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Friday, June 3, 2011

Shopping for Clothes...ugh

Do you enjoy shopping for clothes? Do you enjoy browsing through the racks? Do you enjoy the sound that the hangers make as they scrape along the rails? I decidedly do not. This is my problem in a nutshell: I am an apple tending toward a pear. (Warning: If you Google this, your computer may become infected by a nasty virus, which will take over an hour to quarantine.) Further, I am a long-waisted petite, which translates to not being able to purchase petite tops, which translates to regular tops hitting the widest part of my hip in the narrowest part of the shirt. This translates to a meltdown frustration in the dressing room. I could add self-loathing, but I know that's just a sin.

So these are the items I arrived home with...

Two of them go back today and thus my quest for an outfit continues. Two are from TJMaxx, one is from Christopher Banks, one is from KMart. I'm keeping KMart and one TJMaxx. You can try to figure it out and I'll put the answer in comments. Which two would you keep if they were in your size and were a perfect, flattering fit?

Wish me well...

And you have a wonderful Friday!


  1. The two on the right are going back. The white tee and the aqua cotton are staying, though I won't be caught dead out of the house in the aqua cotton, it'll be cool for those hot summer days and the price was right.

  2. The aqua is pretty and should stay! I think the pink is from Christopher and Banks! I just shopped in there this weekend! I love their clothes. I like certain brands because they fit better than others! But it's a challenge...for sure! My FAVORITE brand is Carribean Joe! Look for it at any department store. I think the sizes fit a little looser and more comfortable! I buy shorts and capris in this brand and I'm always happy with them! ♥ Do you try on at the store? ♥

  3. I tried on many things at Christopher Banks, but I never try on things at KMart or TJMaxx.

  4. I liked the top bottom ones for the front detail. You can never be without a white T though so you made good choices. I was thinking both of them would pair well with a light white sweater for chilly nights.

    I like shopping but I have to be in the mood ...so I understand if people might never be.

  5. Hate clothes shopping! Hangers scraping across the rack is akin to fingernails on a chalkboard to me but I have been shopping too. Outfits for bridal functions and a dress to wear to the wedding.

    I like the two in the bottom photos best. I am there with you feeling your pain and frustration. Praying you find the perfect garments!

    Have a lovely day!

  6. I would rather have a root canal than go shopping for clothes.
    My *go-to* store for clothes is J.c. Penneys...they nearly always have something I like. I am near naked on summer clothes and MUST spend a half day soon, shopping. As one hits their 70's, shorts are pretty much OUT...unless you get them to your knees and I.HATE.THOSE.
    I just read that blog you sent me to yesterday about dressing to look younger..no MOMMA jeans with waistbands up under your armpits..
    and I would add no shorts hitting your knees.
    Sleeveless tops are pretty much O.U.T. for us olden ladies with those *hangy-downs* under our arms..
    We pretty much have to settle for
    the classics..no faddy things seem to work.
    SHOOT...I've just talked myself out of going clothes shopping and will go to some thrift stores to find some cute treasure to bring home...and sit, naked, admiring that treasure. :)))

  7. I-hate-to-shop-for-clothing.


    And everything must be cotton.

    My heart goes out to you, during this process.

    And what would I keep for me? The simplest. :-)


  8. I was going to keep the bottom two...but the left-hand two are good as well. Unfussy white...you will never be sorry! And I really like the acqua top.

    I know what you mean about clothes shopping. I wish someone would fill my closet with clothes for every occasion...that fit right and looked great...and be done with!

  9. I don't much care for clothes shopping either. I usually just wear jeans and tee shirts. I'm the most comfortable in that.

  10. I love new clothes. Shopping for them is a pain. I often go into the store with an idea of what I want and can never find it.

    I've found that taking a daughter along helps me. She will push me to try on things that I would never otherwise consider, and I'm often very pleased.

    That said, I hardly shop for clothes and really do need a few summery things. And I have lots of fabric waiting to be sewn up - I'm usually happier with the fit that way, but there's not much time for sewing lately.

    Oh, the complications of clothing the lily.

    Regarding your tops - I like the bottom two. The one on the right seems to have some added interest around the neckline that the top left one does not. But whether or not it's flattering is another thing.

  11. My guess before reading the comments was that you would keep the ones on the left!

    I think that aqua sleeveless will be perfect to keep cool in during the summer heat!

    I understand your hatred of clothes shopping...my issues now are weight related but before that I had issues...I am short, with a short waist, busty and curvy hips. Petites never fit right, regular ladies were frequently too long, too big at the shoulders, in the arms....sigh...

    Have you tried Land's End? You can order online - and return to Sears....


  12. I'd choose the same two that you did. But I'd never wear the aqua alone because of my batwing arms! Can't do sleeveless anymore. Sigh. And I'm not a floral person, so my clothes are mainly in solid colors with a few patterned tops. I hate clothes shopping, too, even tho I like clothes. Just can't find anything I really like anymore. I 'spect age has something to do with it.

  13. Hi Vee!

    Good choices on the tops! I don't think you can ever go wrong with a white shirt, and the aqua sleeveless will be great for summer - although I do like the floral top... :0)

    My daughter is a petite and I know how hard it is for her to find clothes that fit her properly. She likes to shop at Kohls, and says they have a good selection of petites. I like to shop at the Dress Barn and Christopher Banks, both have a good selection for me . . . to be honest, I would just as soon NOT shop at all!

    I am an "apple" too, I HATE IT! Very difficult to find pants that fit right and tops that don't make me look more like a watermelon!

    Have a great day!


  14. You picked out soem nice summery tops!

    If I were 50 pounds thinner I'd like to go clothes shopping, but now that I'm not I hate everything I try on. I will not wear sleeveless tops ..ever ..nor shorts. Too much "wiggle or bumps" going on for either. I live in t-shirts, 3/4 length sleeve shirts and capris in summer.
    I shop local -- Dress Barn Woman, Macy's and Sears woman, Woman sizes give the extra hip, stomach and arm room I need. As always, I am trying to lose weight, but as you can see from my blog post I like to eat...lol! :)

  15. I'm not much of a shopper either. I'll go to the mall if there is something in particular I need, but otherwise I don't enjoy just walking around and looking at things.
    Now, my picks would be the one on the top right and the bottom left! I love flowers and ruffles! They're all pretty!

  16. Ugh, I'm right there with you, Vee. I happen to be a Bosc pear - really small at the top and getting rounder at the bottom....I like both tops pictured in the bottom row. Good luck in your search!

  17. I used to love shopping. I could wear a size 8 and I didn't have to try on anything. Not now. Hate it. I think it's kind of a slap that life treats us like that.

  18. Many moons ago I loved shopping, but now.......ughhhh, it's one of my least favorite things to do. If I were rich, I'd love to have a personal shopper.

    Your choices are my favorite too. Good luck as you continue your search.

  19. Clothes shopping is indeed not a favorite of mine. Now shopping for crafts....I love it!!:o)

    By the way, I picked your favorites correctly and they are certainly pretty.:o) Happy weekend to you!



  20. I have never enjoyed clothes shopping. Even at my thinnest, my short waist and hourglass figure made for discouraging shopping.

    My mother was also very short waisted (well, she was just short, hehehe) and had trouble finding things that fit correctly.

  21. I second your "ugh" when it comes to clothes shopping. I like to have cute clothes, I just don't like having to shop for them. It seems to me that when I finally settle on something I often don't like it when I actually wear it. It morphs into something too low cut, too short waisted, flood pants, etc ... Please pass me a mumu or a tent. Covers everything and is so comfy. :)
    I do like the ones you chose to keep. The aqua choice looks cute and cool for summer. I would have chosen that one and the floral one for myself. In fact the floral looks a lot like what is in my closet.

  22. Oh hugs...I would rather buy anything for the house then try to buy clothes..that is why I read all the info on the 31 days to a cuter you...and I still am not sure about my shape, but I did get encouraged and ready to try again.

    I loved everything you picked out...enjoy your new clothes no matter what you keep. Thanks for a fun post. Thanks also for your precious comment on our life adjustments.

  23. Please, darlin' - if you have a Dress Barn near you, GO!! It's been my all-time favorite store for the last 3-4 years and I always walk out with more things than I need. Grab a few things you think you might like, and once you're in the dressing room, the attendant will do all the running for you. Bring your daughter along, and try on whatever she suggests. You just might be surprised! About half the clothes I walk out with, I did not like on the hanger. Honest. Live on the edge, even if it's just a little. =)

  24. I'm in agreement with the majority, clothes shopping stinks. As I grow beyond middle age, I've learned to buy one size larger, it covers most everything. The problem remains finding what you like. I've always found luck at JC Penney, it's my old standby (take a look at jcp.com to browse).

  25. The solid colors are great as they can be gussies up easily with a scarf or something.

    I like the flower print, just because it wouldn't show stains. Sometimes when I know we are going to be doing messy stuff like eating or gardening, I like a print that doesn't show spills and smudges.

    The last year or so I have been collecting Kurti, also known as tunics, from Ebay from a place in India that specializes in big sizes...like US size 16..which they call a 48 inch bust. How they come up with that number I have no idea, but it works for me, and I DO NOT have a 48 inch bust.

    I am smirking that suddenly Maceys, Dillards and JC Penneys are selling Indian made kurti tunics for twice the price I spent. The odd thing is that now I feel half naked when wearing shirts that end around my hip instead of skimming down to upper thigh or longer.

    Plus they are 3/4 length sleeves, which covers the flappy upper arms, and are made of the finest, softest cotton, in prints so they are not see through.

    I'd be happy to share my ebay India resource...the ebay store owner and I trade emails now!

  26. Good choices, Vee...I like them. I never like to go clothes shopping, and now seem to buy more things from LL Bean......I am quite short and their black perfect fit capris are regular pants for me without any hemming which I don't like to do either....Such laziness! I never had heard of Christopher Banks, we don't have any of their stores here, but enjoyed checking it out online.

    I'm long waisted, but short, and very happy that life is so casual now! I remember going shopping with my grandmother for what she called a "foundation garment."

  27. I can sure sympathize with you on clothes shopping! I hate it! That aqua top is my favorite.

  28. Too funny. I chose the white and the teal (or turquoise or whatever color it is). The flowered top might be okay for winter. I used to love to shop for clothes, but for the past twenty years finding something to fit has been a challenge.

  29. I like what your choose. Thanks for almost making me spit out my coffee with your apple to pear comment. Funny..hmm..something to blog about... Blessings

  30. I love your two choices. Especially the aqua. I am not a big fan of shopping for clothes. I don't have any hips but I do have a thick waist. So if I try on pants that fit my waist they are too big in the hips. If I try on clothes that fit my hips, they are too tight on the waist...


  31. I'm not a shopper. For as long as I can remember, I've had specific colors (mix and match) and a clothes capsule. I use accessories (especially scarves) to change things.

    I like all 4 blouses, but the two on the left are my favorites. The white blouse will go with many things and can be accessorized to look different each time. The aqua is a beautiful color and looks like one you'll love wearing.

  32. I hate going out to buy clothes. Can never find something suitable or in the right size or colour.

    What works for me is to 'buy when I see' especially as it is never there if you go back!

  33. Don't like to shop for clothes, and my closet tells the story. Now when it comes to shop for things for my home, I am the first to go.

    I like the white, on the right and the aqua.. . I sooooo relate to this post.

  34. haha I have 2 dresses to return myself for an upcoming wedding and will probably wear what is in my closet. I hate shopping too!!!! I love you VEE =)


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