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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Day After

What a shock to see such devastation in Massachusetts. I would've said that it is unheard of, though I would be incorrect. New England experiences tornados from time to time. Nothing like other areas of the country, though. In my corner, we had watches and warnings through much of the day yesterday getting rough weather in the morning and again last night. It's enough to last me for the entire season. We are praying for Springfield and all those who experienced loss of property and family members. We are still praying for Missouri and Alabama and Arkansas and... Guess that it'd be safe to say that the entire country stands in need of prayer. In our home, we don't take weather systems as simply Mother Nature's way of being capricious; we take it much more seriously than that.


The hairdresser made my appointment for 3:30. I said that that would be fine and that I might be blowing in.

Sure enough, the wind picked up as I took off for downtown. As I left my parked car, a young woman approached me blowing cigarette smoke all around and asked if this was my town. I was a little puzzled and answered affirmatively.

How long have you lived here?

Most of my life.

Do you like it?

Yes, very much.

What's it like?

Perhaps it was the smoke, but I responded crisply, "It's a small town where everyone knows everyone else's business and it's the last bastion of conservatism in our county."

Honey, did you hear that?

I turned to see a young man sitting in a waiting car. His response: Yes, I like that!

Oh you just never know what people are looking for. This couple was from Las Vegas, Nevada and, apparently, they're looking for a big change.

Just like me. Looking for a big change and I got a small one. The color rinse didn't cover the gray...not a problem...it did add depth and richness to my darkening brown. Maybe next time, I'll be ready to take the next step and add some brightening and lightening around my face. Still looks like a cow patty sitting on my head, just a deeper richer one not all bleached out in the sun. So no photo...see profile pic.

Today, I'm going shopping for some clothes. I need something to wear that's a little more with it. I haven't shown new clothes since I married and that didn't go so well as I recall...the sharing of new clothes, not the marriage. (Goodness, I must continually work on being clear.)

A good day to you...


  1. I have to share this little tidbit..when we were driving down here from New York 18 years ago (we had lived in New York, yes, it is true), we had stopped in Virgina & the gas attendant says,(now, remember, with a twang),

    'You's ain't from around here, ares you? Where'd you be heading?"

    We both looked at each other and said, "Home to the south. Alabama."

    The gas attendant,"They'ed be slow down there." Oh, what a laugh.

    Ok, that is my tidbit for the day. Blessings.

  2. Watching the morning news, and my heart is breaking again, from all the death and destruction the weather is causing in many areas of the country......prayers indeed.

    You're so cute! I needed a good morning laugh, which you gave me, with the image of a cow patty on your head.
    You look beautiful on the side bar picture.
    Good luck on your shopping experience!

  3. Only read the first part of this. Did not know Mass. got bad weather! Must go check weather, and a friend in Mass.

    Glad you, up there, are fine!

    I'll be back later, to read rest of your post.


  4. I can't believe all of the distruction from these tornados...my heart goes out to all.

    Love your new pictures. Your hair looks great!

  5. I see nothing that resembles a cow patty...

    Good luck with the clothes shopping...gosh, I hate clothes shopping.

    And thanks for the smile, loved the response you gave that couple :)

  6. HE IS OK! He's only 5 miles from where it happened. And he had emailed that (OK), last night. But I didn't know anything about the bad weather and was blissfully ignorant and off the Net. Wheewwwwwwwwwwww...

    Love the new Icon!!!!!!!

    Good for you, with your description of your neat small town!!! The whole NE needs more Conservative Voters!

    Did I say I love your new Icon??? :-) Yes I did but it deserves to be said over and over. You look simply mahhhhhhhhhhhhhhvelous my Dear. And I mean that. No kiddddding!

    New hair... New clothes... Some SECRET EVENT coming... You are a born tease, so we should not be surprised that you are just "leaving cookie crumbs" for us. -giggles-

    And I am not falling into "your trap." I am not, not, not gonna' BEG for info. Not... Not... Not...

    Have fun with the preparation!


  7. The colour looks just fine from over here...and I see NO grey. Good luck with the clothes shopping!

    As for the occasion...you will let us in on that too, right?

    Glad you survived the tornado watch in your part of the country. Wild weather this year...everywhere.

  8. Vee, Last night as I watched the news coverage in our area they talked about the devastation on your area and how the Boston fans had other things to worry about and so many hadn't been watching the game. I wonder when it will stop? Every day it seems there are reports of flooding or tornados .. just so difficult for so many.
    Your Profile picture clicker lies. .it says click for full size. .which is the size of a postage stamp :) I think you are lovely ..as usual. Wish I could come pick out some lovely new clothes with you. You must be looking forward to a special day indeed.

  9. Questions were answered in yesterday's post comments...

  10. I just saw a video of the Springfield tornado on the news...very frightening! We were also under tornado watch here in New York all evening, but for the most part the weather was OK , it just cooled down quite a bit.

    I love your new hair cut and color! I am way past the "rinse" stage and have to do a full dye to add color to my mop of grey.

    PS: To follow up on my post: As a result of the Civil War widows petitioning the government to return their dead home the US government formed the "Sanitary Commission" which did a lot to help the sick and injured soldiers in the army.

  11. Love the fresh color. Being 20 lbs. heavier this year from last I'm not to keen on clothes shopping...
    I hope you find some good stuff!
    The weather is really rough on so many people this year. Praying...

  12. Having grown up in Connecticut I remember the Windsor Locks tornado in 1979, that did a lot of damage to homes and a museum. The tornado in Springfield sounds a lot like that. It is rare for New England to see tornadoes but it can happen.

    Hope your shopping for new clothes go well!

  13. I have not checked the news since yesterday afternoon - guess I'd better do that.

    My essay has nothing to do with next steps - but that is a topic which is much on my mind a lot lately. I'm doing some thinking about it and will probably share on the blog, sometime.

    Your next steps sound fun - new clothes, hair, ... what's next?

  14. So sad to see yet another tornado leaving it's path of destruction.
    Your hair looks very cute in your photo. I did chuckle at your cow patty comment, but see no resemblance whatsoever.
    Good luck on the clothes shopping.

  15. You are actually quite gifted at being clear. In fact you are one blogger who can cover a myriad of topics in one post coherently and entertainingly. I very much enjoy.

    I didn't even know about Massachusetts! I'm going to google now..

    Blessings, Debbie

  16. I'm so glad that you're ok Vee. It's so hard to even watch the news nowadays. To see people that have lost everything.... :(

    From your profile picture, your hair looks great!
    Don't worry Vee, you're a hottie. :)


  17. Living in tornado alley, Oklahoma, we dread the springtime and early summer because of the weather. One never gets use to tornados. We take it seriously. Hair color looks great. I use Nice and Easy and it covers up the grey. It comes out lighter than the rest but looks like it has been highlighted.

  18. I just can't believe all of these tornadoes this year!!
    From what I can see your hair looks very nice.
    Hope you have fun shopping and find some clothes that you like.

  19. YOU are looking GORGEOUS!

    I laughed out loud at that last paragraph. So glad it was about the clothes and not about the marriage.

    Our pastor is in MA visiting his mother. I was thinking it was around Springfield that she lives. As we haven't heard bad news I assume they are o.k. But, it really made me sit up and pay attention.

  20. Glad you're okay, Vee. I thought of you when I heard about the tornadoes. Your new photo is so pretty, you are very young looking! Have a good time shopping.

  21. Tornados unbelievable this year in different areas of our country.
    Cute hair story............

    The French Hutch

  22. I haven't been able to leave comments for the past week for some reason. I hope this works today because you really made my day with that remark!

    My hair is still very gray and I will probably just live with it. Coloring the roots every 3-4 weeks was expensive and the roots always looked bad by the time I had my appointment.


  23. After loosing my brother to cancer...some 20 years after he quit smoking..I have a real disdain for smoke(ers)..this is one of the "judgmental" areas I'm working on..but I just plain don't like it.

    Your hair is certainly NOT a cow patty you silly girl! Geesh..

    And yes, some of the worst weather ever..we're bracing for flooding in Utah due to extreme snow still on the mountains..but we consider ourselves very fortunate..look at what tragedy is all around us :-(

  24. You look beautiful! I love the way you word things - your thoughtfulness, sense of humor, the way you see and describe things. Don't change. I can just see that woman! Didn't know about the storms your way. I feel silly complaining about the cold.

  25. Hi Vee!

    So sad to hear about the terrible weather in Massachusetts! My son spent some time in the Springfield area and was really concerned about the folks there - they are in my prayers.

    I like your hair! Your sidebar picture is so pretty - cow-patty?! I just don't see it... :0) Good luck with the shopping - I would just love it if I could "wiggle my nose" and have it magically done for me . . . and have everything fit perfectly!

    Sounds like you live in a lovely town, I can see why someone from Los Vegas wants to live there! I also live in a very conservative town, and we love it!


  26. I so agree Vee, our whole country needs prayer, this has been one hectic season. We are praying for all.

    cute story of your encounter with the visitors..

    Love the profile pic.


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