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Friday, June 10, 2011

So Confused It Hurts

Once upon a time, and it was a long, long time ago, my father and I were housebound together. It didn't last long, perhaps a few weeks. We whiled away the time by watching soap operas. Our discussions consisted of my father asking, "How can she be married to him? She's married to the blond guy!" I would patiently explain the convoluted genealogies of the soap opera world. What I didn't know in the beginning, but finally pieced together, was that my father was combining four or five hours of soap opera programming into one giant lump of a story.

And now it's happening to me! Just substitute Blogdom for soap operas.

Why just yesterday it happened twice.

It began innocently enough when I commented that I hoped Linda's bathroom would get straightened round soon. Linda emailed assuring me that her bathroom was just fine. Oh.

Then Penny painted her table for the umpteenth 20 time and I commented that I loved the yellow incarnation and had missed it. She emailed pointing me to sometime in 2008 when she had painted the table yellow. I soon noticed with horror that I had been there and commented. Dang comments records. Shouldn't they be wiped out after a year?

So, if you are the blogger who has contacted gazillion contractors to come look at the bathroom and no one has shown up yet, would you let me know? Thanks. I'll feel so much better knowing that I didn't make the whole thing up.


Some early morning pictures of some progress on the house and peonies.

You might be fooled, looking at the bud, into thinking that it will bloom pale pink. It will, though only on the outer petals.

The centers will be the most gorgeous buttery cream with just a few petals, paler again in the immediate center tinged with hot pink.

Hmmmm, I think I need a croissant.


Terribly hot and humid yesterday it was (much cooler today) and still the carpenter worked through the day. He now has a sunburn and he won't mess with sunscreens. I don't know what to do with him!

There was a lot of behind the scenes work such as improving the insulation. He'd take off every other board and insulate and put it all back together. Hopefully, the addition will be accomplished with time to spare.

Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. I am sure you are not going ga-ga. Information overload probably.

    The Pionies are gorgious. Hubby is a typical man - suncream what's that?

  2. so glad to know I am not alone in blogheimers syndrome! LOL I see you have peonies as mine ..I got mine from a hundred year old stand of peonies in my moms yard..(that were planted by a great grandmother...a true heirloom peony! )

  3. LOL! Snapshots of daily life do not tell the whole tale. Therefore our memories do not store it away as if we heard the whole story....
    that is my excuse and I am sticking with it!!!!! I don't know how you keep it as straight as you do with as many visits as you make in a day. You are a bloggy hero in my book.

    The peony photos are exquisite!

    Your John and my Michael need to wear sunscreen!!

  4. Been there, done that and sometimes still doing that. I am known as "Queen of Insert Foot." Although, I have been tamed by dear hubby the last 20 something yrs.:)--people who know me know that I often just say things without thinking and then go,"OHHHHHHHHHHHH, DUH" or something like that. It's ok, Vee..it shows your human.(gasp, your what- human????)--smiling--Blessings friend.

  5. I have been a little red faced here in blogland a few times too, Vee. So I am in good company.
    The Peonies are beautiful and I know their fragrance you are enjoying.
    John is really progressing with the siding, if you find the solution for getting him to use sunscreen let me know, as I have the same trouble with Mr P.
    Enjoy your day.

  6. Combining a bunch of soap operas into one long story line! Not that is a scary thing. :-0

    Lovely peony photos, complete with drops of dew or rain. Purrrfect. :-)

    As to your commenting confusion at the moment... Mmmmmmmmm, are you under any stress my Dear, perhaps? Hmmmm? Hmmm? Hmmmm? Do your Dear Readers know that you are under stress? Of course they do.

    So mix up comments, to your heart's delight! If it helps get you through this stressful time, that's wonderful.

    Of course, I'm gonna' feel *pouty* if you don't leave me a mixed-up comment tooooooooooooooooooooo. -pout- -pout- -pout- I'm gonna' feel sooooooooooooooo left out of the fun. -sigh- -sob- -whimper-


    As to John... Both with continuing outside work in that horrible weather... And as to his aversion to sunscreen... Mmmmmmmmm, I'm not on John's side this time.

    The sun of *today*, is not the sun, which shown down on any of us, in our youth. (Not scientific words, but you know what I mean) And sun exposure needs to be handled differently.


  7. Your addition is coming along! Has your husband done all the work on it alone? Don't you love handy men? My Tim is able to do all these kinds of things!

    As to your blog confused moments...as a gal said to me once about something that frustrated me "Just release it, sister!" :)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. just so happy to hear that I am not the only one....

    what do we go with..information overload or early onset dementia?????

    have a blessed weekend

  9. The peonies are beautiful. I do wish they'd bloom longer. I've realized I have to take blogging breaks during the summer in order to get any work done around here.

  10. Peonies are breathtakingly (is that a word??) beautiful and your pictures captured that beauty.

    John is not just working, he's putting a lot of love into that project. It's going to be done right - better than any contractor would have done it.

  11. John is a contractor by trade so I am getting the best of both worlds. Thank you, Diane. That was a sweet thing to say!

    I'd like to thank all those who've confessed to "senior moments" "information overload" "whatever-it-is." You're true pals!

  12. With the multitude of blogs that we are reading, it is understandable that they become intertwined on occasion. In other words, I know exactly where you are coming from on this one. Been there myself :).
    That is a beautiful peony. So elegant. I hope you are able to find some moments to enjoy it while nibbling on a croissant.
    John is a gem and a hardworker. That sunscreen is a messy affair, but so important. I could send my dermatologist over to give him a pep talk if you'd like.

  13. Oh, Vee!! I have no excuse for my confusion, oh there are things I could relate it too, but really....I think it's hormonal malfunction. Blaming that is easier for me :)

    Beautiful peonies!! Wonderful hubster!! All looking pretty dandy from my view :)

  14. I've been there as well...left a comment that maybe would have made sense, but for the wrong husband's name (I thought I was visiting a different blog!).

    Does your contractor have a deadline? I'm sure there will be holdbacks if he doesn't meet it! Here's hoping he gets it all done on time...with no more sunburn...and his just reward when the job is done.

  15. My hand is raised as well...on the other hand misplaced comments gives the bloggers something to wonder about.

    I think you are really going to enjoy raising emu by the way. Looking forward to getting emu egg recipes. ;)

  16. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one in a state of confusion. Actually, I've started to take notes because I can't remember where I saw what or who posted what recipe. Information overload? YES!!

  17. Have you ever gone to a blog and addressed them by the wrong name? Even after you have had them as a blog friend forever? I have....

    We really can't expect to remember what ever single blogger has posted about over the last 6 years...at least I know I can't!


  18. oops...I meant to comment on your beautiful peony!

  19. Ha! I have a carpenter/jack of all trades who refuses sunblock also!
    Your peonies are so beautiful.
    I was hearing about the horrible heat out East. Glad it's cooled down for ya! Can't help you with the bloggy problem LOL!

  20. Beautiful peonies. I wish I could grow them; well, I read that peonies have been developed for my area but they are expensive.
    I can relate to being confused about which blogger said what. Don't worry, it is just that we have so many blog friends.

  21. Your post made me smile because I can so relate.

  22. Maybe we all just read too many blogs!!!

  23. Vee, as the old saying goes "I resemble those remarks." Hmmm, is it quote mark after the period or before, I can never remember? Yep, I'm going to have to start putting post-it notes everywhere so I'll remember stuff. In blogland, I also worry that I'll refer to someone by the wrong name!

    My hubby works outside and won't wear sunscreen either. At least he wears sunglasses since having a cancer removed from his eye several years ago. Well, most of the time he does. Hope John finishes that project soon, it's looking good from what I could see in your photo. We'll want pics of the finished work, ya know.

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy those pretty peonies.

  24. Hi Vee!

    How funny - soap opera blogdom! I can think of a few blogs I read that remind me of a soap opera... ;0)

    Your peony's are so beautiful, I love the buttery, soft color with the pretty touch of pink in the middle!

    Good luck with the re-do! Sunscreen used to be a big issue, until my hubby had to have several bad pre-cancerous spots removed . . . be careful!


  25. Oh those manly contractor types. Mine never wore sunscreen until he had a few basal cells removed. Now he's better at it.

    I'd say your blog confusion is due to a lot of stress just now. It happens to me, too, and from reading the other comments, we are not alone.

  26. That is hilarious!! It's an interesting frontier we are trying to navigate...

    Your peonies are the most gorgeous things I have seen! I'm not exaggerating. I love peonies and I've never seen this variety, and I love croissants!!

    Tell your dear husband that my dear husband had to have something scary removed from his neck last year and it was not fun! I wish I could say that it scared him into submission but I still have to physically put the sunscreen on him myself if he's going to be protected. Silly men...

    Blessings, Debbie

  27. Hello Vee:
    Although our blog is in its infancy compared with yours we are also beginning to get things rather confused in the Blogosphere. What with winter in the southern hemisphere and time zones hours ahead and behind, it is all really rather muddling. We sympathise.

    How very attractive your Peonies are. They are amongst our favourite flowers, always looking fragile and yet much hardier than they appear.

    We have found you quite by chance through a comment you left on Emily's blog and have greatly enjoyed reading through past posts. We are so pleased that we have arrived!

  28. Been there, done that..... misery loves company... so I'm glad I'm not alone in blogging goofs.
    I feel that I need a file card and info on the friends I follow. Sounds like too much trouble though.

    The flowers are so beautiful.

    So good your sweet husband knows how to do the work on your home.

  29. LOL, sometimes we get caught in another time warp on these blogs! I could get lost in them for a long, long time!

    The addition is looking great! Can't wait to see it all finished up!

  30. Oh Vee, I feel your contracting pain. My John is talking about some work that needs to be done around the washing machine where it leaked, causing us to buy a new set. Your improvements look close to being complete. I know you are expecting company soon. I suppose your John doesn't have time for sunscreen.

  31. Vee, that is so funny. Some days I am about to leave a comment and I think "who's blog is this?" and need to go check if it Rebecca or Donna or who. I get everyone mixed up after half-following too many blogs half-heartedly. At least we are trying to leave the odd comment to brighten their day. I love getting comments but they are dwindling.

    I like the house colour - taupe???! Nice nice shade. What colour is it?

    Good luck with the addition!

    Thank you for always visiting me. It means a lot!!
    xo to you, Terri

  32. If I thought I had to remember every comment I had ever made out in blogdom... I would just resign from blogworld right now! Bless your heart. Hoping tomorrow is a better day, Scarlet. :)


  33. OOOH...love the porch. .that is new isn't it? I can't remember if I have seen it before. ..ha ha!!
    Oh yes. .I've done it too ..I think we all have.

  34. Mrs. Rabe, yes, John has been doing all the work on his own. He built the garage in 2003, the addition in 2007, and now he's doing the siding. From time to time, I help him by fetching tools. He actually prefers working alone.

    Terri, the color of the siding is silver moss; the color of the trim is Monterery Sand (taupe works fine for me); the color of the deck is Chatham Fog by Behr.

    Lovella, the porch is kind of new if you call four-years old new. I seldom have shown it because of all that Typar. You'd have to go back to the beginning of the blog to see it. I know you've already done that so there's no need to do it again. That door is our side door and main entry.

    Hope everyone got her question answered!

  35. My mind is also awol most of the time. You are not alone. Oh, your peonies are absolutely beautiful! Now why haven't I ever planted any? Hmmm. Next year. It is on the list. I will probably lose the list long before the new year.
    And men, m'dear, have their own rules which do not include suncream. Or a great many other things. But the Carpenter is doing wonderful work! What a star.

  36. I think peonies are now my favorite flower! MY son had the prettiest pink peonies growing in his backyard. He has a green thumb and it made me happy to see that! :)

  37. Oh I've gotten everything confused too. Don't worry about it. The blogging world is a big one. It's bound to happen from time to time. :)

    Those peonies (so glad the commenter above me spelled the word! I don't have to look back!) look so beautiful!



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