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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Beautiful Day

He washed the car, which means just one thing! Yippee!

While I was out there documenting the car washing, I noticed that my neighbor has put up her 4th of July bunting. It looks so charming on her sweet cottage. (Her home, my home, and our mutual neighbor's home were all built from the same plans. Hers has evolved quite a little bit and is the more darling of the three.)

Oh, it's a bit hard to see the bunting behind her azalea bushes. Here's a closer peek.

Love those rockers and, yes, she and her husband do sit out there from time to time. Doesn't it make you want to sit there and sip some sweet iced tea and rock a morning away? You could spy on me. ☺ I also notice that we're sharing the same flowers (Calibrachoa~MiniFamous™ Double Lemon) in our hanging pots this year. Must've been popular at the local nursery or our daughters, who are good friends, shopped together for Mother's Day.

The only new news in my own yard, other than car washing, are the new Gerbera daisy plants keeping the everlasting company. I love these the more I see them...so vivid, cheerful, and hardy. Do you like Gerberas? Do you like everlasting? I sure do!

Have a great day...


  1. I don't think car washing means the same thing to you and me. To us it means it will rain within the next 24 hours. lol

    Beautiful neighborhood photos.

    Blessings on your day, Vee.


  2. I do love Gerbera Daisies! I don't have any, but I think they are sweet and cheerful! My friends daughter had them for her wedding flowers and it was so fresh and happy looking!

    What does John washing the car mean?!!!

    Have a lovely day!

  3. I love Gerbera Daisies! I wish they were perennials...

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh--I love your new look here. Very pretty. Blessings

  5. You must have sunshine in your neck of the woods! Yay! No daisies here, but I am loving my knockout roses! :)

  6. Your flowers are very pretty, Vee. As for car washing, around here if my hubby or daughter who have black vehicles and, you know how they show dirt, wash theirs it will be sure to rain. My white car thankfully doesn't show dirt as much but it needs washing too as a little birdie decided to decorate my window! Have a great day and enjoy the nice weather.

  7. The flowers are so pretty who could not like them!!
    I'd love sitting out on the porch!
    Seeing John washing the car makes me think that I have to wash my own car which I like to do. Maybe later today when I get home from knitting.
    Enjoy your day Vee. : )

  8. It really looks like a beautiful day, with your view of the neighbors porch, your husband washing the cars and those lovely flowers in your garden.

    I just love Kim Klassen's videos on how to. I joined her Test Kitchen and I try to take time to learn something new each week. She has changed my photography forever.

    I love your mosaic for Mosaic Monday too. I just love seeing all these flowers for summer.


  9. I really am so jealous of people who can keep plants alive, I would love to have some Gerber Daisys greeting me each morning.

    Car washing here means a storm that night, usually with hail.


    I hope you don't get hail.

  10. Wasn't it delicious, to have a day, when one could contemplate washing a car?!? WooT! :-)

    Another new Header Pic! I love it!

    And I *WANT* your neighbor's porch! Want! Want! Want! I'd put a couple of big fans out there, and we would sit and rock and be bug-free, from the blowing fans. -happy sigh-

    We do have a front patio, with stuff on it. But it's not the SAME as a precious porch. -sigh- And the ding-dang metal porch furniture, though pretty, is not comfy.

    I want her porch. :-))))))))


  11. Your climate must be perfect for Gerbera Daisies. They're beautiful and the Everlasting is a perfect companion plant.

  12. Beautiful post, beautiful pictures.

  13. Yes, I do love gerberas. Now I want some bunting. It's so pricy. I keep waiting to find it at a good clearance price...

  14. You have me wondering...what does 'car washing by hubby' mean over there? Washing the car is on my list over here. And it doesn't mean all that much...except that the car was dirty again.

    Love your neighbour's inviting porch...and all the blooms. I have to check out everlasting...not familiar with it.

  15. A sparkling clean car and an adorable neighborhood. It's time for a drive!

    May your day be happy and blessed!

  16. You have reminded me to clean up my car, but your mosaic carries me away! Beautiful..

  17. Cute cute houses...:)
    I do love Gerbers...very much.
    However, I can think of a few things I would rather not be everlasting.:))
    Really, I do know what you are talking about and I DO WORSHIP any thing growing in my garden that is even CLOSE to everlasting.

  18. I love those older style homes and enjoy seeing several of them in a row as they are usually each a bit different in their own way. And, I love gerbera daisies. I used to plant them but earwigs seem to like them too and love to hide under each petal. Too gross! So, no more gerberas for me. Unless they are cut flowers from the store. :-)

  19. Does car washing mean you are going on a trip, Vee?
    I love your neighbor's front porch ..it is very charming!
    I do love Gerbera Daisies and I wish I could grow them but I don't get enough sun in my front garden. The onky flower that does well are impatiens.

  20. Oh I love gerberas - I have some pink ones in a pot here too. They grow like weeds in South Africa, you know. Just stunning.
    I had to laugh at your first comment - the same applies here. If the car gets washed the rain comes immediately. And yes, I can just imagine sitting in that rocking chair. Sigh. I need a veranda. Porch. Thingy.

  21. Vee,

    It was just a glorious day. Late in the day i sat on the porch with my knitting. Was wonderful!


  22. Daisies, of all sorts, are wonderful flowers. Friendly. Unassuming. But utterly reliable. They add a real spark to your garden. And the everlasting. Is that also known as Snow on the Mountain? I have some, I had more, but it was terribly invasive and so we dug it out and I have a pot of it to satisfy me.

    I'd happily sit on the porch opposite and spy on you. And then we could share the same porch and wave at everyone else.

  23. "Don't you think Daisies are the friendliest flower?", as Meg Ryan said in "You've Got Mail"!

    Unfortunately I don't have a porch but I do have a tiny little patio area at the front of my bungalow, where I can sit and watch the world go by. I love seeing all the children going to Infant School in the mornings when I'm having my cuppa!

  24. I do like Gerber Daisies! They're so colorful. Your neighbor does have a darling cottage! I've always loved front porches that are big enough for furniture -especially rockers. That just seem so welcoming and homey to me.

  25. Hello dahlink!!! It's looking so lovely over here at your place, the flowers, the great weather, and all those flea market finds!!

    We're having wonderful weather too here in Montana! :)

  26. I really wish that I had a porch in which I could place a couple of rockers. I think that your neighbors place is too cute! (yours is too though.)

    I like Gerberas. I planted some either last year or the year before and they were very nice. :)

    P.S. Tell John that he missed a spot. :P

  27. Vee,
    Yay for John and your car! The bunting is wonderful, I agree. Some day perhaps I'll get me some.
    I think gerbera daisies are fabulous. I look at my 2 every day.

  28. So 'Americana' to see your hubby washing the car ..and me admiring your neighbor's lovely front porch....I love flowers of any color and pedigree....

  29. I just love your neighborhood. .it seems so classic small town American. I am not sure about the buzzard taking over the forest though. ..I'm not sold on them.

    I miss the good old days when I can spy on the neighbors! Country life doesn't give me much to spy on. Some one was stopped right in front of the house today to get a speeding ticket. .I stood and watched.

  30. Pretty neighborhood with lovely flowers! I love gerbera daisies also. Zinnias are another favorite--my mother always planted them in our back yard. Of course they are a little stinky, but so pretty. I am not familiar with everlasting--will have to look it up!

  31. My dear Vee,

    Charming, charming cottage...it makes me homesick! Right now I would be up on the ladder tacking up our bunting and putting up our long flag banners. I LOVE 4th of July in Maine. I'm sick to miss the Round Pond Parade and the fireworks.

    Thanks for this taste of home,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  32. Your day not only looks beautiful but very peaceful.Lovely photos.

  33. White gerberas with lime green centers are what my daughter carried as her wedding bouquet.

    And I actually only just remembered that gerberas were the first flowers that I killed as a new bride! Our house had a wonderful area for planting some annuals and I had no idea what I was doing. I bought 9 beautiful gerbera daisies and planted them during the heat of a ridiculously hot day in that south facing, unprotected piece of dirt. At least it wasn't a slow death. They didn't suffer at all!

    Blessings, Debbie

  34. It seems early to wash the car for the fourth of July parade........I'm puzzled!

    But I'm not the only one! Such suspense!

  35. Love it! Fresh car..sweet flowers and bunting! What could be better??

  36. I love the photos..very charming!
    Car washing only means one to me.. it will rain very soon :)

  37. It is good to be back at last catching up with your blogging activities. I would love a home with a porch like that, love your mosaics and sorry to hear you have been having such depressing weather.


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