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Thursday, June 23, 2011

No Yard Sale Please

Please forgive me. I don't really know whether I'm coming or going; I may say things that make no sense. I had to delete an entire nonsensical post and this one could be right behind it. I am truly out of the loop; have no idea what is going on in the world beyond my own driveway; just thought I should pop in so that no one would worry.

Nothing much is new other than the tornado that blew through and dropped a flea market in my dining room.


Dining Table

Somewhere or other, I said that I couldn't get rid of stuff. Wrong! I can! Whatever doesn't get absorbed by family is being donated. No one has the energy for a yard sale.

Boxes to Donate

And more to donate

It's time to allow others to enjoy these treasures.

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. what a pile!!! I agree, forego the yard sale and give it away to those that will benefit from it and enjoy it :)

    Much less stressful. Which is good.


  2. I think that is a wise idea - let the family pick the things they want, then donate. You don't want to mess with a yard sale.

    Have a great weekend, Vee!


  3. That is exactly what we did with my mother-in-law's possessions after she was gone.


  4. -chuckle- Seems like only yesterday you said, you can not part with any of this stuff.

    Guess the sheer volume of items, has brought the clarity of common sense.

    That we simply can not keep the tangible items of a life-time of memories... Our memories, our mother's memories, our grandmother's memories.

    We can't. And we can't expect the next generation to keep all of those (which would be 3 generations), plus their own.


    Take pictures of the special ones.

    Keep them, this way, and in your heart.

    Thank you for saying this, Dear Friend! It's one less worry, which I have to carry around with me.

    Gentle hugs,

  5. I totally agree!! I've come to the same conclusion. I just can't spend my time organizing and having a garage sale. The money that it might generate does not even tempt me. You are right - these things need to find a new home with someone who will treasure them.

    It appears that at this point in our lives we're about de-cluttering. I've vowed not to bring anything else into this house although some of those items in the first photo look pretty tempting!!!

  6. I'm not a yard sale person so I agree with you. Besides, you'll have to still make a trip to the donation centre with the things that don't sell.
    I'm sure that the items will all be well loved by new families. :)


  7. The best treasures are always passed on to new homes. Glad to see you are doing ok. Big hugs, Margie.

  8. When we inherited a lot of my MIL's "stuff", we gave the items we didn't want to Goodwill. Even the thought of a garage sale was overwhelming.

    Although my husband and his brother did have some of their friends go through their parent's house and see if there was anything they were interested in (that we were not taking) first.

    Have not forgotten your book I'm sending. Just have not been to the Post Office. Hopefully next week. :)

  9. With you on no yard sale...we did one, took days to prepare, and then did two days and hardly made enough to pay for the gas to put out the signs...so I am still boxing up and taking to donation.

    Blessings as you keep going through all of it and finding the heart felt treasures.

  10. My kids call this, "Blessing Other People with your Stuff", and heartily encourage me to keep on doing it! And garage sales do take way too much energy!

  11. I'm in the minority, but finding a few friends to go in on a nice big yard sale can not only be fun but profitable. With the economy the way it is, I've become one of those who can benefit from the added income :D. It can be a great time for fun and fellowship IF your friends are willing to put in the time and work. No 'dropping off stuff' for me to sale for you. Everyone must participate. It is a lot of hard work and I wouldn't want to do it in the heat. Fall is good. But everyone's different and that's fun too. You have some nice lookin' stuff there Vee!

  12. PS. The last time we did this, hubby got carried away and started producing stuff from his basement stash. We cleared over $500! Vacation $$$! :D

  13. I was imagining the TV show guys ..the pickers coming through and poking through your boxes. You could be a star Vee. OH ..but I understand the need to be free of the stuff.
    Hugs from me too!

  14. Wonderful idea to donate. That is what we did with my mothers things...

  15. Oh Vee, you bring back memories. When my Mom passed (1999), we divided up the family "heirlooms". I rented storage space for extra beds I didn't have space for. Since then, I've pitched, given away, and have so much more to sort through in boxes in the attic. Maybe we'll get to those boxes this year :(

  16. No more garage sales for me...they are way too much work for so little pay. I am trying to declutter and I am trying to only keep that which I love, need or will use. Trouble is I think I love it all, but then I never use it so maybe I should change it to keeping just what I will need or use? It's hard. Good luck with your sorting and deciding.

    BTW, Vee, that was the Barbara Johnson you were thinking of. You're probably thinking...what???? I used a quote of hers the other day and you wondered if it would be that B. Johnson. So, the answer is yes. I love her books, she was a funny and wise woman.

  17. Oh Vee! I know just what you are going through. It's so difficult to part with 'things' that were once held as treasures to our loved ones. I have been through this with my mother and mother-in-law and I kept so many things from both households that I now have too much 'stuff'! We shared the treasures in the family, had a yard sale and gave the rest away. The sweet blue pottery dish with the seagulls on it that you showed yesterday is Torquay pottery from France. I have an identical dish from my mother's that always sat by our telephone with pens and pencils in it. It still has ink marks inside :-) So, that is a treasure to me. Hugs to you as you sort through things. Pamela

  18. That's my method. Skip the yard sale & donate to a charitable organization. Everyone benefits...and you have some wide open space that you hardly remember. Good luck with deciding what to hang on to!

  19. I'm not crazy about having yard sales either as you know, but I think Ken wants to have another some time in the near future.

    I held on to my grandmothers things for a while and then after a while realized I didn't need all her THINGS to remember her by. I've just kept a few things.

  20. That is a wise decision to fore go the yard sale. I always wonder after the fact why I went to all that trouble for 200 bucks!

  21. I'm with you on no yard sale. The charity shops are happy for donations and the money goes to benefit those in need. Lots of wins.

    Stuff can be overwhelming. Especially when it belonged to someone you love. I find there's a sense of guilt in giving or throwing something that someone else kept. But I've come to realize that each of us has our own memories and many times, they can't be transferred.

    Hugs from here, too.

  22. Good decision, Vee (said she who said she wasn't having another garage sale and is now thinking about having one at the farm in the fall when it cools off...)!!!!!

  23. We did the same thing your going to do.....it saves a lot of stress and easier than a garage sale.
    Take care of yourself!

  24. Oh I hear ya! Too bad I didn't hear that last week..but I am now going through the house a 2nd time & giving away even more!!

  25. It can be downright overwhelming to deal with so much stuff at one time. I think you have come up with the perfect plan.

  26. I can see how overwhelming this can be and I agree -- I'd rather donate to a good organization.

    My block had their first block sale last year and I couldn't even get people to take the books I put out for free!

  27. I can totally relate to this. During the winter my husband and I cleaned out a bunch of stuff we just didn't need cluttering up our lives. We need to do another sweep. We are focused on clean out ad pare down . And it all went to charity ... no yard sales for me either.

  28. Keep a few treasures & let the rest go! Whew, that's a pile of stuff!

  29. What a collection! You must be exhausted going through all of it. I do like your philosophy ... let the family have what they would like and donate the rest. We are going through a mild version of this with Audley's grandparents. We have had to move them to the downstairs portion of their home which is wheelchair accessible and are cleaning out everything. It gets tedious without a doubt!

    Please remember to take time out for yourself.

  30. Boy, you sure have been busy! I bet it must feel so good to donate so many things to people who really need them. Good on you!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,

  31. No wonder I have a hard time donating my treasures. I'm getting the shakes just looking at yours... :)

    Way to go! I think I can, I think I can...

    Blessings, Debbie

  32. When we downsized, we told the kids they could have anything they wanted. I was surprised to learn that they're not nearly as sentimental as I. So, almost everything was donated to a charity or given to a friend who was just opening a "Gently Used" store next to his bait shop.

    Wishing you the best. I know how overwhelming it is right now. It's such a relief, though, when you can let go. - - We did rent a large storage unit and after living here for 3 years, we have only missed a few things (Keith's tackle box!).

  33. Oh, I forgot to say that I was getting worried. I check in with you the first thing every morning and truly was getting a bit concerned.

  34. I did this with my momma's things..for me, very hard to do.

  35. So glad that all is a-ok and that you are just a "busy Vee" (sorry I just had to say/do it:)

    I agree with everyone else - things will find there way into the hands of those who really need/want them.

    Wish I could help you...

  36. I know how hard it can be...but you can't keep everything. The best advice I got was to take lots of pretty photos and make a nice album to keep the memories! The album can bring you joy...and don't take up space! Hugs! ♥

  37. I don't have the energy for yard sales anymore either. There so much work and you barely get anything anyway. Much better to donate! I started to work on our attic early in the spring while it was still cool and have lots more to go through.

  38. You know, Vee, purging collections is very freeing. I did this a short time back, but did have a spur of the moment garage sale and made quite a bit of dough.

    I wish I lived near your donation spot!!! Looks like you have some wonderful collections there.

    Hugs to you!

  39. Hi! I have the exact mate to your McCoy vase in the top photo, center, with the flower on it. It belonged to my grandmother and it so reminds me of her.


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