gorgeous photographs Vee. You always make me giggle a little. I love those cookies you made with candy canes.


  38. I love your beautiful photos...oh, how I wish it would rain on our Christmas lights....it's cloudy today....hoping it will rain a little bit.

    I am on my way to the groc store for fixins' for a Hot Beverage Bar for Christmas Eve night...I have cookies by the sacks full...am baking an Orange SUNSHINE CAKE today....a nice ham ready for the oven tomorrow...shrimp cocktail, not sure about veggies as yet....What's your favorite green for Christmas or Christmas Eve ??

  39. Ah this one made me smile Vee. I love those fake things now and then. I do hope you found just the right something for your daughter and are back in your sweet cottage.
    I do hope your weather is less frightful....
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  40. Love the idea of a fire by DVD...no fireplaces at the OP, not that there's really room for any. Just finished mopping the floor and thought that I hop around blogdom for some merriment!

    Merry Christmas my sweet friend!

  41. love the fire DVD. But I do love a fire in the winter too, it brings such warmth to a room, both in temperature and mood.
    Will you have snow for Christmas?
    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today and for your lovely comments. I wish you and yours a safe and joyous Christmas.

  42. Amazing how our minds can trick us! Funny post. Well I've caught up on all your posts, including the comment free ones and just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas!

  43. Vee, what is the fireplace DVD called?????


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