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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I've Been Painting the Door

(Another post got away...I really must pay attention to postdating. I've got a few in the wings so it's a nightmare when I don't. Nope, not leaving yet.)

I am painting a new door. It's the bathroom door that John replaced yesterday. The old door was tired and original to the home circa 1955; it was an inferior door from the start. Now we have a solid wood door with some heft to it.

And the minute that you eager ones began to bolt making suggestions for the main door, I got right to work. Here are some of our choices using the Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer.

 Black Emerald


Chamois (I'm hoping that this looks like mustard.)


Laurel Woods

Light French Gray

Studio Blue Green

Rockwood Red

Has the choice that you first made held? I'm leaning toward three of these (no, not telling). John is leaning toward two others (no, not telling), but he chose the house color so it's my turn. Go ahead, please make a selection. Thanks so much!


  1. I like the Burgundy. (I didn't realize this sort of visualizer tool was even possible.)And I like the Rockwood Red. I love the Studio Blue Green as a color, but not with your house color. And the Chamois is cheerful, but I like the red tones best with your color walls, and probably the blue undertoned burgundy best of all. What fun!

  2. Rockwood Red, I think. I also like Laurel Woods!

  3. I first suggested red - but I was thinking a deeper, blue based red. My choice out of these is the Chamois - I like a bright cheerful door.

    Mine are currently white, but when we do our addition they will become Red.

    This is a fun tool, this visualizer!

    Thanks for letting us play!


  4. I'm still liking the mustard (chamois) but I also love the Studio blue green and the Rockwood Red. Surprising!!

  5. I didn't know it was possible to check the colors like this, what a great way to choose.

    This is a hard one! I like the Rockwood Red, but I also really like the Chamois.

    Whatever you choose.... they're all lovely.

  6. Chamois or Laurel Woods for me. The Chamois really pops. Have fun choosing. I'm curious to see the results. Pamela

  7. The laurel woods is pretty! I always think RED looks great, too! ♥

  8. My favourite if Laurel Woods. However...(ahem)....I do think the red would be great if it was "punched up" a bit and either a little stronger or darker red....in my opinion....not that I really know what I'm talkin' about :-)


  9. Studio Blue Green
    -I like that one. Our doors are Sage Green-like the Laurel Woods one. Blessings

  10. Oh this is a fun post because the first thing I want to do on our new rent house is paint the first door it is so unwelcoming.

    Well do you want to draw attention to this door or not? If you want to say, "come on in you are welcome" then the yellow and red are great. If you want it to blend into the rest of the house and not be noticed then the quieter colors are great.

    I can't wait until you decide...now I have an account with Sherman Williams so I will have to try this.

  11. My eye is really drawn to the Laurel Woods.

  12. What a great tool. Burgundy and Laurel Woods are my favorites. It will be fun to learn what you choose.

  13. Google Reader already showed me your sweet post... "Bye for a while." :-)

    Of course you need to do this. Of course.

    Just please stay calm, Dear One. We will all be thinking of you, over this coming weekend.

    Gentle hugs,

  14. Red rock or laurel. Each person's monitor shows different color wise, but any red or green usually looks great on a door.

  15. I like the Rockwood Red. It's rich and intense, very striking against the gray siding. Or the Chamois - if it were indeed a mustard shade. The Chamois is the bravest choice, but sometimes brave is not all it's cracked up to be.

    Black Emerald is okay, too, but not the best IMO.

    The Burgundy is too pink for me (and I like pink). Brings back the 80s for me.

    Backdrop doesn't pop against the siding.

    Laurel Woods is quite nice, mellow and calm, if that's the look you want.

    Light French Gray looks white and ordinary. Clean and crisp, too.

    Studio Blue Green again reminds me of the 80s.

    So, you asked for opinions and you're getting them!

  16. My favorites would be Laurel Woods and Rockwood Red. I love black doors...but that Emerald Black is more green than black. Have fun making a final decision!

  17. Well maybe I'm weird, but it's the "Black" that pops for me. All the other colors are too dull. If you do go with the red, it needs to be much, much, darker, a blue red, not an orange red.

    That's my opinion, are you sorry you asked. LOL

    Have fun guys!!!!

  18. When I first saw your door in another post, I thought then that it would look great painted a nice shade of red. I still think that!

  19. I sort of like the mustard, studio blue green and the rockwood red. I think doors should contrast and not blend into the house color so I would go with a color that did that.

  20. Black Emerald is my favorite :0)

  21. Rockwood Red!!!!

    Love it! Second choice is Burgundy.

    My list (for years) has been to paint the outside doors on the cabin. And barn red (like rockwood red) is my choice for there too. Trouble is, we want to paint the doors at home in the shop --- and the cabin is far away. Would bears make themselves at home without a door to keep them out? LOL!

  22. I had no idea there was such a thing as this color visualizer. What a great idea!!
    After looking at your different choices I vote as follows:
    #1 - Rockwood Red
    #2 - Laurel Woods

    I'm anxious to know which you and John prefer.

  23. My choice; Studio Blue Green! It says "New England" to me and is easy on the eyes yet adds a nice spot of color.

  24. Fun to play along..Laurel Woods for me!

  25. Rockwood Red or Laurel Woods- Laurel Woods is my favorite!

  26. Not looking at what the others said til I say what I like - Black Emerald and Laurel Woods. I did not like that burgandy - and I said it should be a dark red. Don't know if it's the computer I'm on or what but it's not my favorite. Of the two greens, I think I like the Black Emerald. Now I'm gonna go back and see what everybody else said!

  27. Correction...I didn't realize that your "Emerald Black" was a deep deep green, nope don't like that at all. I say a true "Black" is still my choice!

    Just sayin...........

  28. I'm partial to the Rockwood Red but then red is favorite of mine.

  29. The reds need a bit more wine color to them, but the Rockwood Red is my fav of these. Laurel Woods is my second!

  30. My choice would be the Rockwood Red.

  31. My top three, in random order, are Backdrop, Laurel Woods and Rockwood Red. Can't wait to see the real "after" photo!

    I'll be praying for you this weekend!

  32. I'm making one choice (vote?), Rockwood Red. Vee, it's a door and the good thing about paint is that if you don't like it, you can paint it again!

  33. Rockwood Red, Blacke Emerald or Chamois! Definitely.

    Now, I'm popping over to your link so that I can play like this? My husband and I have been trying to make the house color decision for a week. I think I've got it narrowed down but I go back and forth on the trim...

    Maybe you'll be helping me soon!

    Blessings, Debbie

  34. Rockwood Red is first choice, with laurel woods next. I'll be painting my front door this summer Powell House Red, a Pittsburg Paint historic color. It's a subdued red, similar to the color of tomato soup!

    Parisian Farmgirl had a wonderful centerpiece a while back --it was created with vegetables, and maybe some flowers mixed in--anyway it was fabulous--I'll try to look it up!

  35. WOW!!! Everyone love to give their two cents now, don't they?!! So, for mine I love Laurel Woods....why? because it blends so beautifully with the siding you've chosen and with the nature that surrounds your home ~ I just love it!!! xxoo, Dawn

  36. Also, isn't there a hunter's green sort of green, quite a bit lighter than the black emerald? (Oh, right! That's what you need, Vee. More choices! Sorry.)

  37. I like Studio Blue Green best, Laurel Woods, and Rockwood Red are pretty too.
    Looking forward to see what you do.
    Enjoy your day.

  38. I like studio blue green.

  39. Laurel Woods. ..but the Rockwood Red would be fun and very nice too. We had a burgundy door for a number of years and I grew weary of it quite quick.

  40. Laural woods, Rockwood Red...it's a toss up?

  41. Light French Grey...of coarse. I saw my sis picked the opposite =)

    I love neutrals on houses and furniture, but love color in paintings and flowers...very strange I know !


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