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Monday, June 6, 2011

Mosaic Monday Dud~Not

And so the countdown begins to that busy weekend after next. (Yes, you can just bet that the monument guy is getting a visit this morning.) While I hope to visit you as usual, if you don't see me, you'll know what happened. Life!

You poor thing suffering last week with my ongoing saga about clothes and getting nothing for the time spent. So I am sharing what my daughter wore to the event (see Sunday morning's post for that story).

in quadruplicate

And now, just because you can't see the setting so well...

beside the rhododendron
The reception was held at a beautiful new hotel along the river where the rhododendrons were in full bloom. And, fortunately for me, they perfectly matched the waistband on L's dress and the color of her sandals. One of my dear commenters suggested I request her help with future clothes shopping. Unlikely that she'd be willing, but I know that I could certainly use her advice.

Have a happy Monday!


  1. You daughter looks lovely!

    As for wearing something 'tried and true' rather than new...I know exactly whereof you speak.

  2. Cute, cute, cute outfit. Yes I have asked my daughter for help with clothes...she is too kind and I know that I don't look near as good as she says I do in an outfit...I need someone more honest, but gentle.

    Enjoy your hunt...it can be a fun adventure.

  3. Oh I love when you can find something perfectly matching to photograph against. The mosaic of your daughter is perfect in quadruplicate. Her outfit is cute and her smile is perfect.

  4. Your daughter is beautiful - just like her Mama. What a resemblance I see in the two of you! =)

  5. I wanna be young and cute again!!! I wanna, I wanna, I wanna!

    There, I feel better now...

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. Your daughter looked beautiful! Love the dress. :)


  7. Very cute outfit - and beautiful daughter.

    Steely-eyed Vee will make certain that the memorial guy comes up to scratch!

  8. Just look at that gorgeous Daughter you made, Hon!!! Oh I know, you didn't "make" alone but. You've been around, all along. :-)

    Mmmmmmm, I guess this means, that's all we're going to see, of the "goings-to-the-event," hu? Hmmmmm? Hmm? Hmmmmmmmm? :-)


  9. Your daughter is lovely and I just love the way you put her in quadruple. If you play around with the tint settings, you could have an Andy Warholesque picture of her!

  10. Your daughter looks great. Cool, pretty and comfortable.

  11. I did a little clothes shopping this morning and saw a lot of cute dresses but they were way to short for me. I like just below the knee or a little longer. Guess I'll stick with slacks. Bummer. Your daughter is beautiful.

  12. What a pretty daughter you have and her outfit is darling. So nice that it also matches the rhododendrons.

  13. Your daughter is beautiful, she looks like her mother. Her dress is so pretty. Beautiful flowers too!

    I know you didn't enjoy your clothes saga last week, but I found it very entertaining and comforting, because it reminded me so much of my sagas with clothes, and then wearing something from my closet.

    Here's hoping the monument guy comes through in time...


  14. What a doll she is!! Uh, Vee, no offense, but maybe she would LOVE helping you. I like the input of young'uns (sometimes).



  15. She is so very Beautiful. I too have been busy with life. We are having to visit the doctors so very much. I do so miss my blogging friends. Have a wonderful week....m...

  16. She looks absolutely beautiful but then, as pretty as she is, a tow sack would look great on her.
    She is a beauty...
    xoxo bj
    O, and I am going right over to ck the french toast out at those cooking girls site...:)

  17. I can't find those Menonite girls.?

  18. That's a great outfit your pretty daughter is wearing! Are we going to get to see her pretty mama's outfit? Just asking...:D

  19. Your daughter looks, so classy! I love the red. I am sure she has her mother's taste. Just beautiful!

    On another note, thank you for asking about Audley's grandmother. She is improving and we count everyday a blessing. Hopefully she will be home in another week!


  20. Your daughter is beautiful. I love her outfit, and it looks so lovely on her. The reception sounds like it was wonderful.


  21. Your daughter is so pretty, Vee! Her outfit is gorgeous...and even more so her smile. The reception grounds look beautiful with all the rhododendrons in bloom!


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