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Friday, June 17, 2011

Scottish Shortbread and Stuff

I've decided to bake after all. :D That's because I'm nearly caught up with my chores. Nearly.

I'll whip up a batch of sugar cookies and toss in dried blueberries, craisins, and white chocolate chips. They're yummy and colorful, too.  Quite often, I make them for the 4th of July; Canadians could make them for July 1 if they leave out the blueberries. Even though Mother was Canadian, she liked blueberries so I know she won't mind. It's not being a holiday, I don't think anyone will notice.

And I'm baking the last recipe that my mother ever worked with and loved — Scottish Shortbread, which she declared "very good!"

Scottish Shortbread


* 1 pound salted butter (softened)
* 5 cups flour
* 1 cup white sugar
* ¼ cup brown sugar
* 1 teaspoon good vanilla or 1teaspoon almond flavoring as preferred


Preheat oven to 350F

* Cream butter and sugars in mixer.
* Add flavoring of choice.
* Add flour and mix with wooden spoon.
* Use hands to mix thoroughly.
* Press into an ungreased jelly roll pan.
* Prick with a fork all over making sure that the fork hits the bottom and the pricks are close together.

Bake 10 minutes. Reduce heat to 300F and continue to bake 40 minutes. Wait 2 minutes and then cut into finger size rectangular bars. Cool completely in the pan.

*Printable Recipe for Scottish Shortbread*

Here's a little video of John declaring that he is right most of the time. Just like a man! He backs this up with a percentage that makes me laugh.

Have a great Friday...


  1. Happy Friday to you! I want to come eat with you if you are baking ... sugar cookies with blueberries, cranberries and white chocolate.. OH MY! The shortbread recipe looks fab. I have never made shortbread, so this is looking like a project for next week.

    The video is too funny. You just have to adore a man who admits he is wrong a tiny percentage of the time. LOL

  2. The cookies sound wonderful and thank you for the shortbread recipe. I haven't been happy with the ones I have tried!


  3. Whooopsies! Artery clogging yumminess there! ,-)

    Best wishes for everything to go smoothly, this weekend.

    And on Monday, can you completely RELAX???????????????? -grin-

    Good for John!

    But we all have to claim such being-right-results. It'll "all come out in the wash" in the end, as they used to say. :-)))

    Gentle hugs,

  4. Oh these cookies sound wonderful. I may whip up a batch myself. I'm soo in the mood to bake, cook and EAT!

    I missed voting on the door colors but if you want my 2cents

    Burgundy and Studio Blue Green

    Blue Skies coming your way...

  5. Sounds delicious! And I knew what you saw in the spider web yesterday! God loves you! Love is all around!

  6. At least his ego is in check... he didn't say 100! ;)

    Looks like you two haven't killed each other yet, and even manage to have a little fun. That says a lot during a renovation project...

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. If you could have seen me holding my laptop to my ear here in a Starbucks to listen to the audio of the video you would have laughed. Then you would have gotten a kick out of me laughing right out loud. He is definitely a man.....statistics are definitely their thing.

  8. Oh yes, and as for yesterday's post, I saw what you were talking about the moment the picture appeared on my screen! I love little blessings like that.


  9. Loved hearing your voices! John is really moving along with the house. Have you thought of another project for him?

    Thank you for sharing both the recipe and the sentiment that goes along with it.

  10. How nice to hear voices...to go with the faces! And to hear that on occasion he may not be right...priceless.

    All the best with the baking...and may the sun shine on you this weekend.

  11. Loved the clip. .so fun.
    The cookies sounds fantastic and I can well imagine they'd be snapped up quickly.
    OH I hope the weather is just perfect.

  12. Loved the video, Vee. Smart woman...if he reverses his position and claims 100%, you have the proof! I'm sure that's what my hubby would say even tho knowing different. lol The cookies and shortbread sound yummy. Have a great weekend!

  13. I can't think of a single Canadian who would object to a cookie with blueberries, cranberries and white chocolate. They could pretend the colors were a nod to the British flag if they're that fussy.

    Love the interaction between you and John.

  14. Hi Vee!

    The shortbread recipe sounds wonderful, thank you for sharing!

    Men . . . 97.7 . . . (grin)!

    Have a fantastic week-end, I'll be thinking of you!


  15. Love the video and thanks for the recipe!

  16. Your cookie recipes sound so good. I love shortbread and make them all winter long. I sometime frost them with butter icing too. Regarding the red, white and blue in your cookies, don't forget our Canadian flag used to be those three colours! :-) I still love the Union Jack! And John is right 97.7% of the time. Cute.

  17. Vee,
    Delicious recipe!
    Great video. I think you could have recorded it at my house. It makes one want to gleefully point out when the Always Right one, isn't.
    And yes, the surprise does, in fact, breathe, eat, sleep and jump. Not much on the sleeping part, though!

  18. I was just thinking that when he was doing his carpenter work years ago on your home. ..he must have known he was nearly always right when he knew you were a good catch.

  19. I made Scottish Shortbread for the first time last Christmas. I even bought one of those ceramic molds. Yummy! :)

    I didn't know that your Mum was perfect (Canadian!). :P Since it was something that she enjoyed, it will be nice to have. :)

    You are John are too much. LOL! I'd love to live next door to you. :)


  20. Thanks for the kind and funny comments on my last post. Gotta laugh. Your John is too funny! Thank you, also, for the recipe. Finally, a shortbread recipe that doesn't have cornstarch in it. Shortbread was my grandmother's favorite cookie.

    Sort of random, but referring to an older post - I found a pretty photo album (standard three ring binder size) at the thrift shop (99 cents). It has been sitting right by the printer for a few weeks now. I just decided to use it to immediately file recipes that I print off. Your mother's will be the first one.

  21. Humm, my Grandmother was Scottish, I was born in Canada, sounds like this is a recipe I should try, thanks for sharing.

    My hubby THINKS he's always right. He can think whatever he wants, it keeps him happy. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  22. I loved the video!!!! Ohmygoodness Vee...you guys make the most precious couple! 97.7% is a pretty good number too :) At least he knows he might possibly be wrong....the shortbread sounds absolutely delicious!!! I wanted to tell you that I labeled those rustic pots under "hypertufa pots" if you want to go back to my blog and take a look....there are recipes all over the internet to make them, I just love how old they look, you know? Have a beautiful weekend dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  23. ps. I DID love hearing your voices!!! xxoo

  24. YUM! Wish I liked cooking. I would rather be outdoors or in the art room. Looks yummy though.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit.
    Have a great weekend.

  25. 97.7!! That was so funny. Tell John thanks for the chuckle!! : ) Also a Happy Father's Day to him.
    I'm going to try the shortbread recipe. Thanks.
    BTW - I saw the heart right away.

  26. Thanks for the recipe! I would rather eat bread than dessert! ♥

  27. Oh I want to go bake now...but will have to wait, it is boxed up. This looks great and how precious to use your mom's recipe, what a true blessing. I will mark this for when we get settled.

    Thanks for your prayers and supportive words of encouragement.

  28. It's nice to hear a voice to go along with your photo, Vee! I'm staying out of the "who is right" dicussion though..lol!

    The cookies sound delicious..I am a big cookie person but I am dieting this year for the big event next spring! :)

  29. Yum! Thank you for sharing your Mom's recipe with us! And you are adding video clips! How fun. Good to stop by again after being gone too long! My Dad's 92nd b'day north of Calgary Alberta, and other stops.

  30. Funny and the cookies sound good.


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