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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You're the Best!

Have been trying to strike a deal with the Lord about Saturday. I reminded Him that I've been praying about that date ever since the day was finalized. Finalized as in people have taken vacation days, the pastor has written it in his book and is leaving on vacation...you know, it is set in cement. What am I trying to say? I'm trying to say that the weather frogs are now saying that the weekend will be rainy and cool. Dropping back to Plan C at this point while praying for the best. My deal with the Lord? Please send some of this rain to Texas. It's a gentle rain and everything greens up so well.

white geranium

Thank you, you wonderful gals! I have had so many fantastic suggestions that I could plan a party every weekend. I'm going to take you up on a lot of these ideas. In fact, since I learned yesterday that the bakery has closed in these rough economic times, I'm definitely going to pick up something for dessert at the grocery.

Now, do you have any wonderful last minute easy decorating ideas? :D I am such a shameless little beggar.

Here's John waving hello. He had just come out to let me know that I may not keep the Christmas cactus on the little porch. He says it's too big and is going to be wrecked if I do. I'll have to come up with something else for this little corner. Anyway, he's finished this section, put on a new bathroom door inside the house, and he's heading for the back section if the clouds don't open. We've decided to lean the fence and not try to put that up before Saturday.

Now, I've got to scurry around keeping what's already been cleaned looking good and then attack this front room that I call my office. I'm going to grab someone's happy playlist and boogie away.

Again, ~~thank you~~!

P.S. It's just a matter of time before I'm begging asking for help with a door color for that white door. Gear up! ☺


  1. I vote Red for the door, even though you are not asking yet! :)

    Sounds like everything is working out just fine...hope it is special for you all.


  2. I'm still thinking a dark reddish - not too purple, not too brightish. OR a gunmetal blueish - something that will give contrast - maybe a hue of your roof. I still think a dark red would be nice!

    It's going to be beautiful, Vee, and no matter what kind of weather, your mom will be pleased as she looks down and sees the beautiful memorial that you have planned for her!!! But we'll take any rain you wanna send us & pray for a dry day for you!

  3. I have a red door and I like it just fine but I'm telling you my neighbor just painted her door a mustard color (hmmm, maybe more yellow mustard than orange mustard) and it's beautiful. I'd do the same but that would be copying, wouldn't it?

    Grab some paint swatches at the hardware store and tape them all over the door and check the colors out in the ambient light.

  4. Red, yellow, flag blue, Orange..any bright color is great on a door. Oh and maple syrup is a fun color too.

    I vote you get a life sized cast of the guy waving from the porch; posed with that exact same gesture and exact same outfit. What could be more welcoming on a porch than something like that?

  5. "Striking deals", about the weather, hu? -chuckle- Believe me, it's easier being Agnostic. And knowing that no "deals" can be "struck".


  6. Red doors suggest happiness to me :-)

    And I have been a terrible blog-friend lately! I have had "issues" with blogger letting me comment..and I have been lax in my readings..sorry!
    John looks so sweet..aren't we lucky to have good men in our lives? There are so many women who don't..bless them..

  7. I think a few vases full of flowers from your garden will be decorations enough, Vee. I also liked your idea of making photo collages of your Mom for everyone to look at. Maybe get the paper napkins and plates in your Mom's favorite color, pink?

    Can John rig a tent of some sort outside so that if it sprinkles your guests can still sit outside?

    What is your favorite color? Whatever it is, paint the door that color :)

  8. I can relate to the rain issue. We've had more than normal here in Montana, but it's gorgeous green and not white! LOL

    This might be a stretch, but I'm loving a black door these days. With your neutral tones (that's what I see on your photos), Black would pop! Red's cool, but common.


  9. May I just say, your sense of humor is delightful. I can just picture you boogeying as you work. How fun!
    I will join you in praying for no rain, but if it does rain you may consider some candles as last minute decor. Always helps to cozy things up a bit on a dreary day. I also think Pat's idea of flowers from your garden is perfect.
    John's work so far looks very nice. You have also reminded me to set my Christmas cactus outside for the summer. Thanks for that.
    I'm not submitting a door color as I think you have enough to think about now.
    Boogie down!!

  10. I was absolutely no help at all. Thankfully you have an abundance of friends who think quickly and have lots of ideas.

    Blessings on your weekend. It will be special and provide sweet memories for all of you.

    Waving back at that industrious husband of yours.

  11. Vee,
    So nice to have a wonderful husband, isn't it?
    You two are working hard, and I believe it will culminate in a blessed celebration.

  12. Hi Vee,
    Everything will be just fine..Ordering platters is the best and less stressful thing to do when hosting a gathering like you are. You will be busy with the guests and you won't want to be in the kitchen the hole time. I agree deserts from the grocery store bakery are just as good or even better.
    If you don't have a 20 cup coffee pot you can rent them from a party rental store. I find the coffee is always the first to go. I always set out my 35 cup coffee pot. I also have a 25 cup.
    Big hugs and remember everything will be just fine.

  13. I love the picture of John waving.... so sweet and welcoming.

    Praying the rain will leave you and head this direction.

    You day will be a magnificent honor to your mother.......
    Hugs to you sweet friend,

  14. I'm waving right back at John! And he's right about that Christmas cactus, you know...

    Don't forget to have a few moments to breathe, LOL. And a burgundy color on that door would be scrumptious!

  15. Humm, decorations, you're going to have to go it alone on that one. What would your mother like?

    Hang in there, Saturday isn't here yet. You know what they say about the weather, it changes with the wind, right?

    Slow down, stop hitting the panic button. Leave it alone, at least until Friday, lol.

  16. The weather certainly has a mind of it's own these days...

    Paint the door something fun!
    What ever makes you smile!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    sweet Up-North Mornings...

  17. I'm with Knitting Mania...black. With an exotic name, of course. How about 'caviar'? You will be sorry you ever asked. Oh, you haven't asked yet!

    May the skies clear up for your special day...and everything be just perfect. I know it will be!

  18. Any thing is possible weather wise Vee, I will pray for no rain, . I notice lots of doors are being painted green, and they look beautiful. Mine is black and am always thinking of something a little brighter.
    John, reminds so much of Mr P. and that is good {smile} Both of them are so helpful, and always looking after us and our plants.
    I wish I was more help with the decorating, but you are better at that than I am.
    I can just see you scurrying about with a playlist playing I do that to.

  19. Well my friend it seems I missed quite a lot here. I have to play catch-up...hope that the Lord sends you the sunshine and our Texans the rain. I talked to one of our Texans yesterday and they REALLY need it. Everything looks fab - John is quite the carpenter!

    Wishing you well!


    BTW - Having my root canal at lunch - wish me luck!

  20. {{waving to John}} Hello!!--the blue green door. def. Blessings


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