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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Recently, I read this comment, "My goodness you post a lot. I can hardly keep up!" Never worry about keeping up. It's always SSDD (same story-different day) around here. Honestly, I don't myself know what I find to chat about, but chat I do and if you show up that's great; if not, no troubles.

Molly the Poodle Poopy (I know, terrible name and we shouldn't offend her, but John just stepped in it again and hence the name sticks just like...okay, I'm not going there). Where was I going with this? Oh, yes, Molly had a grooming appointment today and look what I found outside the groomer's!

Silkies! They are so friendly and docile. Groomer thinks that she has a couple of roosters and would love to give them away. I asked John about it and he thought it highly unlikely that we could take them, but I was thinking of Farmer Sam and all that "gold," which is just about the most euphemistic way to talk about it that I've ever heard.

So this is how things are progressing:

1. Deck is washed and this year I did it all by myself with just a little help from John (oxymoron alert).

The fencing is just hanging around waiting...

2. Windows are washed inside and out

When I discovered that the deck wash was good for vinyl windows, the washing of windows became a breeze.

3. The kitchen is cleaned.

Love the product placement! But really, placing a recipe book atop the jelly cupboard is so nice because it is at the right height for reading with no bending and it is out of splatters' way.

4. Let me go check on John's progress...

Oh I just love it...and did you notice that tiny bit of decorative trim at the eave line? Look in the upper right corner. Good job, Hon, now lunch will be ready when the last four shingles on this side are up. ;>

Have a lovely weekend...


  1. -clapping hands- Great ladder!!!

    You are comin' along there Hon. Keep up the good work.

    Oh wannnnnna' skip over a couple of states, and wash my windows, inside and out? -gigggles-


  2. Love the report...now all day as I pack I will tell myself..progress!!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. The white fluffy "things" are cute but... Do you really want to take on, the care of chickens?

    Please think long and hard, first.


  4. i think you have lots of ideas for posts, because
    your mind never stops AND you do so many
    interesting things. more than that, you have
    a knack for making the ordinary tasts we all
    do seem so much fun.

  5. Hello:
    After the initial talk of Poodles, for a moment we thought that the silkies outside the pet grooming shop were unusual miniature dogs. But, then, we are very myopic.

    We hope that Molly enjoyed her pampering session and were rather looking forward to seeing her all beautifully preened. However we were treated to a view of the roof instead and the scalloped shingle is going to be so lovely when it is all finished. A labour of love if ever there was one.

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on our first post, to which we have replied.

  6. I am glad that you post often and I always look forward to coming over to see what you are up to.
    It seems currently you (& John) are up to a lot. Me thinks I should get off of the computer and get something done. Your place is looking so clean and fresh.
    I'm so glad you pointed out the trim piece on your exterior. I LOVE it. So charming and I also love your patriotic ladder.
    Those silkies are adorable.
    Enjoy your lunch break and don't work too hard.

  7. Silkies! That's what we have....we love them.

    Everything is looking great!
    I need to spend a couple of weeks really tending to things around here. Windows, finishing painting the furniture on the deck, gardens, etc. But, for now, I'll just watch you and feel happy.


  8. I think your projects are coming along nicely. Certainly much faster than mine! We've kind of hit a lull in our plans with too many other things which really don't accomplish much getting in the way. Love your progress reports, Vee. You always have interesting posts whatever the topic! Have a great weekend. ~Cheryl

  9. Our son and his family just built a home on two acres and I'm trying to talk them into getting some chickens. I'm not making much progress with them. Too much work they say. There are always projects around our home to do.

  10. Your house looks so lovely! Now what colour is that taupe?

    Yes, my Mom reads my blog - about once a month she catches up. Not into the decor scene...haha.


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  12. Woo/hoo, everything looks so neat and spick and span.....looks like ya'll are ready for company.

    That sure is a fancy ladder...

  13. Busy busy times at your house!!
    Did you know you can train a dog to go in the same spot all the time? I did that with mine and she had her own special "Spot" in the yard where she would go.

  14. Ok Vee, you know what I did today? I shopped for clothes. I don't like shopping for clothes either. So I put it off until most of my clothes are faded, stained and torn. I need a personal shopper...

    ps the siding is looking great!

  15. Vee, you mentioned (in my comments) not being able to post pics, "to the side." Did you notice that I did post a pic, to the side (of 'Abby') in this post?

    I don't know exactly how I did it. Just wanted the small pic, to the side of where I wrote about 'Abby.' Took a couple of tries, to get it all looking like I wanted. But it can be done.

    If I did it, anything can be done! -grin- Try again, maybe...


  16. Yippee!!! You're getting things DONE! That siding looks super-duper!

  17. those silkies are adorable! Everything looks great (and very clean :)

  18. I admire you for your energy, Vee. My John gets to clean the outside of the windows since he power washes the house in spring and fall. The silkies look pretty, I bet they're fun!

  19. Oh, you got lots going on there, Vee.
    I need to wash windows, too. Just HATE it..too hot today so maybe tomorrow...actually I have been painting today...:)

  20. Oh, it all looks great! Wonderful work both inside and out.....what was for lunch?

  21. WOW Vee! You certainly know how to pack a Saturday :)
    And I would love to have chickies, we're not zoned for them :(

  22. Sounds like our day, everyday. Love your little featehred friends.

    Your Sunday write is just beautiful.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~

  23. Vee, everything is going so well with your planning, and my it looks so refreshing....Company is coming, and all will be ready.Yea!!
    John is doing a great job, I did indeed see the trim, and me likes very much.
    I never get bored with your posts, always such a joy to read. I have wanted, tried, to post everyday, but don't because I bore myself. {lol} Oh! well maybe one day!


  24. I just got back from spending a week in Colorado. The grandsons are growing so nicely and V and I had fun celebrating our birthdays with them. Last night I saw my daughter and her fiance off as they began their move -- I cried all the way home...sigh.

    Your house looks so organized and clean, Vee! I have not yet begun Spring cleaning and now that the humidity has already arrived in NYC I doubt I'll get to do it the way I would have liked to. It has been a very busy spring around here!

  25. Doesn't it feel good...to be able to tick all those projects off the list? Way to go!

    I'm still on the lookout for a bookstand like yours. Any tips...as to where I should look?

    I like your ladder. I've never seen one like that around here!

  26. Everything looks so fresh and clean at your place!
    Want to come over and fix mine up?? I feel like I"m always 1 step forward and 2 steps back!

    John is doing a great job. It looks awesome! :)


  27. Progress! He's moving right along. Still love that ladder!!

  28. What is that picture with the house and all the rockers on the porch? That's terrific!!!

  29. Vee..I just started back to my summer part time job in town, and I haven't had time to read all the blogs, but here I am today, and I almost missed this one!!!!

    Those chickens are soooo adorable, OMG, I've never seen these before. They do look like little poodle chickens...LOL!!! If I were ever (NOT)to have chickens, I would get these, just because they are fun!

    Love this post, and your progress is wonderful, isn't that a good feeling. My progress is almost at a dead stop, frustrated with contractors not showing up, not calling back, blah, blah, blah...I'll stop so I don't runin your day! :/


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