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Monday, June 13, 2011


Just when you're on a roll, weather systems move in and change the outlook. It rained all weekend and it's going to rain today, tomorrow, and Wednesday. At least, the weekend is looking good. Anywho, that means that our goals will not be met. We must make new goals and so we'll just drop back and punt and I shall try not to pout too much.

I do believe that I need your help. There will be between a dozen and twenty people so it's a small crowd. There will be no grilling. I am ordering a deli tray today and a bakery tray with goodies. I am not going to try to bake. I've seen some intriguing things online. For example, I really like the idea of  a fruit kabob with various melons and mint leaves. The site said to serve it with cheddar cheese and I can't imagine that at all. I'd prefer a dessert cheese. Do you have a recommendation or do you think cheddar would be the best after all?

This idea looks wonderful to me...found on Pinterest...thank you, Theresa. < insert wry, wry grin > Okay, can't find it either...can't find it so I'll describe it. Rasberries filled with Hershey's kisses (both white chocolate and milk chocolate). That Pinterest moves quickly, eh? I know nothing about it, but I'm going to learn next week. Not this. Oh definitely not this.

Oh aren't those pretty?! But that's exactly the kind of thing that I am NOT looking for. Nothing too fussy. Something easy.

Should I consider some sort of salad? Remember it must be easy, easy, easy and pretty, too.

Okay, my loves...anything that you might suggest will be welcome to my ears.

Oh, I'm planning to create a little picture gallery on my chippy, white fence of my mother's wonderful photos through the years. I have her baby picture and so many others. I want this to be honoring to her first and foremost, though I do not want it to feel like a funeral. She wouldn't want that at all. She'd want a party.

Okay, I'm officially open for suggestions and encouragements...

Thanks so much!


  1. Vee,

    I would love the fruit with cheddar. Maybe you could have a variety of cheese. How about a make your own sundae?

    If I think of anything else I will email you!


  2. Oh wait! I had suggestions and than, "wham!"--when I saw the cupcakes, well, it went out the window. (or should I say my brain? :))

    Down here in the south, we prefer chicken salad sandwiches when funerals, weddings and baby showers come about. Blessings

  3. I think the cheddar cheese goes good with with fruit and think its a great idea.
    The fruit with the kisses - Love it!
    If it was me I wouldn't worry about the salad since you have the fruit.
    I think the picture gallery is a great idea too.
    Sounds to me like you thought of everything and it will be a special day.

  4. I think the cheddar sounds fine with the fruit...

    I think finger foods would be good. Maybe sort of like a casual tea - small sandwiches or little quiches (purchased from Costco or the like), your fruit kabobs, some kind of dessert....

    It is frustrating to not be able to finish what you had planned, but from experience I know that no one will care about those things, and it will be a special party in memory of your mother!


  5. Well, I actually believe that cheddar would be good on leather. So you can't go by me at all. It all sounds heavenly and I wish I was there to participate. I can crash a party with the best of them. :))

  6. Drop back and punt! No pouting! Excellent plan! I'm so proud of you. (hugs)

    Doing it only with deli tray and bakery tray! No cooking/baking for you! I'm even more proud of you! Keep this up, and I may burst with pride... Of you! :-)

    Oh those naughty raspberries filled with Hershey's Kisses! Oh *evil*! Oh sooooooooo *evil*! -giggles-

    Does the deli tray have some form of sliced meat on it, for some protein? If so........ You are "golden"! No need for a salad. No need for YOU making a salad, for sure. If some local family person wants to bring a salad, fine.

    But... "Auntie" sezzzzzz... Vee must not impose any cooking work on herself. Not, not, not. Please. Pretty please. Pretty please with sugar on it. "Murphy's Law" says it will be hot/humid again by weekend. (Ding-dang Murphy and his Law!!!)

    You have already DONE, and are planning (sweet photo display) to do SO MUCH. Please do not let last-minute-jitters, impose any more work on you, Dear One.

    Just keep asking yourself... "Would your Mama want you to get frazzled?" You know, she would not. :-)

    Lots and lots of gentle hugs, all week long!


  7. You gotta have chips and dip! Forget the salad. Enjoy.

  8. I'm surprised that you are having rain...since it seems I just heard about this massive heat wave on the east coast that stretched up to the New England states. The weather always keeps us flexible!

    Finger food and not too fancy-schmancy sounds perfect. Love the idea of fruit skewers...paired with cheeses. And the raspberry/chocolate kiss combo is a sweet ending!

  9. You commented in my blog; "I still have such troubles with some blogs. I really want to read them, but they won't stop scrolling. Maddening."

    Keep scrolling...? Makes reading/commenting hard... Please explain more.

    I think I know what you mean... You scroll down, trying to access below the last comment and the comment box, and the ding-dang blog whips way down. Then you have to waste time, trying to scroll back up, to where the comment box is. and in so doing, it can whip back up, too far. Etc. Right????

    DO YOU HAVE THIS PROBLEM WITH MY BLOG? If so, please tell me.

    HAVE you emailed to blog owners, where you do have this problem, and alerted them to it?

    -hangs head in shame- I have not done this. Perhaps we all should? How else do any of us know, that we are making-life-difficult for our Dear Readers? Unless they tell us?

    Mmmm, another post idea? :-)

    Gentle hugs...

  10. How about a nice big pasta salad...

  11. I like the fruit kebab idea, but I'd choose a different cheese - something creamier, maybe a Havarti, or something nutty, like a Gruyere or Swiss.
    Regarding salad - I always love a big bowl of greens with little else, but there's always a Greek salad ( minimal onions), or a corn/tomato salad.

    Rain, rain, go away!

  12. I always had to have a pasta dish of some sort to feed the crowd whenever I entertained, Vee, so a tray of lasagna or baked macaroni or stuffed shells was always on the table. Other than that a cold cut tray of meats and cheeses and and rolls and rye bread slices was perfect, with sides of potato slad and cloeslaw.
    I love the fruit kabobs! I'd leave out the cheese if you are offering in on the deli platter ...fruit alone is refreshing.

    You know your guests the best -- make what they enjoy and don't stress. Like you said, it is a celebration of your dear Mom's life and you want to enjoy it. {{{Hugs}}}

  13. Vee, it sounds like a wonderful plan you have going. Cheddar cheese is always good, imo. The last comment caught my eye and I agree. A pasta salad sounds great, ONLY if you think you need something else! I say that because I love pasta salads and they are easy, peasy to do and can be done a day ahead if you want to make it yourself. My favorite is the tri-colored pasta with diced veggies and either pepperoni or chunks of summer sausage and sm. cubes of cheese mixed up with Italian dressing. Or forget the salad and maybe have some chips and dips if there will be younguns there. Whatever you have, I'm sure it will be wonderful!

  14. I'm not sure I have a suggestion about salad unless it is to buy what the deli has...if you want to keep from cooking. Even easy cooking takes time. Find a really pretty bowl to put the deli salad in. Maybe a bowl sitting on a pedestal cake plate. Love the candy in the raspberries! Yummy!

  15. Cheddar and fruit is great together - I do that often. Keep it simple, Vee. If you want some sandwich type thing, I would buy a baguette, slice it and slap some egg, ham, or philadelphia with smoked salmon bits on it and it will be perfect. Easy and everyone likes them.

  16. It sounds like you have planned a really special memorial get-together in your Mom's honor. I'm sure she will be smiling down on you.
    I think you're wise to keep the menu simple. Those cupcakes are gorgeous, but can you imagine the labor involved in them?
    I always love fresh fruit at this time of year. If the kebobs seem like too much trouble, I'd just find a pretty glass bowl or platter and make a fruit salad.

  17. I didn't read the other comments so I'm not sure what everyone else is saying...
    When I make my kids up "snack plates", I almost always have fruit with cheddar cheese on it. Brie is another nice cheese that you could serve. You could just go whole hog and offer a whole cheese platter, place it along side the fruit. Have you ever made a cheese ball? I have a lovely recipe that can/should be made a day or two before using that I could email you if you're interested. That goes nicely with an assortment of crackers. (if you don't want it, I won't be offended. :) )

    I'm sure that whatever you do, will be wonderful. I agree with you though, nothing too complicated or fussy. People just want plain food.

    Thinking of you. :)


  18. P.S. Quit sending your crap weather my way would cha! :)

  19. Here you are with more rain than you want or need, and here we are with huge cracks in the ground and brown grass.... I hope the weather clears up for you, and some rain comes our way.

    I'm proud of you for getting deli and bakery trays... your choices sound so good.... I like cheddar and fruit together....a nice contrast in taste.
    Keep it simple......

    I love your idea of having the picture gallery on the fence.

    This will be a wonderful celebration of your mother's life.

  20. I think you're on the right track. I love the fruit kabob idea. And I personally think that cheddar is wonderful. It's tangy sharpness contrasts well with the spicy, fruitiness of fruits! :)

    Can you really trust the opinion of someone who writes sentences like that one?

    What about pita chips or baguette slices served with spreads on the side. Maybe sliced olives and halved cherry tomatoes to the side also for color and contrast after they spread the spread?

    There I go again. I can't write anything original today...

    Anyway, it's beautiful how you want to honor your mother's memory in a way that would please her. No matter what you serve, everyone will be blessed by your heart.

    Blessings, Debbie

  21. I like the fruit/cheese kabobs, too. We serve that kind of thing all the time down here in the south. I love the raspberry/hersey kiss thing, too! Are they "mini-hersheys"? - I didn't know raspberries were that big!

    I shall put my thinkin' cap on and try to remember some functions around here... hmmm... let me see...

    Anyhow, the weather forecast is looking great tho!

  22. I thought of one thing - don't know if you're interested ---

    At our Sam's Wholesale Club, they have frozen cheesecake petit-fours in different flavors - chocolate, raspberry and one other one, maybe plain. They are tiny - about 1.5"x 1.5". They come quite a few to each box, and make a great and easy dessert. You just set them out a few minutes before the guests arrive and they are perfect finger desserts.

    Got a Sam's Club?

  23. Sounds like my kind of party! Simple, less work, and yummy snacks..

  24. Oh it all sounds like delicious choices. I'm all about keeping it simple. Delicious things that can be prepared in advance is great. The skewers with fruit and cheese sound really good but I wonder if you could do it easier ahead if it was just fruit. The cheese might start to leech a bit of milk solids. ..just wondering.
    One thing I have done lots and it is so simple is a big plate of sliced apples with two bowls of dipping sauce. ..caramel and chocolate. It is filling and inexpensive too. You can dip berries in that then too.

    One of the favorite sandwiches that always is gone really quick is ground ham with some diced pickle and mayo and a tiny bit of mustard. Spread on fresh bread. .cut of the crusts and divide into four. Easy and inexpensive too. ..and don't forget egg sandwiches.

  25. Easy to me is finger food and zero preparation. Go to the deli department of your local grocery store. They should have platter selections (i.e., meat tray, mini chicken drumsticks, seafood platter, veggie platter, etc). Throw down some paper plates, napkins, condiments, done! Whatever you do, you do it with love and it will be beautiful, Vee. Your Mom will be pleased.

  26. I love the fruit/cheese kabobs! I think cheddar would be fine--perhaps a mild or medium--although I do love the extra sharp, a milder flavor might be better here. Chicken salad on croissants you buy at Sam's are easy and filling. I love the ham salad too--so easy--I like it lots of ways, with a little mayo, dijon mustard, spanish olives chopped (or to be
    really easy just the green salad olives), and sometimes a little horseradish if you like it, and I DO!!! Guess I'm just a spicy person!
    Lemon muffins might be nice with a little strawberry butter in a crock! Simple and summery.
    Lots of wonderful ideas in the other comments! Perhaps a favorite of your mom's --in her memory. I'll be thinking of you!

    Cowgirl V

  27. Since I am a little late visiting today, and glancing over the comments, I think every one covered the food issue, keeping it simple seems to be the word. What a beautiful event, of honoring your mother. I have always thought that when special times like this happens, that God rolls back the curtains and lets our loved ones who are with Him see our happiness.
    You have got the house all sparkling clean and your flowers are blooming beautifully so sit back and enjoy this special day.
    Vee, I wanted to comment on your post for Sunday so bad, it truly spoke to my heart. You are such a joy and a blessing.

  28. Cheddar is really good with fruit. I'm remembering my mother serving slices of it with apple pie, (although she also offered the choice of vanilla ice cream instead and when I was little that was usually my choice....).

    The fruit kabob idea is super, I think. A person could carry this around and it would last a long time. I often make couscous salad with chopped veggies and a favorite salad dressing, but maybe you could ask someone to bring that for you? Whatever you do, I am sure you will all have a lovely time!

  29. Fruit k-bobs are my very favorite..so tasty..so easy. I LOVE sharp cheddar cheese but I am thinking it could be YOUR choice. ANY cheese goes with fruit, as far as I am concerned.
    I am thrilled to hear that you aren't going to try baking and cooking and wearing your sweet self out You so have the right idea to order every dish that you can.
    Cake(from the bakery) goes a long way and you can dress them up so pretty.
    Whatever you come up with will be just perfect, Vee. I hope you won't worry about it...I want you to enjoy being with all these people. I know that's what your mom would want...or at least, I would, if I were your mom. :)
    I am lovin' your fence idea and can't wait to see photos.
    hugs, bj

    Oh, and Vee, I do NOT bake every day but I sure take lots of photos when I DO...then can use them at different times. I am sooo sly..:))
    And, yes, my plants and flowers are all dying and the grass is totally brown..*they* (have u ever figured out who THEY are?..me neither) are saying now that this is the driest our part of the country has EVER been. SCARE..EEEE.
    I know HE will send rain when it's time...hope it's time tomorrow.:))

  30. The fruit kebabs look wonderful and are fairly easy to put together. A salad is easy and can be done ahead of time and dressed with something like a raspberry vinegarette.

    I agree with Vickie - those are either really huge raspberries or chocolate chips instead of Hershey's kisses. Either way they look marvelous.

    I'm so proud of you for not falling prey to trying to do too much. Thank heaven for deli trays and a plan B (the one where you punt).

  31. Italian white bean humas. Like regular humas only you use canned white beans, fresh sprig of rosemary, lemon, garlic, S&P, a little olive oil and whirl in a food processor. Serve with pita chips from Costco.

    The fresh salsa idea is just as easy, I like to chuck in a can of corn and perhaps some black beans...makes it extra hardy.

    Canned and fresh tomatoes
    lime juice
    hunk of onion
    and green pepper

    I think with some of the sandwich suggestions with your fruit ideas would be wonderful. Yes, I am with you buy the desserts!

  32. P.S. I can't wait till you can sit down and relax and breath again. My moment is almost here and I have been feeling your pain on big projects to get done =}

  33. Morning girl...it all looks great...I try to keep things simple when all my bunch gathers just for fun but lordy it still turns out to be a major production! Those Burly boys can eat! I usually make chicken salad croissants with a fruit platter..but trust me they'd rather sit down to some chicken & dumplings and cornbread with homemade peanutbutter cake anyday! lol But honestly I think just the fellowship of family being together is all that matters...wish we had some of your rain...this draught is doing a number on my flowers and shrubs...thanks for coming by sweetie....hope you have a great week and see some sunshine and I sooooo hope blogger will let this post...this sign in once in a while thingy and refusing to post is getting old! lol Picket

  34. Why not grill a couple of beef tenderloins the day before. Slice them when cold and serve on a platter with some cherry tomatoes for garnish. Just buy some small dinner-size rolls at the deli and let people make their own. Serve some mayo spiked with a little horseradish. A pasta salad from the deli, some pickles or those fruit kabobs and your done. All do ahead! Good luck and I'll pray for sunshine!

  35. Chocolate stuffed raspberries????oh my goodness....there really is a Heaven and they got chocolate. Wonderful!!!!!!!


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