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Saturday, June 25, 2011

This is Not Dieting Weather

I must remind myself never to begin a diet when the weather is as vile as it has been in my corner since the second day of summer. We have not seen 60F since; we hover in the 50s and below. When neighbors walk by, they can hear my teeth chattering. I mean it. I am not a happy camper. I probably need a pill or something...perhaps a lot of pretty colored ones like *these.* Since Nan saved everything, I might even be able to find some in one of those boxes possibly some with the lettering printed in black and not white as one sees today. Now that is something I do not remember. Must ask John.

Speaking of John, he was just reading his paper at nine minutes to the hour when he discovered that the library sale was on today and that it'd be all over at the top of the hour. He took off so fast, I never saw him leave. Perhaps I'll have something to share when he returns. I doubt that they're going to hold it open just for him to browse. But who knows? It's quarter past the hour now.

Other than unpacking boxes, repacking boxes, absorbing, and trying to behave on this diet, there's not much going on just now. I always wondered when bloggers announced a serious writing block. Mine has arrived.

Going back to my rainy day read: In the Company of Others by Jan Karon. I've read less than stellar reviews, though it's reading fine for me. I like quiet, descriptive reads with a bit of meat and a bit of mead and a bit of sweet. It's raining in Ireland, too.

Since John has not yet returned, I'll wish you a happy weekend. Hope that the sun is shining where you are, unless you're desperate for the rain.


  1. I'm struggling on a diet as well. I keep thinking that I need to bake a cake.. or a pie.. or cookies! I know that if I do that, it will be allllllll over. :)

    It rained here this morning. We stood outside, freezing our butts off, watching soccer for 3 hours. I was soaked. Not happy at all. :(
    It has stopped raining but it's still quite dismal.

    I hope some warm and sunny days come along soon-for both our sakes!


  2. Gracious! It is so hot here my father-in-law says it is too hot to eat - each time my mother-in-law tries to get him to eat!
    Hope it warms up - but sounds definitely like good book reading weather!

  3. Uh-Oh! They don't like to pack up lots of books at the end of those sales. You'd better begin making space now....I'll bet if he wants it he could make a haul!!

    Sweet, chocolaty, candy coated "pills". Um-hmm!

  4. father tim should be a nice antidote for writer's
    block. i bought the book to read but then gave
    it to a friend.

  5. Becky~

    You guessed rightly! I just asked him where it's all going.

  6. I would love to send a little of our sunshine your way Vee.....We could use a little more rain.

    I started In The Company of Others and half way through set it down. I was reading it at night before I fell asleep and it was the wrong time to read it. I am going to start all over again some day, because I don't remember much about what I read!

  7. You are freezing and we are burning up down in the middle south. Wish we could share. I love the Mitford series and have only read the first five.

  8. Nothing more wonderful that being kissed by the angels ... it keeps everything that lush Irish green.

    Have a great week ~
    TTFN ~

  9. I'm also having a problem staying on a diet, I just don't seem to be motivated at the moment.

    I'll just have to keep on trying though, otherwise I'll end up twice the size I am now and I'm big enough as it is!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  10. This is not weather for dieting, I agree. In fact, I just pulled a pear pie from the oven. Yum!

  11. well 99 degress is not good weather for dieting either! NO weather is good for dieting, but here we are.

    I read the book, always love her characters and it never strains my brain, just easy and fun reading. :)

    Keep at it... hot or cold, it's never fun is it?

  12. Pretty new blog look here!!! Perhaps you used your blogging-block, to play with Header and colors. That's super use of Net time. :-)

    Isn't our RAIN... And west TX being dry as a bone, weird? -sigh- We are going to start molding ourselves, if we don't get a rain-break. And poor 'BJ' is running out of water. Weird.

    But then, this whole week has been weird, in my neck of the woods. But now that it's getting close to being over (Sat. near 6PM now), we are kind of holding our breath and keeping our fingers crossed... The week is nearly over!!!

    We have had a better (weather) day today/Sat. And Sun. is supposed to be even better.

    Then batten down the hatches! HEAT comes back next week! Can you imagine how everything (think weeds) will grow, when the sun starts shining, after all this rain?!? Oh sigh... Oh my.......

    Instead of keeping at this rambling in your comments, I think I'll write an email note. (Of course it will just be a note! You don't believe me?!? -grin-)


  13. As a book lover - I say "Go John!" However as one who is struggling to find a way to organize my books and order them neatly, I say "Arrrgggggh!"

    I am sorry you have had such cool weather...we have been all over the place - hot, cool, warm, humid, normal. It's a crazy year.


  14. Popped in to visit and leave a comment. Books...ah yes.! I'm starting to get a good collection again, where the;ll go when I get too many...who knows.
    Woke this morning to see Jack Frost has done his best here again last night. Brrr... Cheers Maa

  15. We have had a nice sunny day. It's been so hot and humid here. Today was cooler and very nice.
    Hope John came home with some good books.

  16. Would it help to let you know my cousin in Newfoundlad is suffering as well with temps in the 50s? One difference, they have icebergs headed their way, the polar cap is breaking up a little late this year. As you know, I've joined the diet journey, comitted to for life I suppose, misery loves company. Hope John brings you a good book to wrap yourself around. Won't be long before we're complaining about the heat (again in my case), hang in there. Warm weather wishes sent your way.

  17. Oh Vee I feel your pain... We're finally getting sunshine and it feels wonderful!

  18. Oh my....you have cool rainy weather, and we're suffering with triple digit temps......and NO rain.

    I started weight watchers on line a week and a half ago.....ugh....today has been one of those days when I feel starved......ugh!


  19. It's in the 90's here and waaay in the hundreds when my sisters live - Arizona- but I'm sorry it's cold where you are!
    When my brother went to Ireland and said somehting about the rain..the Irishman in the pup said .."Ahh, but 'it s a soft rain!" and I remember that now everytime it rains here..

    Is In the Company of Others set in Ireland??

    Well, good reading to both you & John :-)

  20. We've been cool out in this part of the continent lately as well! It seemed as good a time as any to get away for a few days...and enjoy some sunshine and warmer temp's south and east of here.

    Is there ever good weather for dieting?

    Enjoy the books John came home with!

  21. I wish I could send you some of our heat (& humidity). A cool day sounds like a welcome relief to me right about now.
    I have read most of Jan Karon's books and thoroughly enjoyed them. This one I have not read yet, but I can't imagine that I wouldn't like it.
    Hope John was successful at the book sale.

  22. You are so adorable, Vee..:)
    I love your style of writing..thinking, really. You should consider writing a column for your local newspaper..it would soon be in ALL newspapers...I just know it.
    And, yes...I DO want the rain.
    It was 110 here yesterday and expected again today...now THAT is dang H.O.T.

  23. I'm with John, it's amazing some of the books still left at the end of the sales (and they are often just giving them away!).

    I liked the story line of that book but found it hard to read. Someone on my blog said it is an excellent book to listen to on an audio book... may do that someday.

    Our weather has mostly been unusually hot and humid and rainy. We're suppose to start a dry spell soon, our garden can actually use the sunshine.

    Where my daughter lives in New England, it has also been very cool. They are at the beach this week and hoping for much warmer weather.

  24. Vee, you are so right about this cool rainy weather and diets! They just don't mix! We had about 4 or 5 inches of rain and severe thunder storms here Saturday for several hours and it's cloudy today but warmer at about 65. I am so ready for some sun and heat. I'm cold, have barely worn shorts or capris and tees (without a sweater) and want to eat all the time!! I'm taking Vit. D and do all year long but you'd think I could do without it in summer wouldn't you? I love Jan Karon's books but haven't read the one you have. So, let's really pray for some real summer weather ok? Then we can start losing weight too.;-) Have a great day Vee. Blessings, Pamela

  25. Are you going to share what John scored at the library sale? Do tell! I'm also curious about what "diet" you're on, and if you're back on the wagon today.

  26. Oh, girl - you read my mind and just answered my first question. They look like great choices! Here's to snuggling up with a good book!

  27. We follow the Dr. Phil diet plan. We have both been good today so far. Tonight? Maybe not.

  28. We're finally warming up a bit here but this cold wet weather is crazy! Definitely been indulging a little too much in "comfort" food. Maybe once the warm weather arrives it will entice me to eat better too. I loved In The Company of Others! One of my favourite reads.

  29. Rainy days and books go so well together but diets are difficult on any given day! Brrrr! Your weather sounds similar to ours, though this week we hear temps should climb. Warmmmmm wishes for you two!


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