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Monday, June 20, 2011

June 18, 2011

Edited to Add: Please feel free to snag this sheet music graphic for use in any art project.

We've come to the end of a lovely weekend. Perfect weekend? No, but sweet all the same.

It rained off and on all Saturday morning. Each time it rained, the steamy terrarium effect would heighten until I was ready to jump in the cooler with the cold drinks. By two in the afternoon at the graveside, the sun was beating down upon our heads until a large cloud covered it for us and cooler breezes began to blow. It was a moment of sweet relief.

So, yes, the weather gave me fits. When we realized that we couldn't depend on it, John and I cleaned up the garage and arranged seating and serving tables there. Now that definitely was not perfect, though it was where everyone congregated preferring the garage over the house.

My grands requested games. We always play games so this day should not be any different; my mother would have approved.

The day ended with a cold front coming through and torrential downpours. My cousin and his wife heading home east to New Brunswick ran into hail and powerful thunder and lightning storms and my uncle and aunt heading home to the west did as well. Both men were concerned for the paint jobs on their respective vehicles. They should have stayed longer with us and played in the pool as the grands did. :D

Finally, some odds and ends of the day.

Yes, that's John in the top row about to get zapped by my aunt who is after a mosquito (yes, a likely story). She missed and clobbered John right in the head. He said that he never felt a thing. :D

It is my fond hope to visit and catch up a bit in Blogdom; however, my sister is here and going through boxes with her seems to be the prudent thing to do.

Have a great Monday...


  1. Family. These photos and stories reveal the love. Time spent together in honor of one who has gone on to her reward. A very smart way to celebrate her life, if you ask me...which you didn't. lol

    Gotta love that pool. You guys spared no expense.

  2. I glad that all in all, it was a good day. Too bad about the weather but these things cannot be helped.
    From the pictures, it looks like everyone (especially the Grands) had a great time. :)

    I hope that all goes well with your sister and that you can get a lot done. :)


  3. Good Morning Vee

    We worry and fret and in the end the only one who knows what went right or what went wrong is us.

    Loved your verse - so sweet.


    Enjoy time with your sister:)

  4. What wonderful collages..show the love of family! Send me an email with your mailing addy and I send you some of the Somerset magazines!


  5. I love the beautiful verse!

    The pictures of the boys playing in your new pool are so cute. Looks like they're have a grand ole time getting their nice khaki pants wet....
    the ball games look like fun too.

    Hey girl, you have a great looking garage..

    The etching on your mom's stone turned out so beautiful, and love the color.....beautiful flowers.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy your sister's visit.

    You've made precious memories for you and your family!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing. What nice memories of family to have. Blessings

  7. Lovely mosaics...

    Yes, I vote for going through boxes with sister.

    And for making sure she takes a lot of them, home with her.

    And........ I'm glad it's over. I can say that, where you might not feel that you *should*. :-)

    Happy Midsummer's Eve

  8. Sounds like it was a *perfect* day!

    Time with family and loved ones to remember and celebrate your mother.


  9. The pictures tell a wonderful story Vee, you mother would have definately approved.

  10. Everything about this post shows the love of your family. What a beautiful celebration of your mother.

    The pictures of your grandchildren playing in their new pool is sweet. Isn't it fun to watch the carefree, living-in-the-fun-of-the-moment existence our little ones live?

  11. You celebrated a life well lived. I'm sure your mother would have approved. You will see her again.

  12. Hi Vee, I'm glad everything went well for you on Saturday despite the unsettled weather. Your photos and collages are wonderful memories of the day for you all. We didn't get that storm here but it hit Moncton, and PEI and NS in spots. I hope you have a restful week. Blessings, Pamela

  13. I thought about you Saturday, Vee, and knew in my heart that everything would be just right! To your family, I know it was. It's the thoughts and feelings and the love that is shared, not the weather, or the garage, or anything else. I know fond memories were made by all. Love your pics - specially of those little ones having fun in their Sunday pants! An absolutely perfect day!!!

  14. This is exactly what I want when it's time to celebrate my life. Laughter and love and family and joy! Most of all Joy!

    I can see the Joy in these pictures, even through the weather issues.

  15. Looks and sounds like a great day even with the weather.

  16. Oh the little ones running through the pool look like they are having a time they will remember for years to come. I expect your Mom would have been so pleased to see everyone come together to celebrate her life. I hope you have a bit of time to relax and "read" between sorting through boxes.

  17. It looks like a beautiful weekend, Vee, remembering and celebrating your Mom's life with family, love and happiness. [[[ Hugs ]]]

  18. oH, my, Vee...what a nice weekend, even with the hot, cold, dry and wet. I know it was a nice time for the entire family. I also know, being a mom, that YOUR mom would have loved it all.
    Enjoy time with your sis...we are gonna be here when you get ready to blog again.:))
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo bj

  19. Meant to say I love your pretty header and your green sides....summery and cool (aka KOOL) looking.

  20. Well, I can't seem to get finished here...
    What color is your door?

  21. You have such a way with photos!
    And Vee, enjoy your visit, we'll still be here:)

  22. Way to go with the flow Vee! Looks like everyone had a good time. Blessings...

  23. Your mom would have been pleased...with the coming together whatever the weather...with the playing of games...with the lovely headstone and flowers...with her family! It looks like a good time...to remember and to make new memories.

    I love the 'frolicking in the pool' collage!

  24. Hi Vee!

    Looks like a perfect day to me! Family, fun and making memories together, what could be better... :0)

    Blessings to you!


  25. Looks like a lovely day--even the rain provided a respite from the heat!
    I love Psalm 139--it holds special significance for me.

    Waiting to see what menu you settled on! Have a blessed week!


  26. This is wonderful...you throw the best party and the pictures just invited me right in to join the fun!
    What a truly blessed time had by all.
    Have fun with your sister.

  27. Lovely ~ simply lovely. I can't think of a nicer way to honor the life of a loved one. I have no doubts that your mom was smiling down on her dear family the entire day.
    Love your new pool too. Priceless :).

  28. I don't know. Looks like a perfect day to me, friends, family and fun. Love your pool! I think I might be able to talk hubby into one like that.

    *So, what did you serve?

    Enjoy your sister, and your time.

    Blessings, Debbie

  29. On closer inspection I noticed the fruit kabobs, they look great!!

  30. You made your Mom proud, she would have loved everything and certainly approved, who couldn't? A Perfect Day put to rest. You did such a lovely job, even the fruit kabobs look mouth watering. That was the downpour, it could have been a swimming pool, the Grands were drenched, I'm sure. How's that to do list coming, what's next?

  31. Spending time with family always makes a nice weekend! Looks like the kids had fun rain or shine! ♥

  32. What a sweet family time and day. Hope you have lots of time to spend with your Sister....hugs...m..

  33. It looks like a beautiful day --- with sadness peppered with the care and appreciation of loved ones. Sweet love.

  34. A wonderful family is revealed in these pictures! Your mother did approve, I'm sure, and some way I'm also sure she was with you all.

  35. Hi Vee
    I come to you by way of Happy One's blog, who is a good friend of mine. I finally decided to visit your blog (time being something that I don't have alot of recently in taking care of my elderly mom), and what a lovely discovery. It is beautiful and filled with family and joy. Hope you don't mind if I "tag along" from time to time.

    Retired Knitter

  36. 6/21/Tuesday - 9AM

    I don't know what news horrors you are talking of, in your latest post. The one where you turned off Comments.

    It's your blog and you can turn 'em off and on, at will. But to be honest, it's very irritating, to find them off, today. Why???

    Like I said, I looked at Yahoo News just now, and I didn't see anything horrible enough, to make we-in-Pretty-Blog-Land spook. About just talking about things-as-is in our lives.

    But, 'tis your blog...


  37. Vee,
    I'm glad the day and weekend were wonderful. In spite of the weather.
    Have a great visit with your sister.

  38. I've been away from blogging for a few days, and am now catching up. I'm so glad to see these photos. What a lovely time of remembrance and celebration you had. From all you've said, your mother would surely approve.
    I hope that going through boxes is a great time with your sister - memories will surface and stories will be told.

  39. Some rain but what fund for the grands. See you have stairs in your garage.
    I am wondering if that is your garden or a common area in your neighbourhood.

  40. Oh what a lovely bunch of family photos. I especially love the ones splashing in the puddles. A favorite pastime of mine.

    I am glad that the weather held out for your ceremony. Your mom is probably smiling at these snapshots.

    Vee, I have told you so many times before, you should write a book. When I start to read your posts, they draw me in and I always leave with a smile.

    Enjoy your sister. I am meeting my sister Lynne from North Carolina, and my sister Susan from Pennsylvania in Vermont. My daughters and their boyfriends are going too. It will be a nice family reunion. I will think of you as I drive through New Hampshire.


  41. what a precious way to gather your family
    together and honor your precious mom,

    leave it to kids to make a swimming pool
    out of a thunderstorm.

  42. Like the beautiful creative image with such a sweet theme.

    Great photos from your family get together. Hope your family made it back to New Brunswick in all that weather. Sharing exciting news, I am home in New England in July Yippiee! lobster rolls here I come !


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