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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Projects and Gifts

Do you tend to muddy the waters when extremely busy by not staying focused and adding extra projects that don't need doing at that point? I'd really like to know because if I'm not perfectly normal, I probably should face it now before wasting any more time.

Projects and Planning

So I thought that there's so much to be done that I should make a plan. I could write in my notebook, which I lose all the time or I could waste time visiting a lot of free daily planner sites and select the best one. I finally settled on *this one* and printed off enough pages so that I have two days per page. So far there seems to be enough room. I've filled in the appointments and I've started working backwards knowing what needs to be done on the final morning. Sometimes that's a great technique for planning. So if I know that a deli platter needs to be picked up that morning, I can assign someone to do it (already done) and I can work backwards to placing the order a few days prior.

Then, just to toss a wrench into everything, I decide that making my new dessert cookbook would be a good project. I've already made up my categories and tabs because, you know, I don't have enough to do.

Dessert Recipes Notebook

Dessert Recipes Categories

Yesterday, I was able to approve the design on my mother's headstone. The Canadian pink is beautiful. I am pleased. The monument guy said that, until recently, the headstone was under water in Vermont's floods. Hmmm...

Also yesterday, we shopped at Lowe's for stockade fencing. Yes, the chippy white fence is about to move to a new home and cedar fencing will move in, which will be allowed to gray naturally minus any paint. While looking around, I found a pretty pink knock-out rose, which I will plant sometime this week at the cemetery. (Hope that my friend has also been able to find one for my grandparents' grave. She was so willing to take on the task.)

Knock out rose

 Pink Knock Out Rose

And to brighten my day, my bookmarks, *smelling so sweetly of iris,* arrived from Brenda at It's a Beautiful Life. Thank you, Brenda! They are a little piece of heaven.

Bookmarks from Brenda

I'm already using one in my Flea Market Style magazine that I found at my local Wal*Mart yesterday. I couldn't believe it and had to open it to check for Margo's picture. When I found her, I knew that I had the real deal. Haven't had much of a chance to look at it yet. I'm saving that for my morning break.

So what am I up to today? My plan says that I am to be cleaning the kitchen, the pantry, washing down the cupboards, and scrubbing the floor. Guess I'd better get to it!


  1. Yes, I do create more work when I am already busy. A friend came over this weekend and when I explained to him that I HAD to paint my kitchen table and chairs, because I HAD to paint the counter stools, because we HAD to cut them down, because we HAD to replace our old counter tops with granite, he said, "Sounds like your just creating work for yourself".

    He just didn't get it.


  2. I clicked on the link and brought up the TO DO LIST thing. It scared me. ,-)

    Guess I have to make my own lists. If not, I feel like "someone else" is "telling" me what to do. -sigh- Now THERE is a not-natural-or-normal thing, I betcha'! -grin-

    I just wish you peace/calmness, while you prepare for this memorial gathering of family. And more peace/calmness, during it.

    Please don't let any of it, set you back, as it were. Please........


  3. I cannot operate without a list and my to-do list looks just like the one you linked to, including the little boxes to check off.

    Delegate, delegate, delegate!

    I'm glad the pink granite is beautiful.

  4. I am and always have been a list maker, and without one wouldn't know which way to turn.
    You are one busy gal, my dh says a busy person is a happy person so I guess you and I are real happy.~LOL~
    Enjoy your magazine, I looked over this issue while standing in line at the grocers yesterday and am now wishing I had bought it. Lol

  5. Enjoyed your posting... and I was glad to learn the scented bookmarks arrived safely!

    You ask the question about muddying the waters when extremely busy by not staying focused and adding extra projects....... are we sisters??? You mean I'm not alone in this?

    And then you mention making a plan... that's exactly what I've been doing... for all my writing projects -- I have several deadlines this month.

    I just quickly made my own outline this time, because I totally relate (alas) as well to the wasting time bit by visiting a bunch of free daily planner sites to find the 'perfect' one....

    Mmmm.... just so I'm not totally out of character, guess where I'm heading to after I leave your site. I may have to check out the link you give about a great planner site. LOL

    Lest we lament at this, perhaps we can forage the 'beauty' out of our tendency to add more to our lives... I realize that I do work 'best' and I get more done when I have to lots of it to do. I get organized then. The less I have to do, the more I tend to drag it out (because, well, we've got the time, we can do it later....)

    As well, I find that popping in those extra projects (like making tabs for a new dessert cookbook) are like the sprinkles on top of sugar cookies. They add creative zip, sparkle and fun between the routines and must-do stuff.

    So here's to glimpses of beauty in all we do today........

  6. Oh not a list maker...all in my head, it takes me longer to make the list than to do it...but I am still learning, so made in this decade of life I will get organized.

    Looks like you are having fun. Beautiful roses.

  7. Oh you should see my schedule for the next two months, it is RIDICULOUS! So much to get done before I move.

    I'm the same way though. If it isn't in my schedule I'm not going to do it, so it has to be in there!

  8. I am a list maker! I'd be lost without one. I like to be organized and orderly. We are in the midst of a kitchen gut/reno and I started a folder a year ago with lists and pamphlets etc.It's nice to have it all in one place. And I love a date book/day planner too. Gotta have it filled in and up to date! I pray all goes well with the memorial. Bless you. Pamela

  9. Now that's a plan! And who knows what will all get added along the way? I'm still wondering how a recipe book got onto the list...on countdown week. But then...I know how important recipe books are!

    Pink granite and pink roses. Lovely! We wouldn't be planting rose bushes at our cemeteries over here. They have rules...and among them them is the 'no planting of any kind' rule.

  10. I do the same thing...that definitely means you are normal...because I am SOoooo normal, lol.

    You have so much to do and I know that the important things will be done.

    So good to hear that you love the color of the stone for your mother's headstone. You can have peace about that.

    Enjoy your productive day. Chelsea and I are meeting friends for lunch. Fun!!

  11. I like to make lists, problem is that I lose the lists. Maybe if I'd learn to use something other than a scrap of paper...someday!

    Love the lighter pink Knockout. It's just like the last one I planted. They sure have had some good buys on the Knockouts compared to the beginning of the season. Makes me want to buy more, but I don't know where to put them.

    Glad the pink granite turned out to your liking. And planting a pink rose nearby sounds like a great idea.

  12. It's the same way just picking up the house. I'm doing the dishes and I need more room in the dish drainer so I put away dishes. Some of them go in the dining room. Once in the dining room I see the sewing mess that my daughter had to leave when rushing out the door so I load up my arms and head for her bedroom. Once there I see through my open door that I haven't been back up to make the bed yet. Once finished I carry the drinking glass down to the kitchen and find...

    Eventually it all gets done, but am I A.D.D. or what? Sometimes I wonder! I don't think a planner will help this kind of disorder.

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. Oh yes, I'm always thinking of new projects. Sometimes I think of them and then forget them and re-discover them!

    That Knockout is going to be beautiful. It's such an easy carefree rose. I think it'll be perfect with the granite.

  14. Hi Vee - sounds like things are coming along. I'm so glad you like the pink granite and it was a good thing to pressure your granite man! Only way to get things done sometimes is to stamp our little feet! (or big feet)

    I guess I'm like No Spring Chicken - going from one thing to the next without much organization. It's frustrating to me but everything usually gets done. All the important things anyway, then, I do as much as possible of the other stuff and it it doesn't get done, then it doesn't get done.

    You're going to do a great job, my friend - when the day comes, it'll all be done. Then, relax and enjoy your day.

    Praying for multiplied time and few "wrenches" for you!

  15. Dear No Spring Chicken - no offense intended, but We sound like kindred spirits!!!

  16. First, I love your new hair color. What does John think?

    Your new dessert recipe book is great. I've been planning one for years and have started several, but they're just plastic notebooks. I think you're inspiring me to make pretty covers...someday I'll get to that!

    Love those planning sheets. I'm not nearly as creative as you. I use a 5x7 spiral bound notebook for my daily to-do lists. It's always on the counter which makes it look cluttered, but it's handy and I NEED IT close!

  17. Nothing gets done in my world unless it got placed on a list.

    Notebooks with tabs for various kinds of lists: garden projects, prayer projects, gift ideas, daily lists etc. I've kept a lot of the notebook from over the years. Whew..lots of crossed off lists. No one will ever get away with calling me lazy!

  18. I run my life on lists. Making a list means that I don't have to think about what I really NEED to do and can instead think up many more projects of what I'd really LIKE to do.

    I think that the more I have to do, the more my mind thinks I can do and so I take on all sorts of extra tasks - which are often left undone.

    The pink rose is beautiful - there's nothing like roses.

    I just re read this post - my mind is really all over the place. I'm tired.

  19. That pink rose is going to look so pretty near the pink granite.
    It sounds like you have a lot to get done. Your new planner looks like a great tool to keep things on track. I always make lists when I'm working towards an event. I used to make daily to do lists, but since becoming an emptynester, I've given up on those.

  20. I, too, am one who saddles myself with extra stuff when the week or day is already super busy. I think there's a "Busy" mode, and then we add "Uber Busy" on top of it. Hope you get all the things on your list done!

    My husband tore out two potentilla bushes last week and replaced them with pink knockout rose bushes and I love them! They're already blooming, too!

  21. I'm a great one for making lists.
    I usually have quite a few projects and things that need to get done.
    I'm not that good about sticking to my list though and usually end up on a tangent doing something entirely different. : )
    The pink rose is very pretty!!

  22. I love my knock out roses. They bloom forever and smell great!

    I do the same, I usually have too many projects started and don't finish enough. I hope someday to not be as overwhelmed as I am at the moment.

  23. I'm forever creating more work for myself! Something I'm trying really hard to stop. The knock out rose is so pretty and will look lovely with the Canada pink (glad that it finally arrived!) xo

  24. I'm a list maker! I make lists of my lists, if that makes sense... NO!

    It sounds like your getting a lot done... in fact, you've worn me out, thinking of all you have been and are going to do.

    Knock out roses are wonderful. I've just planted 3 of them.
    Take a break...

  25. You sound much more organized than I am right now, Vee! I am being pulled in many different directions by all that is going on in my life. Most are good things, so I can't complain, but this will be a very busy year ahead!

  26. Vee,
    I am definitely a list maker! Have 2 of them going today. It's very satisfying to check things off, and I don't forget to do what I need to get done.
    But when I am doing something like working in the garden today, I'll wander from task to task and do much more than originally planned.
    Great fun.
    Lists, organization and efficiency are near and dear to my heart.

  27. Guilty as charged.

    Projects started (but not finished) everywhere.

    A whirlwind, a mess, a challenge, a life.



  28. P.S. I chose pink granite for my Nonie's headstone.

    I love it. Good choice.

  29. Wow there is a lot going on there. Life is happening. That is wonderful. It has been a rough feel years for you. Mom and gram are happy in heaven together again. Probably need to do some of the pre-planning ourselves.

  30. You are much more organized than I am, good for you! I leave myself a post-it note so I don't forget. The only list I make is the grocery list.

  31. You are busy and focused, so not to worry about normalcy. Normalcy these days seems be unfocused, LOL. But do take a little time to sit down, have a refreshing beverage, and read neat magazines like that!

  32. oh, I always thought you were supposed to keep piling on the projects! haha At least you are trying to get organized. This summer making a plan has become near impossible because someone is going to change my mind!

    It does sound as if you have a full plate, but all of your projects sound quite lovely.


  33. Vee, thanks so much for your encouraging comments. I enjoyed reading back through your posts. It seems like everytime I turn around we have something else in common (that would be the loathing of shopping for clothes). It is sheer torture, and I only do it if absolutely necessary. It's so bad that when I find something that fits and looks nice -- and the main priority is that it is affordable--, I buy one in as many colors as I can. I have the same shirt in about 10 different colors, collected over the course of the past four years. I make sure not to put them in the dryer so they don't wear out too soon. Yes, I will go to great lengths NOT to have to shop. ;) Just for the record, in your fashion photo my pick was the top left white one. Love and hugs and...


  34. I'm a planner too. Great informative post Vee.

    Enjoy your day!

  35. Oh, I start cleaning one room, having the entire house to do, and find a photo album, sit down, look it all over and the first thing I know, it's time to cook a meal..house not cleaned...after eating, before doing dishes, I put a load of clothes in the washer..house still not cleaned..dishes not done..go in to put the photo album up and, WHAT?, that closet needs to be straightened up so get going on it...house STILL not cleaned, dishes not done, clothes have sit too long in the washer and now are all wrikley...

  36. You are so organized! I have recipes all over the place!
    The stone for your mom is just beautiful!
    I am your newest follower. I saw you over at my friend Susan's. Isn't she a wonderful photographer?


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